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  1. Small crack in aluminum mast

    Back to the original Q. slot looks like the upper shroud slot in Isomat masts. If so the crack is likely from the shroud pressing against the top of the slot as it entered the mast.
  2. Gitana Maxi 17

    from the UltimBoat FB page
  3. Driving the West Coast of France - Thoughts

    I'd second LeoV's comment. La Rochelle at the end of Sept will be all about the Mini TransAt, this is the 40th anniversary. La Trinite is always good, reminds me a lot of Newport, RI. Lorient is THE place, stop at La Base (bar), walking around on many days it's not uncommon to see very cool boat getting wheeled down the street.
  4. WIRW 2017

  5. WIRW 2017

    except for the 12 J105s
  6. Clean Machine

    Interesting that the primaries are so far aft, might be tough to see the top spreader- jib leach Looks cool and would not turn down a chance to go for a sail
  7. Is this the Figaro III?

    plenty of internal structure
  8. SeaAir (747) is the original scow, Griffon(865) is a second gen. from the same designer
  9. Is this the Figaro III?

    Attack Thumbnails! https://youtu.be/tevlrH1fPo8
  10. Looks like a Martin 242
  11. Low Profile Winch Handle

    What about this handle? http://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=13213&taxid=1607
  12. Why are my balls turning black?

    Dirt/oil on the track or car that gets onto the balls. Fairly normal.
  13. Looking for info on vintage Mini

    Agreed, looks like American Express, Wylie design which used a modified Moore 24 deck Won the 1979 MT with Norton Smith. Somewhere in the archives of Latitude 38 Magazine there may be some of the original articles about the boat and that race
  14. Duwamish Head Race 2016

    I saw a few boats using masthead tri-colors instead of lights at deck level. Makes them easy to spot at a distance but up close it's easy to miss the lights up high.
  15. Is it a garboard drain?

    looks more like an old depth or speed sensor which has the dummy in place and filled (poorly or fill is failing) from the outside