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  1. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    The question is, was there an inside overlap established at the 3 boat length circle. At 6 knots you move about 10 feet per second. The other boat appears longer than 35 and since they hit the circle first it is their 3 boat lengths not yours. Doing the math you would have had to have an overlap very early in the video. No real way to tell given the camera angle and parallax if there was an overlap from the video alone. If there was, you had rights for room to round the mark on the inside. If not, then you fouled them. Burdon of proof would be on you to prove there was an overlap as the presumption in a dispute is that there was not, How big was the other boat? What was your speed? what would you estimate their speed? Wind speed? any current? Those are the questions I would be asking as PC.
  2. Chicago Area III

    Wow Didn't notice the huge rip in that Puma kite in the previous shots I'd seen. Wonder if they ripped in during that last jibe. Looked OK before the got to the bridge.
  3. West Michigan Thread

    Muskegon YC is running a couple of seminars in the next couple of weeks Friday night November 3rd, Rules Seminar 6-9 upstairs in the Lakeview Room. Free and open to the public Saturday November 4th, US Sailing One Day Judge Seminar. 8-5. $75 includes continental breakfast, lunch, materials, and US Sailing fee. Will qualify you to take the US Sailing Test to become a Club Judge. Must register in advance at the US Sailing site ussaling.org. or HERE Registration deadline is October 27th. Attendance at the Friday night rules seminar is recommended but not mandatory.
  4. West Michigan Thread

    Chris Higgins too
  5. West Michigan Thread

    Yep that is Mystic from MYC for the 2017 season. My understanding is that it was always a gap boat and they would be moving on to something else when they found something else. My guess is they found something else!
  6. West Michigan Thread

    Several West Michigan Sailors and Anarchist on board Il Mostro as it attempts to break the Chicago to Mackinac speed record tonight. Track em on YB http://yb.tl/ilmostro2017 Good Luck boys!
  7. J35 Anarchist

    Big thanks to AYC and Fleet 7 for putting on a great event. Big thanks to the Major Detail and Mr. Bill's Wild Ride for making the trip from the Midwest to Annapolis. I just got word today that Tawas YC is pull out for the 2018 NA's so we are looking for a new venue. I would like to keep it on the Lake Huron/St. Clair area if we can. More to follow!
  8. J35 Anarchist

    I was in town for a brief appearance but did not get out on the water. I am sure someone was taking pics though and I will post some if I get copies. Day 2 results Mr. Bill goes 1,1,3, to maintain first place, Major Detail goes 4,4,1, to move into a tie for second place with Abientot who went 2, 3,2, for the day. Aunt Jean is hot on their heels only 2 points behind after going 3,2,7 on day two. Bill is going to be hard to catch but anything is possible and the fight for the other two podium position is fierce! Full results HERE
  9. J35 Anarchist

    Day 1 of North American Championship Regatta in Annapolis MD. Light and variable winds allowed only one race to be completed. Mr Bill's Wild Ride of North star Sailing Club in Harrison Township MI took race one with Aunt Jean of the home Annapolis YC in second place, and Major Detail of the Port Huron Yacht Club, Port Huron MI took third. Full results on Yachtscoring. Let's hope for some better winds for day two so the race committee can bang out some more races!!
  10. West Michigan Thread

    These are tentative pending a protest in Spin 3
  11. 2017 Transuperior Race

    J35's take 1&2 Definitely an upwind race!! Congrats to Papa Gaucho II and Bobsled!
  12. West Michigan Thread

    Wow! Was going to say too soon but this is SA! Boat looks in remarkably good condition! at least from this angle!
  13. They also weight when you registered and PAID. If you were a late paid entry you may have been banished.
  14. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    We were in the vicinity and you are absolutely correct about the chaotic channel 16 traffic. With multiple emergencies going on it was very difficult. Much of the Meridian info was walked on as people were assuming the MOB was from High Priority. Never did hear the coordinates of the Meridian MOB and I was listening carefully to determine if we should divert. What I have not seen here is that another boat Aftershock (Farr 395) spotted and stayed with the MOB while Meridian worked their way back. I remember thinking when I heard the word the MOB had been recovered that it was a freaking miracle in those conditions. Congrats to all who participated in a remarkable recovery!
  15. West Michigan Thread

    More miserable for some, than others LOL! Sunday 2am to Monday 2am was NO fun, Violent banging and launching off waves. Didn't know my boat could fly. The rest of the race was actually pretty nice. Went a little light on Monday but we were able to keep the boat moving and reeled in some boats. Wrong side of the last big wind shift which took us from 1st to 3rd after spending the whole day working from 3rd to 1st was a little frustrating but that's sailboat racing! Heard some noises below that I have never heard before. Going to pull her out and do a thorough inspection when the boat gets's home after Harbor Springs.