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  1. woudaboy

    Sad Sack 12?

    Looks like an express 27
  2. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    Murdocks bath house going under the waves one more time on Galveston Seawall in a storm surge. Finally broke up in Hurricane Ike, 2008. Always great to relive memories in this thread, thanks Hobot
  3. woudaboy

    Darwin again?? Elevator

    Very horrible, yes. But not unheard of. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/houston-elevator-death/
  4. woudaboy

    Carry On Bag Anarchy

    Someone once pointed out many of the pilots and flight attendants use Travelpro.
  5. woudaboy

    S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    And described in book (/movie) In the Heart of the Sea
  6. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    Greeter's corner in Laguna Beach, California down in bottom right. Eiler used to stand there right by main beach and say hello to all the tourists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eiler_Larsen My parents honeymooned at Hotel Laguna in early '60's. If you look closely in one of the windows, you can probably see me being conceived. My wife loved the hotel, very run down though, and last time we visited in 2017 power to whole building went out. Brought in generator at midnight, it wouldn't work because wiring in hotel had failed. Now closed undergoing massive renovation. Can't beat the location or views. More thanks for the memories Hobot
  7. Scorpion was for sale in MDR and just sold, I'd assume that is the one.
  8. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    My parents lived in same house they bought in 1963 (for $18000) in Palos Verdes. Dad used to say smoke came up from identical place in August, 1965.
  9. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    https://jalopnik.com/the-ford-powered-volvo-wagon-paul-newman-built-5540957 Paul Newman and David Letterman made hot rods out of them. LETTERMAN: — Paul Newman calls up and he says, "Dave," he says, "I'm thinking about getting me a Volvo station wagon, and I'm gonna stuff a Ford 302 V-8 engine into it."
  10. woudaboy

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    even more elusive, the J-90. Only 5 built.
  11. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    In half the population, it's correct 50% of the time. Some of these people are just bragging, sharing these X-rays...
  12. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    We used to call it the Throckmorton sign. "the penis points to side of the pathology", but apparently it is also the John Thomas sign... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Thomas_sign
  13. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    When my kids were growing up, we had one of those in the neighborhood, and it was an appropriate place to take them for the occasional dinner out. They came up with calling it the "Crap Shack", no idea where they heard that word. ; ) As always, Hobot, thanks for the intellectual challenge of places and events.
  14. Its a Chevy, probably the scrap value.