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  1. kevlar

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Not my boat, but certainly one of my favorite photos. J105 NAs last year in Texas.
  2. kevlar

    Dear Dr. Rules

    Come to New York and do an Around Long Island Race. Last year our rounding of Montauk was rather slow. Current controlled us. We got close but managed our way through. It's part of the game. We would have used the engine if we risked grounding or were as close as this. Why is there no engine in the boat in OP's pic?
  3. kevlar

    Dear Dr. Rules

    Looks to me that the bridges aren't marks. Some useless language in there but it's pretty clear. Since you have to pass underneath these bridges (unless you choose to fly above them with strength of mind and the fourth mode) this dude is ok for fending off the bridge abutment. It's not a mark. The bridges weren't listed as marks. Certainly adds some strategy and variable to a race to open a swing bridge.. last time I sailed through an opening the tender had some words for me.
  4. kevlar

    For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    I got a stainless Yeti mug as a gift from my boss & a vendor at work. The thing is pretty good, plus it had $100 AND the sticker in it. I made some cider with rum, drank 1/2 of it and fell asleep the other night. When I woke up ~ 7 hours later it was still relatively warm. That was a good day at work. Still not sure if I'd spend $25 on a travel mug.
  5. kevlar

    FP hot latin ladies to date

    I just see a share sidebar if I shut off ad block. I feel like I'm missing out. I wanted to share my ads.
  6. kevlar

    Las Vegas Raiders

    A new name is in order. May I suggest the Vegas Hookers? Also, how are they going to have pro teams in Vegas when they're not allowed to gamble? So much for supporting the community.
  7. kevlar

    IOR Mystery boat

    Good luck.
  8. kevlar

    Laser on Roof Rack

    I was just about to post something about these web eyes. You could make them yourself. (I plan to for my canoe & yak) You can just tuck them away when not in use. I have Yakima bars with padding mounted to the doors on my Mazda 3. 30" plus spread, about as far as I can go. I'm pretty sure they'll handle a laser just fine. Few hundred pounds or so is what I think they're capable of. I always tie lines to the bar ears as well.
  9. kevlar

    what is it?

    That thing is going to need special 'testing' in California.
  10. kevlar

    Craigslist Finds Beaton duck boat. Turn key. Sea Girt NJ
  11. kevlar


    ...and Old Orchard Light off of the south shore of Staten Island, NY. Now gone thanks to that damn storm in 2012.
  12. kevlar


    Sandy Hook, NJ, Little Pink Lighthouse at the base of the George Washington Bridge in New York, and West Bank in Lower Bay, NY.