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  1. kevlar

    Caption Contest

    You want room at the mark?? Be my guest Cap.
  2. ~25 boat RC Laser Regatta was cancelled here in NJ. I think that was a bit much, but some of the participants are up in years.
  3. kevlar

    Dinghy In The Pool?

    Good lord. If I saw that thing sail up on me in real life I'd shoot it. OP - borrow an Opti.
  4. kevlar

    Caption Contest

    North realized how much of a farce their 'shark skin' sails were and decided to market these 'snake skin' sails as a joke. What they didn't expect was the orders coming in from select J105 and PHRF sailors in the US.
  5. kevlar

    Radio controlled sailing

    Thanks John. -Kevin
  6. kevlar

    Radio controlled sailing

    Quick RRS Appendix E/Rule 18 question. Two RC Lasers on opposite gibes approaching the bottom mark. One port inside (me), one starboard just outside. Heavy overlap, tough to judge since the course was lateral to the dock. Wind was at my back. My understanding is that the port boat is still entitled to room at the mark, just cannot take starboard away from the mark. Am I correct? I'm not sure. So when does 18 turn on and off vs 10 in RC sailing? Single lee mark. Not a gate. We ended up getting hooked up and both DNF. No arguments or hard feelings about it. Just curious as I'm still a newb to RC racing.
  7. kevlar

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Stay classy. Bitch.
  8. kevlar

    NYC Beer-can racing

    Let's move on from these shitfights. Happy to hear that OP got a ride. /thread
  9. kevlar

    NYC Beer-can racing

    "Only winners can"?? uggh. Some winner. FFS. Why do you even post here? I'd love to see how well you're received on yuppie cyclist forums. The Chads in tights must love your wannabe goomba ass. Your need to littler threads like this with your idiotic wop bullshit only shows personal and obvious intellectual weakness. I respect your performance, but this shit is getting tired dude. Think of something more funny, intuitive, or meaningful to say.. or at least read a book or ten and learn how to spell for fucks sake. Fucking hack.
  10. kevlar


    That's awwesome. Especially since no one has a sense of humor anymore. Demolition Regattas should be a thing.
  11. kevlar

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    Round Valley Reservoir. Clinton, NJ. Sail the same tack around in circles. If there's breeze.
  12. kevlar

    2015 ALIR

    They're up to 218.1 knots. Shit just got real yo.
  13. kevlar

    Advise needed - from LI Sound to the Rockaways

    Slack/ebb beginning when you approach the Hellgate bridge or so. Max ebb is a bit of a sleigh ride at times.
  14. kevlar

    Radio controlled sailing

  15. kevlar

    Radio controlled sailing

    It's not too thin? I'm not worried about the load. Just don't want to have to tie on the settings. Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this? I have some black robeline whip twine that would look pretty sexy.