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  1. caption contest

    Don't drag me down.
  2. Broken Rib Anarchy

    I'm no expert, but if you got X-ray, there are some new techniques to plate fractured ribs that some thoracic and trauma surgeons do. Might speed up recovery. Has to be lateral or lower rib fractures.
  3. Gonna take some heat for this, but... (sorry Doc)

    How do you hide a dollar bill from an internist? Put it under the dressings. How do you hide a dollar bill from an orthopedic surgeon? Put it in the chart. How do you hide a dollar bill from a plastic surgeon? You can't hide a dollar bill from a plastic surgeon. How do you hide a dollar bill from a general surgeon? Tape it to his kid's forehead.
  4. Imagine if she'd gotten e. coli.......

    Pay her off in Chipolte stock. That will teach her.
  5. Peterson 1/4 Tonner Flying Circus

    I did call, recently. He is serious and firm about that price, "What with the quarter ton revival going on in England, it is valuable. Look at the prices they are asking there." I didn't bother arranging to see the boat.
  6. Chicago Area III

    With this dire prediction for snow this weekend, maybe I'm a dreamer, probably more of a cheap ass, but was thinking what is the smallest/cheapest boat you'd do a race to Mackinac? I know there is a minimum LOA, and this is a several day exercise, but not all boats are created equal for living with 5 of your closest friends for the time. Old IOR half tonner, something a little newer/faster/bigger?
  7. Paul Whiting designs

    I lusted after Afternoon Delight. Sad end.
  8. What do you do when the Hurricane is on it's way

    At least for our house, they said to take a video of everything, in case it was lost/damaged by storm so you would have proof for insurance claim.
  9. Favorite quotes?

    "If you are in control, you're not going fast enough" Parnelli Jones.
  10. Great Graffiti...

    Seen on wall at San Francisco embarcadero, of course in chalk: "Chalk is cheap"
  11. Generator for Emergency back up

    We lived through hurricane Ike in Galveston, 2008. Previously was considering natural gas powered back up generac unit. After that storm with salt water covering everything, they wouldn't turn back on the natural gas until all at risk pipes had been replaced. Well after the power was back on, as a consideration for type of system you might want. If I were doing it today, even in Chicago, I'd be looking for a solar system you could use every day, maybe even get some local tax/energy credits. For short term, even tesla "Power wall" www.teslamotors.com/powerwall
  12. San Francisco Food/Drink Anarchy

    Tadich Grill in the financial district. www.tadichgril.com Very old San Francisco, over the top service. To serve there it seemed like your grand father had to retire so your father could move from busboy to waiter and you could get out of the kitchen washing dishes. California's oldest restaurant, no reservations. Worth it.
  13. Dick Carter design boats

    Nice looking boat. Rudder looks a bit small, mind... Rudder is turned and viewing on end from posterior, with partial skeg. you can see a little of root length along bottom of hull.
  14. Dick Carter design boats

    80 ft, cold molded Christine lived in Marina del Rey. Beautiful Boat. I did not realize it was a Carter Design, it was always attributed to the owner/builder to my memory. Looking at this thread it is impressive how many beautiful boats across how many years Mr Carter has had a hand in designing. Even the more modern North American 40 that I had the pleasure of sailing upon and maintaining back in my youth some 30 years ago.
  15. Chicago Area III

    What am I missing? I'm recent to Chicago, interested in mostly sailing with my two kids (age 14 and 10). Found a small keelboat that is ramp launchable I was considering buying, but on the occasional time I race, would obviously be racing PHRF (Sorry, I know) but the rating is ~222. When I look at scratch sheets/entries/results, I don't see anything close to this racing in Chicago beer can oranything else for that matter. Is there one of the clubs that focuses on this segment of the fleet? I'm sure it would not be popular racing against a 35 foot 174sec/mi. boat as the nearest competition. Any suggestions? Thanks