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  1. kinardly

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    My wife and I bought our first boat new. All the eager anticipation was just as you describe, MP, but it quickly became a used boat anyway.
  2. kinardly

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    If you are doing good and have a good job you probably don't want to quit it and take a chance trying to come back to it two years later.
  3. kinardly

    East Coast Clinker yacht rally

    Please forgive my ignorance but what is the difference between clinker built and lapstrake? I always thought they were the same.
  4. kinardly


    Good news I think (hope). Always got good value from my Henry's gear.
  5. kinardly

    Snowflakes and sailing

    God, I'm sorry I brought this up! I thought I might get flamed for questioning the late legend on his characterization of calling "starboard" as bad manners. I didn't see this perpetual shit fight coming.
  6. kinardly

    best paint to use for a thistle centerboard?

    So what's the window for sanding before the absolute bitch presents itself? Inquiring minds...........
  7. kinardly

    Interior Plywood Repair options

    This ^^^^^! And you can cut it with scissors to any shape plus it's way less critical to work with than veneer, particularly if the substrate is the slightest bit uneven.
  8. kinardly

    halyard reccs

    "My feeling is that I want very low or no stretch spinnaker halyards (code 0 on a furler which needs to remain tight to operate properly) but could tolerate some stretch on the main and jib halyards." Are you sure about this? Maybe low stretch for a code 0 on a furler but I would have bet low stretch for headsails like genoas and jibs and maybe something with a little give for spinnakers launched from the deck. Always ready to learn something new.
  9. kinardly

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Agree port tack's statement was BS and we were just as lame not to protest but my point was about hailing in a timely manner to ascertain his intentions and give us something we could use to base our next move, if necessary. I don't think that would have been offensive or unreasonable and you can bet I'll hail if it's my boat someone's bearing down on.
  10. kinardly

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Not to pick a fight with the memory of a legend but I think if the port boat doesn't give you a clue as to its intentions, hailing Starboard before it gets to an imminent collision condition is as polite a way to say "WTF" as anything else. Last Fall I was crewing for a club member with a new to him boat, on starboard, close hauled, and another boat from the next fleet up had us boresighted on port tack. The new skipper decided not to hail because we both knew the other skipper was experienced. Why insult him? He would surely tack or duck. Only he didn't. At the last second, with no time to hail and hope for a reaction, we crash tacked underneath. As the bigger yacht sailed over us I yelled "Why didn't you tack or duck" and their skipper just gave us a shrug and a smile and said "You never hailed". I was incensed but my skipper didn't want to rock the boat, the other boat wasn't in our class nor were we in contention at the finish, so he let it go.
  11. kinardly

    Coolboats to admire

    And she'd rather let the other one do the hiking out?
  12. kinardly

    What is it?

    With a bow roller on the port hull? I would have guessed this was a Butugley 36, the perfect yacht designed for the sailor who is secure in the knowledge that windage is only a problem for those who don't plan ahead.
  13. kinardly

    What is the boat on the left?

    H 33?
  14. kinardly

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Don't know that I completely agree with this but maybe we're just differing on the appropriate context. A wise, senior Air Force officer once told me profanity had a place when the occasion called for instant attention and immediate corrective action, but there is no place in a leader's repertoire for obscenity, and habitual, monotonous swearing was obscene. I was a newly minted Navy ensign at the time, and in danger of becoming a habitual foul mouth. Dad was right (not for the first time ), the use of profanity loses its shelf life quickly if you go to that well too often. But, establish a behavioral pattern of dealing calmly and rationally with stressful situations and suddenly take the gloves off when you really, REALLY need to make something happen like right now, that gets their attention like nothing else, in my experience.
  15. kinardly

    Coolboats to admire

    Bull, I think you should do another painting.