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  1. 2017 Cabo Race

    Available for Cabo race if anyone is looking. It's a race I love and I have done 7 and 3 PV races. Lots of miles 3x transpac, 12x chicago-mac, etc... Will work any / all positions. Strong at helm, navigation, and foredeck. 33 years old, 220 lbs in San Diego -Zac 619-630-9626
  2. 4G Cellphone signal amplifier

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Have heard great things about wilson amplifiers. Looking for use in Lake Michigan.
  3. Best battery for offshore sailing

    Maine Sail, Thanks for your comments thus far. With the Balmar MC-614, I set the bulk & absorbtion voltage to 14.0 and the float voltage to 13.2 and b-2 belt load setting. The mfgs of this particular battery (Smart battery) suggest a 14.6v charging voltage however upon reading this results in unbalanced cells over the long term. After reading Stan Honey's experience with LFP I used similar settings however he is even further conservative on the charging with a bulk voltage of 13.8. What do you think a reasonable charge rate is for this type of battery without doing any damage. Currently 0.4C is all the alternator can handle but there is a possibility to upgrade to 1C charging. I think the charging voltage set points are reasonable and should result in good battery life compared to mfg guidance. -Z
  4. DIY Engine Monitoring System

    This is a great thread! Excellent project. Anyone have any information on reading the B&G fastnet data bus? I'm getting ready to try to connect it to an opto-isolated USB Serial adapter (aten UC232A). I read on this site: http://www.oppedijk.com/bandg/fastnetthat it is 28.8kbps, odd parity, and 2 stopbits. My ultimate goal would be to use an arduino to parse the bus and an LCD to display instrument data, a display for much much less than the cost from B&G. Similar to sailmon but with way less overhead than running a full OS, I much prefer the simplicity and low power consumption of the arduino. My alternative is just to use the output from the computer over wifi connecting to an arduino or ESP8266 to display. Also, the TP Link router used by DrewR is my favorite, highly recommended. Thanks for thoughts on beaglebone, haven't gotten into it but I light the thought of NMEA 2000 support for less than the actisense adapter.
  5. Best battery for offshore sailing

    From what I've read and experienced with LFP, it would be hard to convince me not to go that route.
  6. led bow Light

    take a look at attwood lights, they are cheap and great http://www.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/led-vertical-sidelights
  7. Un-Sound Boatworks...

    Wow, I as well wish I would have found this thread before placing an order. I paid via paypal and 3 weeks later got back home from travel and didn't have anything. I also noticed I didn't have a confirmation email. So after emailing them asking what the status is I got an order confirmation saying it would ship within 24 hours. I am glad they obviously did something but I was surprised nothing personal was said in response to the email such as why there was a delay or an apology. It appears the order was just lost until I followed up. The jury is still out on my order but I guess this thread at least tells me that after another week I should just dispute the charge and be done with it. Definitely something Ed should consider in regards to front page advertisers (not my situation specifically but the overall theme of this thread)