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  1. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    When my kids were growing up, we had one of those in the neighborhood, and it was an appropriate place to take them for the occasional dinner out. They came up with calling it the "Crap Shack", no idea where they heard that word. ; ) As always, Hobot, thanks for the intellectual challenge of places and events.
  2. Its a Chevy, probably the scrap value.
  3. woudaboy

    RIP Paul Bishop

    Very sorry to hear of his passing. He was very kind and helpful as I was searching for a boat, very giving of his time and continued to keep in touch about possible leads for a long time. Fair winds and following seas.
  4. woudaboy

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    Lunch at hotel Del Coronado. outside if weather is nice, it always is.
  5. woudaboy

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    I joke I have 5 tattoos myself. Dots on my abdomen from radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Other than that I choose not to participate, but that is me. As for others, I want to see beyond that at how you actually behave or perform rather than just looking at your appearance. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared to deal with how you may be pre-judged on appearance only to many people I am afraid. I think this is where the thread started and was drifting to new areas.
  6. woudaboy

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    So back toward the topic, how about tats, piercings, or that characteristic smell of a smoker in your professional resource? Your doctor, kids teacher, or law enforcement? does that change your view of their ability to perform the job?
  7. woudaboy

    Random PicThread

    Bottom picture of Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center, in east Los Angeles. Also Known as "General Hospital" and used in opening credits from soap opera of same. Did general surgery residency there. Watched OJ in the low speed chase and then had helicopters fly around the 13th floor jail ward trying to get glimpse of him (even though he never came). Not a believer in ghosts, but that place was haunted. Finally closed couple of years ago, not safe for earthquakes-though I rode one out there in '94 and no fire detection or sprinkler system-had people who walked the building 24/7 looking for smoke. One of the legendary charity hospitals in the United States (Charity New Orleans, Cook County, Bellevue, Ben Taub, Parkland, etc.) By the way, great thread, always a brain teaser to figure out images, Thank you Hobot
  8. Thank you for lead on creekmore 23.  Afraid I will pass.  More interested in creekmore 22 style.  Please keep me in mind though.  Will hold on for details on Evelyn when becomes available.

  9. woudaboy

    Chicken Chute

    Ah the days of uphill, in the snow, both ways, barefoot. With all due respect, these guys really did things the hard way with what they had.
  10. Incredible roster of boats, you've listed many of my dream boats growing up sailing in the 70's until now.  if any of the creekmore board boats don't find love, I'd be a buyer.  Really any of the MORC boats, like you said.  Was on a quest to find an old whiting 1/4 tonner "afternoon delight" but was told Hurricane Andrew ate it.  That was from my early days in Los Angeles.


    Always looking if you have any leads you pass on, please think of me.



    (409) 789-8734

    1. akeeley4834


      Please send me you4 info to jameskeeley69@yahoo.com.  That way I can save your contact info.  Going to sell the Evelyn 26 later on this year.  I'll send the info when ready.

      Jim Keeley

      561-444-2787  (Home)


    2. akeeley4834


      Forgot to mention.  I am giving the Creekmore 23 away for free.  Boat is basically gutted ready for interior rehab.  Boat is otherwise structurally sound (I've added some stringers, etc. to the interior, but needs bulkheads, etc..  Needs rudder, mast, sails.  I suggest J24 mast and sails.  Fits nicely.  No trailer included but the trailer it's on can be used to transport to your location.  Need it for another boat.  If you have an interest I will send pictures to you.  This is my second Creekmore 23.  Really a good sailing boat.  Loves light air and does really well in heavy air.  Good to weather and reaching in all conditions, a PHRF killer in light air.

  11. unless you're pursuing the MORC boat on "What was it?", do you know where it is or if it is for sale?  You'd be saving me from going to look at a Lindenberg 22...







  12. woudaboy

    what was it?

    And while we are on topic of old, near death MORC boats, JB express is listed (again, no affiliation) https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/sailboat-soverel-30-morc/6507047556.html
  13. woudaboy

    what was it?

    This is a Mull 30 in a similar state.. (no affiliation) https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/30-racing-sailboat-gary-mull/6510259899.html
  14. woudaboy

    DIY radon mitigation ...

    Not an expert, but I understand there is a strict protocol about testing with respect to even opening doors while exam going on. From own experience buying a house with radon inspection part of process, our sellers kept opening the doors/windows despite seals placed by inspectors, invalidating the test and had to be repeated. Sounded like you couldn't be opening any doors or windows for test to be valid too.