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  1. West Michigan Thread

    Bump up from deep on page two! First race in Muskegon is 5 weeks from Wednesday!! PHRF certs are out, Time to get your registrations in. Fleet meeting for Muskegon Yacht Club 4/25/2018 , Section splits and more on the program.
  2. West Michigan Thread

    Interesting Idea. Tripp is a LMSRF Area IV race so that is up to them. Too late for this year but worth exploring. The Tripp disconnecting from the start of the QC came about when SSYC started moving the finish to Ludington, South Haven, & St Joe. Logistics just too difficult
  3. West Michigan Thread

    Those are options and choices. We are trying to promote racing in West Michigan. The current plan is to rotate the start of the Tripp Cup with Holland and MYC in coming years with each club having a pre event like the Governor's Cup. Last Year some of our boats came to Holland for the Commodores Cup and MYC ran a shuttle to MBYC for the Tripp start so cars would be at MYC. Worked well.
  4. West Michigan Thread

    Governor's Cup will have both spin and JAM divisions. W/L races for Spin, may have an offset course for JAM depending on fleet, 3 races planned per day. NOR is up on Yachtscoring Tripp will be a night crossing and the finish line will be the traditional south entrance. Awards for Tripp will be at SSYC but we will likely have an UBER or some transport options at McKinley to get to SSYC for the awards if interested. Motor from the south entrance to McKinley is only about 15-20 minutes at 6 kts.
  5. West Michigan Thread

    Trans Michigan Race registration HERE 2018 Trans MI Poster (taunt edit).pdf
  6. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    There were some minor mods for the 17-18 edition weren't there? Were they done to SCA? Also, do they actually paint these beasts or is it a vinyl wrapper? Just checked with my Air shipping expert and with the 18ft beam won't fit in a 747 so it would have to be an Antonov which is much bigger $$
  7. West Michigan Thread

    Muskegon YC has its schedule and registration up for the 2018 Season. The full season Schedule is HERE Event Registration is HERE or directly via Yachtscoriing. Governor's Cup has been moved to June 16-17 as a pre-regatta to the Tripp Memorial Cup starting from Muskegon to Milwaukee on June 20 and the Trans Michigan Race from Milwaukee back to Muskegon on June 22. Boats registering for the three events will receive free mooring at Muskegon YC for the nights in Muskegon. Trans Michigan Race will start at 10am CDT (11am EDT) for an evening finish in Muskegon with big Friday night festivities planned at MYC. The Milwaukee base will be the beautiful north side McKinley Municipal Marina. See the NOR for details HERE. Start of Tripp and the Trans Finish are moving to the NORTH side of the Muskegon Pier to avoid some of the onshore light interference (though we hope to be in before dark anyway!) First race (Challenge race) May 2, First race counted for the season May 9. The Season is only 90 days away!!
  8. Not a match race. Boat Speed was more important than positioning. VERY light air so maneuvering very slow.
  9. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Not at all, usually much worse
  10. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    That would be the most likely outcome if redress is granted.
  11. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    If looking for MOB could be eligible for redress. Might make 2nd yet
  12. West Michigan Thread

    Need to have a handheld radio with DSC, and separate MMSI number mandatory this year in addition to the main radio and no synthetic lifelines. The radio was recommended but not mandatory last year. They are looking to go to LED flares also but still will require parachute flares. as LED aren't good in daylight. Other than that nothing too exciting at the show. The sailing area is getting smaller and smaller. every year. Kind if sad but it is what it is.
  13. West Michigan Thread

    Happy to discuss offline the why's and how's on the development of the Trans Michigan Race if your really interested but for this forum suffice it to say that it was done very reluctantly after much discussion and negotiation with SSYC over many years. No animosity just doing what is best for MYC. MYC racer QC articipation had/has dropped from being 15-20% of QC fleet to only 2-3 boats. The Trans Mi race was developed to satisfy the demands of MYC and other West Mi racers who wanted a more consistent race. Trans Mi is drawing primarily boats that would likely not do QC anyway (so far). That may change but we will see. QC is run for the best interest of the SSYC as it should be. The Trans MI is being run based on the best interest of MYC and other west Mi racers. People can make their own decisions but Trans Michigan will always be a daytime race from Milwaukee to Muskegon for those boats that want to race the race.
  14. West Michigan Thread

    MYC Schedule should be out shortly. Some changes. Governors Cup will be June 16-17 as a pre regatta for the Tripp/ Trans Michigan. Tripp will start from Muskegon on June 20, Trans Mi is Friday June 22. Morning start for a evening finish in Muskegon. Hope to have lots of boats in Muskegon for the week for a buoy racing for the Governors Cup and back to back offshore racing with the Tripp /Trans Mi races with a big party Friday night in Muskegon! Registration is open for Trans MI and NOR available HERE
  15. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    The question is, was there an inside overlap established at the 3 boat length circle. At 6 knots you move about 10 feet per second. The other boat appears longer than 35 and since they hit the circle first it is their 3 boat lengths not yours. Doing the math you would have had to have an overlap very early in the video. No real way to tell given the camera angle and parallax if there was an overlap from the video alone. If there was, you had rights for room to round the mark on the inside. If not, then you fouled them. Burdon of proof would be on you to prove there was an overlap as the presumption in a dispute is that there was not, How big was the other boat? What was your speed? what would you estimate their speed? Wind speed? any current? Those are the questions I would be asking as PC.