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  1. ctutmark

    Stretching my boat 7 feet

    Can't you just pay the marina the rate for the 28' boat for now and tell them you are getting a new boat "soon"? At the end of the day having a customer paying their moorage in full and on time is probably the biggest importance to the marina manager
  2. ctutmark

    what is it?

    VPLP class 40
  3. ctutmark

    All things Class40

    Most of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 boats would be candidates for this. Later generations went minimum freeboard with larger hull grid structures so more challenging.
  4. ctutmark

    ID This??

    Seen something similar where there was shockcord loops laced through, the idea was to help bundle the main when down or reefed. Seemed dubious in their function
  5. ctutmark

    PNW Offshore is on (modified)

    pm sent
  6. ctutmark

    Snatch block / cleat for snuffer lines

    snatch block and bow cleat
  7. ctutmark

    Shorten Lifelines

    Doubtful that fitting can be unscrewed- it is made in two parts (toggle with short stud and a swage sleeve) these are swaged together at the factory and then swaged to the wire.
  8. ctutmark

    Vendee Globe 2020

    She had that and it also broke. Edit- Bebmoumoute just beat me to it
  9. ctutmark

    All things Class40

    Corentin Douguet is also on Palanad3, he's done a few things too
  10. ctutmark

    PNW Offshore is on (modified)

    Race Rocks could be problematic if the CDN border is still closed for recreational boats. There were reports over the summer of boaters being fined by the CDN CG for crossing the line in the water that defines the border between the two countries
  11. ctutmark

    WS OSR Cat 1 - MOB Equipment

    Looks like you have it correct. The heaving line is 4.22.7 which you included above but did not make it bold. For the MOM you need to mount it so the stuff can cleanly drop out the bottom, the rest can be mounted where it makes the most sense provided it is all readily accessible. On some boats on the stern pulpit is less accessible than other places. Did a horseshoe on a J109 where it was held with a strap and buckle on the side of the cockpit, no clutter and immediately available
  12. ctutmark

    Winch question

    On some winches (not sure if the Barient 27 is one of them) there is a central screw inside the winch handle socket. If your winch has this configuration and the screw is sitting too high it could interfere with the handle locking. Same if there is some debris in the bottom of the socket. Or it could be a case of the winch handle just not fitting well. the socket depth does vary from brand to brand.
  13. ctutmark

    AIS Transponder & transom antenna

    If the MH antenna is already required then going the splitter route makes good sense.
  14. ctutmark

    AIS Transponder & transom antenna

    if the races you are sailing use the Offshore Special regs you will want to be sure your install meets the rule requirements Rule 3.29.13 https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/WSOffshoreSpecialRegulations20202021updated11December2020-[26824].pdf
  15. ctutmark

    INEOS Team GB

    I am surprised INEOS has a clewboard arrangement on their jibs. If this is the only lead adjuster system they have they are essentially locked in place. If they cannot grunt up the jib for liftoff this will throw the boat badly out of balance plus the loss of power AmMagic also has 2:1 jib sheets, am not sure what the car setup looks like as their cars are hidden in a trench