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  1. ctutmark

    Octopus AP Drives

  2. ctutmark

    INEOS Team GB

    Sure looks like a self tacking jib setup
  3. ctutmark

    Wire failure behind halyard lock ball

    What Longy said- I have resorted to hitting the end of the ball with a countersink bit to add a small chamfer on the ball side. Also agree that the correct size swage die makes a difference Other times I have seen this is when the sail was hoisted with a winch, sail loaded up and the ball rolled over the sheave under load.
  4. ctutmark

    Uneven port/starboard boat speed

    On j105s with a similar setup they see the same tack to tack differences. The tack where the knotmeter is on the low side is always the faster tack. Learn to accept there will be fast tack and a slow tack unless you have a system that will allow boat speed calibration with heel as well as speed
  5. ctutmark

    Farr 30 irc modification

    PM sent
  6. ctutmark

    Stupid spin pole question

    If the ends are in good shape then reusing them is not a problem. If the ends are at all questionable then going to the plastic Forespar ultra ends is a good move, lighter than the aluminum and not very $$. The ultra ends are shorter so changing to them from aluminum ends on an existing pole will result in it being a bit shorter. Depending on the age of the old pole one or both of the ends could be epoxied into the tube, not the end of the world but adds to the hassle of removing. If you use the aluminum ends, good plan to add a wrap of electrical tape on the end fittings to insulate the aluminum from the carbon (if the tube doesn't have a fiberglass inner layer). Same for something on the fasteners, like tef-gel
  7. ctutmark

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Prysmian did one too https://www.prysmianoceanracing.com/news/world-oceans-day/
  8. ctutmark

    Rod vs Wire

    This was on a boat with rod but this could have just as easily happened on a wire marine eye- as said above nothing lasts forever. A slow, cascading failure
  9. ctutmark

    J120 clutches

    Spinlock clutches can have their internals replaced (cams and base plates). Is a bit of work but less $$ than an all new clutch. The new parts can be sized to the the lines going through them which helps. Going with the ceramic parts will slow down the wear. However, on a 120, if you have low stretch halyards and lines you will probably need to keep the halyards on a winch going upwind.
  10. https://www.coastwatersports.com/allen-brothers-anodised-threaded-through-deck-bush-8mm-p-14364.html?currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpNr4BRDYARIsAADIx9zKLNQ9wraJbDSCjNkn02UeoICcd0jJVKxiJny9pPjs1ACLj74Pt90aAmd3EALw_wcB
  11. All the halyards are on locks in the mast at their hoist points, most are running 2:1 or 3:1 tacklines with a jammer at the bow so the loaded line is pretty short. Sheets may go through a clutch but that is because there are only 4 or 5 winches on the boat.
  12. Lots of the C-40 and mini sailors have added the "chest strap" to their pilot remotes. Keeps them out of the winch handle during use. I expect the Figaro sailors are doing similar
  13. I only see 6:1 for the mainsheet, the leeward runner tackle is in there too. for each of the 3 mainsheet blocks they are on strops attached to multiple traveler cars in this case it looks like 5 cars for the three blocks
  14. I was thinking it was previously painted and they started sanding it off.