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  1. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Though I am being HEAVILY lobbied to get the boat to PH for their race. Delivery crews, trailers, and even PLEASE! LOL
  2. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    This would be especially good if LTYC cancels the Ugotta. All the go fast boats doing the PH Mac will be back in Muskegon.
  3. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    Greetings All It is with great regret that I must announce the postponement of the J35 North American Championship Regatta scheduled for Sept 17-20, 2020 at South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Due to the current uncertainties of the SARS Covid 19 situation coupled with damage to the marina and protective break wall at SSYC and the associated uncertainties of the availability of safe dockage at SSYC this season, the OA in Consultation with the J35 Class Association has made the difficult decision to postpone the event until 2021. We expect it to be held in a similar time frame in Sept of 2021 but final dates are TBD. We are all very disappointed but we are facing unprecedented challenges right now with the high water and a global pandemic. Given the logistics of both the organizer and participants required to put on a NAC regatta we don’t want to be in a position where we need to cancel without sufficient advance notice, and we don’t want to put on a substandard event. We will be back stronger than ever hopefully in 2021 Sorry all
  4. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    We are shooting to begin racing in Muskegon as soon as we can. Things will be different especially pre and post race for a while but we will be sailing.
  5. lartaunt

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    I have been through the flags and am the long term treasurer of our 450 member club and this comes up periodically. It can't work unless the cheaper crew membership has significant restrictions as to use and of the club and then the problem becomes how do you enforce that. Can they only come in on Wed nights? How does the bartender know which class of membership they are? For the full members how come they get all the benefits I get for a lot less money? They can't vote? Big Deal. While I understand the sentiment that drives boards to consider "crew memberships" it is not practical and will significantly undermine the value of your full membership and/or destroy your racing program. It is just a bad idea when you get to the implementation regardless of how good it sounds in concept.
  6. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    I am hoping that the Chesapeake fleet will host a North American Championship Regatta in 2023. If someone would PM me about this it would be great!
  7. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Bump from page 3! Mac Registration is OPEN What is happening in West Michigan over the winter. New boats? Muskegon Race Schedule just got released and NOR's and registration up on Yachtscoring. Wally Cross coming to MYC for a program sponsored by Bluffton Bay Sails/ Quantum Feb 29th 2pm 2020 MYC Race schedule 1-21-2020 (1).pdf
  8. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    Hi Clarke! Great news that you have purchased Medicine Man. The boat has a great history!. I wondered how many J35's were still in Toronto. It used to be one of our larger fleets but we rarely here from anyone there anymore. _Web site with membership information can be found at and we also have a Facebook page (search for J35 class association), Would LOVE to see the Toronto fleet reignite and hold a NA Championship Regatta. PM me your direct contact info and we can begin to explore that possibility. Welcome to the fleet! Lartaunt
  9. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    2020 J35 North American Championship Regatta will be held at the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee WI September 17-20, 2020. Measurement 9/17, racing 9/18-20/ SSYC will be providing free dockage and inexpensive or free haul and launch. Can also launch in Muskegon MI and motor the 68 miles across Lake Michigan as an option for Michigan boats. More details to follow but wanted to get the word out as I just had the dates confirmed
  10. lartaunt

    J35 Anarchist

    I have had mine redone both in side and out. Mostly tabbing on the inside. Also on at least one other in my area. Had persistent cracking at both ends of the keel and a lot of wobble. Eventually developed a leak. Ground out the whole joint and reglassed and it has been stiff and stable ever since. I am not finding pictures on my work computer. If I can find them on my home computer I will post.
  11. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Very Nice! Is that 3 now at MBYC?
  12. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

  13. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Bump from page 3! Apparently not a lot going on in West Michigan Lately. We are building a Dragon 65 RC fleet at Muskegon Yacht Club. Is anyplace else racing them?
  14. lartaunt

    West Michigan Thread

    Agree it didn't work. The idea was to have an upwind start as the normal downwind start has been a CF in the past. Some of the competitors in this race are not regular racers and their have been multiple collisions including a RC boat being hit and damaged. I was surprised they made it 2.5 miles upwind though. Not sure the straight-line course would have gotten any or many finishers anyway though. With the light air and chop we were barely doing 2 knots with the kite up on maximum heat and the jibe angles were ugly. I wasn't provisioned for a 12 hour 11 mile race.
  15. lartaunt

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    As long as you stay out of the designated box they won't chase you away. Always lots of boats on the east side of the box hanging out.