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  1. Guns on Boats

    "We can make that sucker plane, all it takes is 20,000 shaft horsepower".
  2. Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Just out of curiosity, Swimsailor, where do you sail that Capri?
  3. Guns on Boats

    "Panamax" is a class of ships that JUST fit in the older set of locks. 12"-18" to spare on either side. You are allowed to overhang with your bow (cruise ships)" Oh, my assumption was the term referred to the recently enlarged dimensions of the canal. So my theory that Britain (and it's US ally) would consider the Falklands of strategic importance in the event the big decks needed to transit unmolested between Atlantic and Pacific could still hold. They would either have to go around the Horn or Cape Hope, the IO and so on.
  4. Craigslist - Not mocking

    Helm forward when short handed cruising can be a big advantage. Ericson 46s originally had the wheel bolted to the aft bulkhead of the cabin but most also had a coffee grinder on the cabin roof. Mine had a second companionway from the aft stateroom with a pedestal about two and a half feet aft of that, just enough to comfortably slip out to the cockpit. With primaries flanking the companionway, the helmsman could still tack a #2 easily and control the mainsheet and traveler just forward of the companionway hatch. Meanwhile, all the guests are sitting aft, out of the way and no one has to get up for a tack or gybe. Not best for racing but definitely an advantage for cruising and casual daysailing.
  5. Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Great choice. Can't help with any suggestions who has one for sale, though.
  6. New metal promises to replace steel

    Company in Austin has developed a 3D printer that can build an 800 SF house in a day extruding small layers of quick drying concrete. I could see something like this blending with that technology and changing the way we order steel boats. (BS should be all over this one. )
  7. Guns on Boats

    Can nuke carriers like the Reagan and Nimitz go through the Panamax now? Either way, I can think of a couple of reasons why you wouldn't want your subs, cruisers and tin cans to funnel into choke points like Panama and Suez in the event a major confrontation started brewing accross another ocean. So, I'd say there's a good strategic reason for the UK to hold onto the Falklands. Plus, there's the factor of national sovereignty to consider. If you're not going to defend your territory you might as well have open borders and let everyone in. Oh, wait..........
  8. Potomac River Sailing

    Is there any sailing worth having on the upper Potomac? I may be taking a trip this summer to visit friends and family in the Woodbridge/Quantico area. I guess bridge access to the river proper and shallow depth are problems. What's the largest sailboat I could rent and take people out on? Everything looks like powerboats on the various web sites.
  9. jibsheets - line recommendation?

    I've got Warpspeed on my furling jib. Not sure but I'd say it's 7/16ths . Probably wouldn't do that if it hadn't already been out in the elements for who knows how long before I bought the boat. That said, it seems to be holding up pretty well. My only complaint is it's kind of stiff and wants to override unless the tailer (often me) keeps even pressure through the tack. This is after rinsing heavily in fresh water a couple of times. For a furling headsail, I think I'll go for something softer when the time comes.
  10. Yet Another FNG

    But no tits, not OK.
  11. Guns on Boats

    I think at least one British tabloid called him Randy Andy. If accurate, at least he was upholding one of the longstanding traditions of Naval Aviation.
  12. Our racers don't drink enough

    Allene, are we talking about RYC by any chance?
  13. USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    All well and good but the cover photo on that video isn't real and the aircraft isn't a C-130. Looks like a C-17 photoshopped on a photo showing a flight deck handler giving the spread wings signal prior to launch. The video itself is real though, --- and impressive. Like I said, he had to use a wheelbarrow.
  14. PV Race

    Might have been a charter with not enough time to sort out the boat and crew . It looks like a lot faster boat than its ET, for sure.
  15. USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    BTW, I made my first arrested landings on that "new" Lex.