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  1. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Agree it didn't work. The idea was to have an upwind start as the normal downwind start has been a CF in the past. Some of the competitors in this race are not regular racers and their have been multiple collisions including a RC boat being hit and damaged. I was surprised they made it 2.5 miles upwind though. Not sure the straight-line course would have gotten any or many finishers anyway though. With the light air and chop we were barely doing 2 knots with the kite up on maximum heat and the jibe angles were ugly. I wasn't provisioned for a 12 hour 11 mile race.
  2. lartaunt

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    As long as you stay out of the designated box they won't chase you away. Always lots of boats on the east side of the box hanging out.
  3. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Trans Mi Race was fun. Did 16 sail changes in the first 50 Miles then unfortunately the wind shut off for the rest of the day. Finally motored in as I had obligation on Saturday but a good portion of the fleet finished. Stripes went north and stayed in the wind the longest and won handily. They had 19 sail changes! Winds were 12ish at the start out of the South and gradually ramped up to 30+, and then gradually back down to zero before a shore breeze filled in around midnight. Rhumb line was right on the conversion zone so saw winds from every angle at some point. Challenging but, a good shake down for the Mac race. Arma was the only casualty with failed bobstay that got the sprit excited and pointing to the sky. McKinley Marina and Milwaukee YC took great care of us in Milwaukee!
  4. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    A bump to get this off page 2. Boats are slow going in this year and the high water is causing issues at many marina's MYC banged out a great race this week with gust in the 20"s.
  5. lartaunt


    Most likely the 2GM if it is an 83. That was the first production year and they started with the 2GM but Yanmar discontinued and replaced with the 3GM in 84-85 I used to have more precise information on this but couldn't put my hands on it now. If you call J Boats in Newport they used to have all the records if you know your hull number.
  6. lartaunt

    J Class Weight limits

    Well a J35 is 3000 lbs (roughly 40%) heavier than a J105 which I think has a bit to do with that
  7. lartaunt


    I have had mine for 23 years, Spots have tested moist since I bought her. Did core samples and the balsa was dry as a bone, still metered as wet. I did to the bottom peel to stop blisters about 10 years ago. No more blisters. It was a lot but not much more than a new sail at the time here in W. Michigan. I keep a dehumidifier on the boat at all times and store inside heated in the winter. Have had a few spots on the deck over the years that I repair as they show up. Pretty much normal maintenance on a 34 year old boat.
  8. lartaunt

    J Class Weight limits

    What the J35 class did was limit to 9 bodies. If you want to go over that you have to hit the weight limit of 1650. So if you are sailing with kids or hard bodies you can have more than 9 but don't have to kick your crew off the boat because they have put on a few pounds in their later years. So far it has worked out well.
  9. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    Nice article in the spring issue of Sailing World covering the Cheboygan MI North American Championship regatta this past July. It was really cool to have Rod Johnstone their!
  10. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Well, winter can't last forever! Torresen Spring Thaw this weekend. Time to get your VC and shake off the cobwebs. Sailing is only eight weeks away! Time to wake up West Michigan!!
  11. lartaunt

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    I did the taffeta on my UK's and very glad I did. Seem to be holding up better
  12. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    Greetings All! The J35 Class Association has just released a major update/upgrade to the class association web site The old site technology dated back to the late 90;s and was really no longer serviceable. The new site is MUCH easier to update and navigate. If you had an old login, you will need to reregister to access the "members only" information as migrating it over was going to be to big a task and the reregistration is pretty simple. We have canned the site forum and now have a link to these SA forums instead make things simpler for all. We have added a LOT of photo's from the North American Championship Archives and retained all the historical data and articles. Please check it out and maybe take the opportunity to join or renew your Class Association membership. Maintenance of the website, class data, templates, one design compliance, and support for National Regatta's all come from our membership dues. Please let us know what you think and any suggestions that you may have to improve the site. Now that we can more readily edit it, I am hoping it gets a lot more use.
  13. lartaunt

    J/35 Jibing video

    I was standing out in front of CYC at the NOODS when they pulled up with the flames on the bow. Knowing the full story, I about busted a gut laughing. The people around me thought I had lost my mind. Love the crazy Bozo gang, Hope to see her back on the water soon.
  14. lartaunt

    J/35 Jibing video

    Are they going to have it ready for MAC?
  15. lartaunt

    J/35 Jibing video

    Yeah, if that is Mr. BIll then they don't make a lot of mistakes so this video is a novelty. Doesn't .look like his regular crew but hard to tell given the cold weather gear. I think he just won his 6th North American Championship.