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  1. soundsail

    Trying to mix old electronics with new

    The wiring from the chartplotter(GPS) to the VHF looks good. Have you changed the NMEA data input on the new VHF to 4800 baud? The Raynav probably doesn’t support DSC. You could disconnect the wiring from the VHF to the chartplotter as I think that is to send DSC information to the chartplotter. Good luck
  2. soundsail

    Uploading routes into B&G Plotters/MFD's

    Here is a cheat sheet for anyone who may be dealing with a Zeus 3 plotter for the first time. Sorry about the formatting, it was a cut and paste. B&G Zeus3 MFD January 2020 Settings- Depending on the settings, changes may only show on the MFD that they are changed on. Other MFD’s may need to have the settings changed individually. To open Settings- from Home screen, press wheel icon on the UL corner of screen. To open Home screen, press hard or soft button that shows 3x3 squares icon. Rotate the dial on UR to change selection, use selector knob below to move between lists. Press rotating dial to select item. When using the touchscreen, it is easy to inadvertently change the settings. Use the hard buttons instead. Time format - System-Time-set Time Format to 12 hr. Range rings -Chart/ Range rings- check box to show range rings. The distance next to the range rings icon on the display is the radius of the circle. Course highway -Chart/Course Highway-Check box to show a line to a GoTo Waypoint Show Waypoints, Routes and Tracks -Chart- At bottom of chart list, waypoints, routes and tracks should be checked so they will show on the chart. Extension line from the boat forward, showing the vessels course -Chart/Extension lines-This vessel-check the Heading box Windward port and starboard laylines-red and green, shown at vessel position -Chart/Laylines-Check or uncheck, “Always show boat laylines”, as desired. When GoTo to a waypoint is created, at the destination the software creates port and starboard laylines as if the destination were a weather mark, regardless of if its upwind or downwind of the vessels starting position. Short dotted red and green lines are created. If under Settings/Laylines, the Mark check box is checked, the port and starboard lines will be solid red and green and longer length. Units-Distance small-should be feet Depth on chart and depth sounder Units-Depth-change to feet, changes the chart depth and the depth sounder depth to feet. This setting does not change the range rings units. Heading-Magnetic Temperature-C or F Chart Functions- Find ship-On lower right of Chart screen, press Clear Cursor Create a New waypoint at a location- Tap screen at desired location, on the upper right of the screen, tap 3 horizontal bars icon, tap New, New Waypoint, rename and Save. To Go To a location-Chart view- tap and hold at desired GoTo location Box with GoTo will open, press GoTo Cursor. To remove dialogue box-Tap screen or wait To cancel or reset GoTo- Press 3 bars icon at top to open box, press Navigation, and red Cancel box. Create New Waypoint at vessel-Go to Home screen, Waypoints, New, New waypoint at vessel. Rename and Save. Measure distance-Tap the 3 horizontal bars icon and Measure, then drag the blue round marker to the desired location to measure distance from the boat. To measure other distances, the black round marker can also be dragged to another location. The icons can be hopscotched over each other for longer distances around obstructs. North up, Heading up, Course up- Tap the 3 horizontal bars icon on the UR of the Chart -Chart options-Orientation Alarms Settings-Alarms-Settings-Autopilot(at end of list)-Autopilot is grayed out, press the round dial button to access the list of autopilot alarm choices. Unchecked No active autopilot control unit
  3. soundsail

    Uploading routes into B&G Plotters/MFD's

    Ha, They change the definitions just to make our lives more interesting. Glad I could help.
  4. soundsail

    Uploading routes into B&G Plotters/MFD's

    Ajax, not sure if you have tried this. Under Settings/Chart / Course Highway-check the box- to show a line to the waypoint. This might solve your problem.