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  1. Melges 32 wet hull

    thanks, will look at it this weekend before the race, since I have to take my son to hockey Friday night. . Also I think crash was talking about Scot the editors melges with all the water that was documented on here a while back. Now just need to sell the 105 and go after The Melges (wife said hell no to owning both)
  2. Melges 32 wet hull

    Thanks. I am gonna do the crazy thing of get a melges, put bottom paint on her and keep her in a slip. This way I can actually use her more then using a hoist all the time. Looks like I need to seal up some areas to keep water out
  3. Melges 32 wet hull

    I am learning about the Melges 32 and keep hearing about wet hulls. Where is the water getting in at? Does the deck/cockpit need to sealed if the boat is left outside on a regular basis? Thanks
  4. Doyle jib pictures

    No he does not, he borrowed mine which is a Doyle designed sail but not from the loft since there was debate about the cloth. J hawk and I were wondering what the difference in this jib and normal Doyle was.
  5. Doyle jib pictures

    Why does it make you go sideways? What am I missing here ?
  6. Douses on a 105

    Thank you all for the advice. We have been running the tapes more since we seem to have an issue with the drop. On windward drops we get the spin in but often with the next hoist the spin comes up and the sheets are now set for an outside gybe. Not sure how but some way we keep seeming to get the tack line under the sheet. To me I have a hard time understanding how if we never disconnect the lines why this would change. What are your thoughts with this ?
  7. Douses on a 105

    We are having debates on the douse. I prefer one bow and one sewer to bring the sail down (phrf spin). But some on the boat have read articles that talk about 2 on the bow and one sewer to drop it. I think this is a lot of forward weight and not sure it will increase the drop speed. What are others doing ? Thanks
  8. I have to say the Scot is a great boat, we grew up with them in Louisiana and i owned one for about 4 years to take family and friends out since the catamaran was not newbie friendly. One other boat you might consider if you want a “cabin” look would be the O’day DaySailer https://www.daysailer.org/ either of those two boats would be great for what you want.
  9. Doyle jib pictures

    What do you mean by that?
  10. Doyle jib pictures

    Thanks John but no way I am leaving our 70 degree weather for the north right now. Maybe this summer
  11. What class is this ?

    That’s it. Thanks
  12. Doyle jib pictures

    Thank you.
  13. What class is this ?

    That is an incredible list. Since the emblem is not listed wonder if it was a one off thing, will try to get a picture of the boat and post it and see if someone might recognize the design. Thanks
  14. What class is this ?

    Cleaning out my fathers photos I found a picture of this boat. Does anyone know what class boat this is? thanks
  15. Doyle jib pictures

    Does anyone have pics of a new Doyle 105 Jib. Want to look at the batton pockets and the foot. Thanks