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  1. kinardly

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    You have a report of illegal activity and a description of the vessel from which is taking place. You go aboard and find wet diving gear. It would have been nice if the wardens had at first dived under the boat to find the discarded lobster and abalone remains but I don't think, at that point, that there is any question the wardens had probable cause to search the boat for evidence. I'm beyond shocked. I know both individuals involved and I would have taken bets they would not have done anything like this. As to the actions the club should take, if any, I think that should await the legal outcome. But the fact that the members were participating in an organized yachting event aboard a boat owned by and frequently representing SDYC certainly gives the club a right to consider some punitive action. And to answer Caneesq's question, there is absolutely no doubt the perpetrators were completely aware of the crime they were committing. Both are local yachtsmen of long, long standing in the yachting fraternity in San Diego. Just my take on it. I acknowledge I feel sick about this and wish it had never happened.
  2. kinardly

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Dylan, I was in the UK recently running along the Kennet in Reading, out past the Oracle boat house and couldn't put a foot down without slipping in goose shit. Every year we have aircraft damaged and sometimes destroyed because huge flocks of resident geese now congregate around our waterways and airports. Those geese need to be culled. Here in the US we have more deer than were here when John Smith landed in Virginia and they are a nuisance to farmers and gardeners. We've killed off all their predators, they are multiplying like crazy and softies like you want to ban hunting them. Humans are hunters. You don't feel the urge, fine. But get over it. There needs to be a balance.
  3. kinardly

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This! Was the biggest mistake I ever made with a diesel engine. My wife and I used the Yanmar in our first boat strictly to back out of the slip, hoist the sails and shut her down. Sometimes, we'd charge the batteries in the slip because we didn't have a shore power charger. I had to resleeve the beast with less than 200 hours on her. Now, if I don't take our boat out and run the engine hard at least once a month, I crank her up at the dock with the forward spring snugged up, slip her in gear and run her at 2000 for a half an hour.
  4. Or Clete's illiterate girlfriend. Who's Clete, anyway and why is he worth chasing?
  5. kinardly

    Keel WTF...

    So, were the conditions outside the design spec for the class? I had a conversation with one of the A-1 crew who felt strongly it was and the race should never have happened. This was a dude who would not otherwise have found the conditions all that noteworthy.
  6. You can't access that rail anymore, there's a new uritrottoir in the way.
  7. kinardly

    Coolboats to admire

    Not a big fan of that profile. The sheer, cabin trunk and transom all seem wrong to me. But, I suppose I could suffer along with it for a ride.
  8. kinardly

    Fenders out as to not scratch the lighthouse

    There was a light ship off NYC called "Ambrose" back in the sixties. Is it no longer there?
  9. I had a friend from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Always thought it would be a kick to introduce yourself as being from there, as long as you were from there (and not going back).
  10. This is our tribute to public art in San Diego. After all, we are a Navy town. Drives my feminist sister crazy but I think it's kewl.
  11. kinardly

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    One thing to emphasize, do not rely on the Beneteau dealer in the Bay area, Passage Nautical, for anything. I was appalled at the lack of service and support and I bought my used Beneteau from them. On the contrary, if you don't have a dealer readily available to you in NB, I can heartily recommend South Coast Yacht Sales in SD. They are absolutely the opposite of Passage, first class service and support.
  12. kinardly

    Catalina 30 :)

    Doesn't DC have a C 30 now?
  13. When it first popped up I thought it was funny but how much more could you say about the subject. So, I ignored it for a couple years and then I got curious how it could still be running so long and I started going back through the pages. One of the most enjoyable reads on the whole web site.
  14. kinardly

    Catalina 30 :)

    My wife and I lived aboard our Yamaha 33 for about two years, on and off. That's probably not in your price range but we were in business attire professions and our "closet" was an old van at the head of the dock on the way to the showers. If you can have relatively secure parking, that's your solution for storage issues, at least until you go cruising. Good luck. BTW, love the CS line.
  15. kinardly

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Congrats. Hope the survey goes well. Trucking down might be the better strategy this time of year for sure.