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  1. Great photo of beautiful ICON. It was fun following the trackers to check the exciting boat speeds and conditions. Fantastic finish times for many boats. : ) Lots of very popular races are no longer, (or minimally covered), on SA anymore. Perhaps because of countless trolls posting foolish crap. Thankfully, other social media and sailing sites have picked up and offer coverage which is better suited to sharing stories and photos. The best stories and great photos used to be shared on SA in the past. Not the case, anymore. TheFlash - lots of women race offshore and/or in coastal races, in all sorts of conditions. Nice, I can't find any results posted yet.
  2. Sophie is indeed an exquisite boat. I saw her a couple times when I was in Newport and she is very impressive on many levels. As kdh says, she is a Bruce King design and 90 feet of elegance. Built in 1991, at Renaissance Yachts and finished at Derecktors yard in Connecticut. Cold-moulded with hydraulic vertical lifting ballast keel in a fibreglass case. Full length photo taken by George Bekris. The fuzzy iPhone photo, I took, End hijack. Kim, fantastic photos of Francis Lee.
  3. Kim, we are looking forward to seeing pics when you get to see your boat again, soon.
  4. I agree, Rev. Ish. I very recently stayed at the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria and there or Parkside Hotel, would be my choice for accommodation over the Empress. High Tea at the White Heather Tea Room in Oak Bay was wonderful and the food was far fresher and half the price as at the Empress.
  5. Yes, I agree. Kim & Bob , it looks fantastic. So nice to see pics of it dipped into the water. It looks very much as it "belongs" there. It appears to be waiting patiently, longing to be given it's "wings", so it can fly stealthly through the water. Gorgeous design.
  6. Yeah, like the waiting room for a high-end dentist. I do not like that interior. The rest of the boat...meh. Ish, I agree. I dislike the hull color, and the interior looks sterile and generic. I do not care for the appearance of the interior. It lacks the warmth and richness of the older Hinckley's. It does look spacious, and I do like the rounded corners. The deck lay out looks functional. Knowing Hinckley's reputation for attention to detail and designing and building a boat that is "sailor" friendly, rather than just an attractive dock ornament, I am fairly certain it is performance oriented and less foo-foo than it appears. It's pretty hard to beat the solid, thoughtful construction and beautiful sailing experience of Cruisin Loser's 42 Sou'wester (I am sure kdh's is the same)
  7. We are on the same page, HB! ETNZ rocks!! As for that tiller .... I know that it will be a work of art, and I anxiously await the unveling of it. I met the gentleman making it, when I went to see the Sliver build the second time. He does amazing work with wood (I have seen the cabintry and some of the tables he has built for Kim and S., and it will no doubt be a fitting masterpiece.
  8. Great photos Brodie. I saw Maltese Falcon in Newport, RI and MirabellaV in Bermuuda. Mirabella was much prettier than MF and there is the Wow factor for the sheer size and engineering of MF. However, but not really impressive to me for the exact reason Kim stated. You feels so detached from the water and you can't dip your toes in water on the leeward side when the boat is heeled. However, the J Class boats are sensational! Yummm Trickypig, what kind of boats are you racing on in NYC? Have a blast.
  9. Kim & Bob ... it looks amazing. Lots happening quickly, and frequent check-ins are required to keep up. I like that there are a bunch of folks who have not commented on this thread until very recently, who are starting to chime in. The excitement is building. You both deserve to feel very proud.
  10. Gate, if you ever ventured beyond your litte nbyc, or if you raced elsewhere in a competitive fleet with others, you would begin to realize that what is "normal" practise in your home club is not necessarily typical for what goes on everywhere else all of the time. Most cruiser oriented boats and cruiser-race boats have ST winches. I have raced on Farr 40's, 1D35's, Melges 24's, J35's, ILC 40, CM 1200, R Boats, Dragons to name a few - and none of them have ST winches for the jib or spinn. To this day, I still prefer Non-ST winches. It is easy to see that ST winches are most suitable for Kim's boat for the sailing he will be doing, and doing a lot of it short-handed. Not to mention, that Kim has a TON of impressive sailing experience, a very solid knowledge base, with an impressive history of boat ownership to know what he prefers and wants on his beautiful Francis Lee. However, they are NOT what everyone prefers, wants or needs depending on the boat, and the type of sailing they do.
  11. Nice photos, Joe. Was sorry to miss the PTWBF, but after having gone for the last few years, thought I would give it a miss this time around. Played golf at a gorgeous course instead. I am certainly not going to miss it next year, when Francis Lee will be in attendance.
  12. I can not imagine the excitement and anticiaption you must be feeling. Wonderful updates
  13. Bob, you have designed a very beautiful boat for Kim. You fully deserve to feel proud, to pat yourself on the back, strut and smile as much as you see fit. Kim, it must be a delight to be able to easily visit your boat more often now, as this stage is moving quickly. It's wondeful to see it move from one highly skilled and talented group of craftsmen, to yet another group of equally skilled people. Your boat looks amazing with primer on. The photos are great. What I keep thinking about though, is the sound... which won't be captured in a photo. The soft, muted almost silent sound of her slipping through the water with virtually no wake and the only sound will be that of the sails in the wind and the grinding of a winch.
  14. I had to google that "Ontongeny recapitulates phylogeny", Reverend and delving into evolution could get you defrocked (possibly that cute strapless number). Reverend is a bright one, to say the least. He's had me scrambling for my Webster's and, or Google search a number of times. Me thinks if he has managed to remain "frocked" up 'til now, he has the ability to remain so a fair bit longer. He keeps us on our toes.
  15. I was walking the docks today with my Mom, after taking her out to brunch. I was thinking of wooden boats. As a result of this thread, with all the explanations and photos shared and having seen the progress of Kim's boat in person a couple times, I have a much deeper appreciation and more refined understanding of all that goes into the design and build of a wooden boat. I know that Kim's boat is exceptional. However, I will always think of all the precision, skill, time, perfection, experience and effort that the build demands because of what I have learned in here. For a private person, you sure have opened up a window to allow us to witness the build of an incredibly special boat. In 20 years I can see a few WLYDO Grand-children out sailing on her ... Violet for one, and Beau's grand-daughter right along side of her.