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  1. Mini Transat 2017

    Big shout out for Tom Dolan , crowdfunded campaign, and lying 3rd in serie class.
  2. Enda thread

    Great interview, heart on the sleeve stuff and composed considering what he's been through, listening to the end of the broadcast was sherlock holmes stuff, bag o bones killing all round him.
  3. Enda thread

    Feck it he's dismasted, happy new year ......not!!!!
  4. Enda thread

    Oh well, bit of a downer on the race for tenth , looks like he'll lose 2 days at least , just go for a finish I supppose.
  5. Enda thread

    Lets hope it some kind of repair, read that same report as stief, and it seemed upbeat.
  6. Enda thread

    Soo! tracker has Enda at the head of that group of five, gonna get interesting nearer The horn.
  7. Enda thread

    Yea, is a pity the knockdown toasted his computer, if he could break from that group, a top ten is possible? Think he's now just getting weather updates By sat phone, just wondering could shore crew talk him through some kind of repair?.
  8. Enda thread

    Love it, golden apple became ron holland well known racers. Jesus the things these guys do is insane.
  9. Enda thread

    The rate of attrition is getting high, what with ufo's and general breakages, Enda now up to 16, could be a tortoise and hare scenario ? The rate of attrition is getting high, what with ufo's and general breakages, Enda now up to 16, could be a tortoise and hare scenario ?
  10. Enda thread

    Up to 19th now yeah!!!
  11. Enda thread

    Cheers stief ,
  12. Enda thread

    Looking at the wind predictions he could well do that, be a massive buzz if he sailed under that northern bunch, go Enda!!
  13. Enda thread

    In his last communication he said he's looking for a favourable wind shift To gybe south, then try and sail under northerly fleet.
  14. Enda thread

    I see Enda's opted for a western route around the st helena high, Interesting to see if it pays.
  15. Enda thread

    Well said mister Ed, he's deffo a corithian, and imho to (just ?) finish Will be a remarkable achievement.