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    Securing Bow Anchors

    We mostly day sail and/or race October to May and I hate the thought of the 20 KG Rocna and a separate bag with 25 ft of 3/8 chain and 150' of 5/8 rode stored in the bow locker making a big bob weight up there. So, they are under one of the quarter berths below until summer cruising time. I don't have a photo readily available but when summer rolls around I mount the anchor on the bow with the chain made and seized to the shackle and a chain hook on 3/8 nylon lashed to a mooring cleat and snubbed tightly. To prevent the point of the anchor blade from chewing up the near plumb bow of our boat and/or bouncing on the roller, I rotate the anchor to the side and tie it off tightly to the stem fitting with a big wire tie. A pair of pliers in a bag mounted to the rear of the anchor locker is handy to cut the tie when it's time to anchor or for seizing the shackle. The down side to this arrangement is it's damned awkward dragging the anchor and rode bag separately out of the cabin, up the deck and mounting on the bow at the dock and I can just imagine how tough it would be on a pitching deck. I realize this is a calculated risk during the winter sailing season but it's a trade off I am prepared to accept. The 3/8 chain is overkill and 25 ft is a joke but the former is the only size that will fit on the unique gypsey made for the windlass Beneteau specced for the boat and 25 ft of it is about all this old guy can lug up the deck without a coronary.
  2. kinardly

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    Or roll up your pants and wear water socks.
  3. kinardly

    Daysailer for old people

    Oh yeah!
  4. kinardly

    Coolboats to admire

    Perhaps the Navy term is gunwales? USN ship design seemed to prefer them and some of the navies that operate in the N. Atlantic and Pacific favor rounding off the meeting of hull and deck, probably to better shed heavy seas.
  5. kinardly

    Etchells 46 early 1970's IOR racer

    The OP should be extra careful to make sure water doesn't penetrate into the hull or deck cores. Fantasia was next to us on H dock at SDYC in the early 90s. Brad had a partner, Mike McRobie and, together they did quite a bit of work bringing her back to life after some hard, post-Gleason years. One of the things they did was take her down to Ensenada, I think to Baja Naval boatyard, and have the top of the deck peeled off and new balsa core laid in. The boat had severe water log issues. Years earlier, when we were commissioning our first boat at Driscolls, we made friends with a couple of the crew that were doing some work on her there. Her bottom was unbelievably smooth and fair. It was a long time ago (1978 in fact) so I'm hazy on the details but someone told me she had so much water in her hull she leaked for ten days after some though hulls were added. It's my recollection that the culprit was a failure at TPI to fill the kerfs in her Klegecell core, which caused capillarity wicking when some water got in. I think by the time Brad and Mike bought her from a 501C3 charity the hull issues were dealt with but the decks needed major work. She was a delight to watch out on the water, really one of two 1970s advances toward a true ULDB. (The other was a boat called Free Wheeler, owned by Dick Wheeler.) Gleason and his crew were some of the friendliest competitors in the SD IOR fleet, always with a cheery greeting, even for duffers like me, when we met out on the bay. And, yes, her hull was what I would call a light sky blue, black bottom paint. Congratulations on a great find. Just be careful to keep the water out.
  6. kinardly

    American Dumbass

    I don’t get it. I’ve lived in and visited a fair number of foreign countries and, other than the time a German pedestrian yelled at me for jay walking across an empty street, I don’t think I’ve ever flaunted local regs. Guess Mom just brought us up to be polite guests. She would have taken a belt to this kids backside and he would have grown up better.
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    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    I’ve seen photos of Avalon harbor during anSA event. Scary!
  8. kinardly

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I also remember living in an old farm house without central heat through two winters. That was where I formed the opinion that the famous British stiff upper lip stoicism actually came from wearing that damned itchy, wool underwear and Viyella school uniform shirts from September to May. (Just yanking your chain, Dylan)
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    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Couldn't help being curious enough to google St. Andrews University. What a history! What a lot of mold growing on those damp stones! The other two look like private, secondary boarding schools, which I was always told were called public schools over there. I was a USAF brat in England in the 50s going to US run school for dependents and part of the music curriculum included learning that Eton Rowing Song. I remember the verse, "Harrow may be more clever, Rugby may make more row, ......" and so on.
  10. kinardly

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    Right after I posted above, I mean RIGHT AFTER, it blew up at my place, gusting to 30 and it was solid overcast, not like your usual Santa Anna-CAVU to the moon sky. Never seen it do that before.
  11. kinardly

    Caption Contest

    That'll buff out.
  12. kinardly

    Winter is icumin in

    Water temp off San Diego's Mission Beach is about 58 now (14.4C). As I get older the surfing wet suits I buy get thicker-presently using one with 4mm around the body and 3mm for arms and shoulders. Sure as hell when I go out there are people out there trunking, I have no idea why, except some could be tourists from Michigan.
  13. kinardly

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    Hope we get some little bit of that in Dago. Dead flat calm outside my Uptown condo right now and my Windy app shows only 2kts on the bay by Shelter Island.
  14. kinardly

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Did my advanced at Kingsville, about 45 miles west of Corpus. Corpus was the big town in the area. Kingsville was the seat for the largest dry county in the US. Great flying and nice people though.
  15. kinardly

    Daysailer for old people

    I think the point is buy performing assets until you make a big enough pile to afford the boat as a major money loser.
  16. kinardly

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    FWIW, it's a no go according to Raymarine Tech Support. I could replace the C80 with a new Axiom MFD but then would have the problem of all those Seatalk 1 instruments (wind, speedo,depth, Tridata) and I'm not sure the ST6001 Autopilot would integrate. With the old gear working just fine, I'll just get Navionics app on the ipad, a 12 V power outlet at the helm and give up on displaying AIS B plot. Any other ideas?
  17. kinardly

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Good Lord! This is either a scam or there is something seriously wrong with the boat at that price. The photos show a boat worth triple that at least.
  18. kinardly

    Coolboats to admire

    My wife and I lived aboard a 33 ft sailboat for 2 1/2 years and I can say it's not for everyone but we loved it. We were in violation of our club's limit to the number of livaboards so eventually were forced out. But we relished the stormy nights, pulling on foulies to walk the docks checking neighbor's lines and running into two or three other boat families doing the same. Most of the liveaboards were active sailors, many of them world cruisers who, like us, chose the lifestyle. We were active in club races, winning our share and even tried our luck in the IOR fleet a few times. We kept the boat relatively free of the domestic entanglements that would have interfered with sailing. For us, it wasn't a housing alternative in today's sense. We could've lived ashore but then couldn't have afforded a nice boat. By comparison, today's cheapo floatahomes reek of neglect for their primary purpose, occupied by non-sailors unwilling to submit to the rigors of maintaining their vessels. To me that's just sad.
  19. kinardly

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    No wifi yet but I get the impression that's what the converter will do. I've done some googling and it looks as though, even if I just have the standard Seatalk setup, there is a converter for that. If that becomes necessary, I'll confirm it all with a call to Raymarine. I'm pumped to get a display at the helm without robbing my retirement fund. Gonna dig into it tomorrow.
  20. kinardly

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    Great info, thanks! I'll check out the plugs this weekend. Hoping to find a round plug.
  21. kinardly

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    I apologize in advance for being pretty clueless about this stuff but I could use some advice on a related subject. I have a Raynav C80 GPS and ST60 suite and ST6001 autopilot. Boat is a 2000 model and I assume NMEA Seatalk connects the network. The C80 is belowdecks at the nav station. I would like to add a display in the cockpit and my iPad 6 would seem to be the best way to go. 1.What equipment do I need to install to do this? 2. Will the iPad display allow me to control the C80 from the cockpit or is it receive only? 3. Can I install AIS-B and have target info displayed on the iPad? If so, how would I set that up? Appreciate any help in advance and, remember, I'm starting out clueless.
  22. kinardly

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    For less initial outlay, slightly better performance, more cruising flexibility and a bigger market to sell into when the time comes, you might consider the Bene First 40.7. A similar boat that I always liked a lot is the C&C 37+ Tall Mast. Same PHRF rating (66 in Socal), nice owner cabin aft, same good looking C&C design although admittedly a bit older.
  23. kinardly

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    OK, again just curious here: I get the less cost:more efficient use of materials argument but why would it be any better bashing into rough seas than a tri or cat and why would a skipper be able to heave to for rest safely when a tri or cat has to have a helmsman steering and trailing warps?
  24. I'd be surprised if there were any way of putting the boat in the water this time of year. Trailer launch maybe. I think Spokane Yacht Club, the major sailing facility on the lake, is closed until Spring and I think everyone pulls out and winterizes by Thanksgiving.The lake itself is deep enough I doubt it's frozen over but shoreside support has to be limited to non-existent.
  25. kinardly

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    So, we have an obligation to own/operate less crew efficient boats for the benefit of the sport? I don't know how to process that statement. Yesterday I decided I wanted to go sailing. Wife, daughter and son in law had other plans. So, I went sailing. No stocking up on sandwiches, beer and snacks, no calling around the day before for a head count, no waiting at the boat to see who shows up-I just went sailing. I could easily accommodate 8-10, in fact that's about what the racing complement for my boat is, but the organizational challenge is a major deterrent to me, not to mention a bad idea during this Covid pandemic. I just wanted to go out sailing. So, I did. No guilt here.