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  1. kevlar

    Who has had the test?

    I had the nose swab/PCR on the 2nd. 5 days before surgery. Negative. This week I seem to have a cold & I'm debating on getting a test again. I think I just have a cold.
  2. kevlar

    Prada Cup

  3. kevlar

    Prada Cup

    I was hoping to see this happen on the NBC replay on the US east coast, but it looks like I'm just recording ads.
  4. kevlar

    Prada Cup

    show us your tits.
  5. kevlar

    Finally Trump sees the light.

    do any of you remember the gong show? Loved that show when I was a wee tot.
  6. kevlar

    Finally Trump sees the light.

    I'm hoping someone tuned him up.
  7. kevlar

    And now they can all be charged with murder

    Would have to prove intent I think. I've been watching 'Law & Order' a lot since I went on disability. I know things.
  8. kevlar

    Shitstain JUST CONCEDED!!!

    Egggggzaaaaktly. I hope someone threatened his life or scared the shit out of him somehow. It may not be official, but I'll bet that Mr. Trump has been 'relieved of his duties'.
  9. kevlar

    Shitstain JUST CONCEDED!!!

    No it's not.. Another statement he made is. An aide posted it since he was still in twitter timeout. I was replying to the fact that Mike G said he actually sounded 'presidential' for once, even though it was a forced crock of shit and over 24 hours too late. I'm on pain meds from surgery yesterday. My mind s far from clear.
  10. kevlar

    Shitstain JUST CONCEDED!!!

    This is on his twitter. I'm sure some are praising dear leader for showing up to work today.
  11. kevlar

    What Have You Done Today?

    Had surgery on my elbow finally. Glad that's over with. Back to work in late March.
  12. kevlar

    Shitstain JUST CONCEDED!!!

    I just hope to see him removed from office before the 20th.
  13. kevlar

    I am truly worried

    You're a god damn liar
  14. kevlar

    Mob Boss Shakes Down Georgia Secretary

    I heard a laugh in there somewhere.
  15. kevlar

    Trump - Fortunate Son

    The issue with the 'Proud to be an American' song (besides the grammatical errors) is that it's played out by asshole politicians. It's used as a dog whistle tactic.