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  1. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    We are planning on the annual pursuit race Saturday Morning from Muskegon to GH if enough boats are interested
  2. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    The GRSC/ MYC Commodores Invitational Race is coming up on August 25th This is a fun little race from Grand Haven to Muskegon. Registration and NOR are on Yachtscoring HERE, Skippers Meeting at GRSC Clubhouse at 10:30am and Noon first Start off the Grand Haven Pier, Finish is off the Muskegon Pier with festivities and awards at MYC after the race.
  3. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    J35 NA's in Cheboygan MI were amazing! Following a VERY slow Port Huron to Mackinac race and a BRUTAL Chicago to Mackinac race the J35's gathered in Cheboygan MI for teh 35th anniversary North American Championship event. Friday started off with some light rain but great wind (15-18 knts) and conditions steadily improved though out the day with the wind moderating to 12-15 knts. Saturday was a glorious day 10-12 knts. Got in 4 races on Friday and Saturday and then the wind crapped out on Sunday but filled in for one final race about noon to cap off the weekend. VERY close racing with the top 6-7 boats finishing within thirty seconds of each other virtually every race. Mr Bill's Wild Ride even had a 4th one race LOL! Rod Johnstone was gracious enough to attend and socialized with the fleet Friday night, gave a presentation Saturday and even sailed on one of the boats Saturday. Touch of Grey (Larry Schell) J35 Hull number 1 unfortunately was a late scratch due to having to withdraw from the brutal Chicago to Mackinac Race but a total of 13 competitors from all over the Great Lakes combined to make this an outstanding and very competitive event. Boats traveled on the water as much as 350 miles to compete from all over the Great Lakes. Race Committee did an awesome Job with Jeff Maier as PRO with help from Jon and Jess Ledsworth, and Jeff Allen from Muskegon YC. Bill Wildner and Mr. Bill's Wild Ride (Harrison Twp. MI) are the 35th Anniversary NA winner, their 6th (or 7th) NA title! Bill Vogan and Major Detail (Port Huron MI) were second and the Sabinash Family and Sabotage (Milwaukee WI) were third. Really great to see Sabotage compete again after sticking to local racing for many years. Full results HERE Congrats to North Star Sailing Club on holding a great event away from their home venue (Lake St. Clair) in the Straits of Mackinac and Cheboygan MI. Awesome place to sail! This Northern (tip of the mitt) location is ideal both for it's great sailing conditions and it's central location between the Eastern and Western Great Lakes fleets. Congrats to NSSC, the RC, and all the competitors on a GREAT regatta!
  4. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Never mind, not at Torresen's just a brush fire near them.
  5. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Seeing some FB reports about a fire at Torresen's last night. Anybody know any details, which building, how bad? Nothing on M-Live that I can find. Hoping it was nothing serious!
  6. lartaunt

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Yeah, several of those "fully weatherproof" VHF's" got so weathered their DSC went off with false distress calls throughout the day and night. Only people below might have heard the radio and NOBODY went below if they didn't have to Also range on the handhelds is pretty limited. You weren't there, don't second guess.
  7. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    We had a new head sail we couldn't get to point until Sunday when we finally stumbled onto a setting that worked. We were flying even with a bad start second to the mark on Sunday. Wish we could have got it dialed in on Friday!! Rod Johnstone (J35 designer) came in and gave a talk and even sailed on one of the boats on Saturday. Two boats pulled out of the regatta due to Chicago Mac issues so not as many as we hoped but the J35 class had a great time in Cheboygan! Good to see Sabotage (Milwaukee) back out sailing OD for the first time in years. Still plenty fast and finished 3rd behind Mr Bill's Wild Ride (NSSC) and Major Detail (PHYC). Finishes from 1st to 10th were almost always within 60 seconds. REALLY fun racing! Glad to see West Mi boats did well at Ugotta as well. Missed not being there this year but couldn't miss the NA's
  8. lartaunt

    Paul Ansfield passed on.

    Fair Winds to Paul's family and friends. Conversed with him many times over the years and he was always gracious and professional. His dedication to the sport was exceptional. He will be missed.
  9. lartaunt

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Forecast is looking MUCH better this morning! The GFE is still showing some nasty winds but NOAA has backed off and all the other models look decent. I hope so, not really up for another beating this year.
  10. lartaunt

    J/35 Bretwalda

    I believe the boat has already sold to someone in Toronto, at least that is what I was told. The boat was VERY competitive when Bob P owned her. Sea Scouts had it in Chicago for many years. Was not in bad shape when I last looked at it several years ago but no competitive sails which is why she was cheap.
  11. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Nothing dramatic and it will depend on the wind. Probably throw a 1 mile windward leg in at the start or finish just to make things a bit more interesting. Other than that; just adding Yachtscoring for registration which necessitated a slight increase in entry fee. and now it is a joint venture as last year with a couple of protest. it was a CF as GRSC was not prepared or equipped to deal with the protest and it was not an MYC race.
  12. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Glad you guys had a good race! Only a couple of our boats would have done Queens so wouldn't have changed much. I did the Tripp on Wed at night and the Trans on Friday in daylight and sun. MUCH warmer in the day LOL! Getting too old for staying up all night twice in one week! We started with about 18 and a #3 were soon reaching and moved to the heavy 1 and then the AP 1 as we got 20 miles out. A little upwind work for the last 16 miles in 10-12 in flat water. BTW the name I got for the deceased sailor is Matt Morden of SSYC. Condolences to the family and friends. I guess as a sailor not a bad way to go. In your sleep after a great race. Just 41 though which is way top young.
  13. lartaunt

    Queens Cup death

    Got a name, Unofficially the sailor who died was Matt Morden from SSYC , no further information
  14. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Bump! Trans Michigan Race was a blast! Great conditions even a little sunshine and in my own bed by midnight! Congrats to Andy Price and Arma on finishing first overall! Any news on the Queen's Cup? Here it was tough at the start. Condolences to the family and friends of the sailor who died after the finish. Haven't been able to find any details other than it was a Milwaukee based boat and that he was 41.
  15. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Have you guys sent an email to LMPHRF? Paul is usually pretty good about replying. Anybody have Carl's number to help these guys?