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  1. ctutmark

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    The minis and other boats have a set of zippers on the sail to gather the reefed material into. here's a pic of Mini 969 where you can see the zippers. The grommets are there in case the zipper breaks so he can still bundle the foot
  2. ctutmark

    Minitransat 2019

    The rules last I looked allowed the PLB to replace the EPIRB if the PLB had a 24hr minimum battery life. The trackers had 3 buttons on them- green, yellow and red. Green, "everything is fine", yellow, "I'm having a spot of bother but I think I can solve it" and red, "I've got a bigger problem and am trying to sort it out, you might need to come get me if I cannot solve it" and then there is the EPIRB/PLB, "come get me now"
  3. ctutmark

    Solution to stop sheets from snagging toggles

    extra thick nylon washers can be inserted alongside the chainplate. If the outside diameter of the washer is enough the edge can be beveled so there is nowhere for the line to hang up. Depending on the dimensions you can make some out of starboard.
  4. ctutmark

    Minitransat 2019

    865 showing up on Marine Traffic
  5. ctutmark

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    Which foil-less systems allow reefing beside the Ubi Maior, Jiber? Most are either 100% rolled up or 100% unrolled
  6. ctutmark

    Minitransat 2019

    Lots of sea life in that area of Portugal, in 2009 Craig Horsfield nearly tore the transom off his Zero in the same area. With the prevailing winds there is probably a fair bit of upwelling supporting a healthy food chain. Very impressive that the top Series boat is 4th overall as of the 1800 sched
  7. ctutmark

    Minitransat 2019

    I expect the nut on the base of the vhf antenna got loose and allowed the antenna to wag around and catch in the MHU. Been there, seen it, thankfully was relatively smooth with the spi up when I needed to fix it.
  8. ctutmark

    Harken Bolt-Down Fairlead at End of Sprit

    Take an aluminum ring (antal, harken, ronstan, whatever) and find the one that fits inside the U-bolt. You might have to fabricate a small pad where the bottom of the ring contacts the sprit tube. The EU built J109s are this way.
  9. ctutmark

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

  10. ctutmark

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Apivia, lots of good solutions. Although I would like to see a small ridge on the cabintop to deflect water from dropping off the cabin into the opening. There is already a lower door that folds out to become a seat when steering through the opening. Am not surprised that Charal is getting more cockpit protection.
  11. ctutmark

    In-mast halyards on rotating rigs

    original setup looks like a 2:1 halyard that was later changed to 1:1 a fairlead of some sort would be good. The Harken would not be good as the sideplates would not play well with the halyard under lots of rotation
  12. ctutmark

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    one more reason I really like this boat. Not fully enclosed but plenty of protection and the rear deck makes very good sail stowage. Also not the sofascoops are right behind the traveler, probably to still get water in the boat when in wheelie mode.
  13. ctutmark

    Tilting the mast forward?

  14. ctutmark

    Tilting the mast forward?

    For a conventional rig the mast heel is likely a simple G10 plug into the bottom of the mast tube which might have a little curvature to allow mast flex- The plug would sit on a tube or post of some sort to hold it in position. The construction pics of 965 appear the mast is deck stepped. One of the craziest mast forward setups was the 50' Numbers. Had it explained that the mast was held in a cup by struts from the deck and the whole lot was designed to pivot at deck level. When the mast was vertical the cup sat on a plate to reconcile the runner/forestay loads but downwind the cup floated in space.
  15. ctutmark

    Tilting the mast forward?

    Those pics look more like keel pivot parts. Most minis have swept back spreaders so anything more that a rotating rig (protos only) seems unlikely. In the case of 965 this boat has a conventional rig, here's a pic