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  1. jabrams

    Challenger the Volvo 60

    Thank you pearl. I had just gotten the same information from spartan. Having watched many of CSMs videos he is an incredible seaman and I would never expect any thing unsafe from him.
  2. jabrams

    Challenger the Volvo 60

    A group of us are looking to charter a large race boat for a distance race in the Gulf of Mexico next year. We are looking hard at the Volvo 60 challenger. Has anyone sailed on her recently? She looks great in the photos but looking for some personal views if possible. Thanks
  3. jabrams

    Melges 32 mast parts

    So last weekend in a practice session I rounded the range mark we were practicing on a little close. Just a bonehead move, that ended with the mast grabbing the mark and the lower port spreader and spreader bar not surviving. Luckily the mast lived. My problem is finding a spreader and spreader bar. Melges does not have one at this time and southern spars is not sure when they might build another one. Does anyone have or know of these around that someone might be willing to sell? Thanks
  4. jabrams

    Race Boat Websites

    We use teamsnap. Works well to see who is coming, can attach files for the race such as nor and si. We even post tuning guides and pics on it.
  5. jabrams


    This sounds like a great sail to use, on someone elses boat.
  6. jabrams


    Thanks. I never realized 3di came in other colors then black.
  7. jabrams


    It’s a north sail, on a melges 32. Figure it must be from around 2011. Thought it was sharkskin since I remember seeing a 105 having similar colored appearing cloth, but I could easily be wrong.
  8. jabrams


    This is one of the mains that came with our new to us boat. I think this is sharkskin Dacron but can find so little about the material that I am not sure. Anyone know if it is or if not what it is?
  9. jabrams

    Inflatable vest test

    After reading all the talk about offshore vest and yearly inspection/testing I decided it was time to test my inshore and off shore vest, both from west marine. The offshore I had set up for manual, I discovered the lynard needed a lot more force to pul then I had thought, and it only filled the vest about 70%. It is an older vest so that might be part of it. The inshore one is about 2 years old. My daughter wanted to try it so we strapped her in and into the pool she went. The vest inflated within a few seconds but the Velcro on the left side and head area did not release so all the air stayed on the right side. When she got out I pulled the Velcro open and those areas filled suddenly. Both of these testing worry me about using them in real life and was eye opening about the importance of trying the vest out routinely. Needless to say I am in the market for new vest.
  10. jabrams

    Dehumidifier in Florida

    There is no sink, head or such. I have a dehumidifier and ran it all the time on my previous boat that was in the water with power. Now the issue is no power, not drainage which I could do a lot of easy ways. Guess I buy a lot of rice.
  11. jabrams

    Coonass bonfire

    Glad no one hurt. Since my understanding is the docks there have no water or power still wonder what role this played in the fire starting or getting out of control. https://www.wwltv.com/video/news/fire-breaks-out-overnight-at-yacht-harbor/289-8221939
  12. jabrams

    Dehumidifier in Florida

    Our team melges 32 will be arriving soon and I am starting to make plans on the up keep of the boat. The sailing center she is going to dry sail out of does not have power in the lot so I am trying to figure out a way to dry the interior out. Was thinking about a solar fan that I could mount in a custom companion way cover and then some of the damp rid buckets below. This is not the same as an electric dehumidifier but do you all think it will work or is there a better idea? Thanks
  13. jabrams

    Boat loans

    Yhea we are trying to get in on the one design group.
  14. jabrams

    Boat loans

    So I am looking to move to my next boat, a melges 32. Looking at boat financing options I contacted a few companies. Suntrust (who I did my last boat loan with) told me that this was not a boat that they could normally finance. The price and model year are all in their rules. While I have other companies that will finance the boat I was wondering if anyone else has head this ?
  15. jabrams

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Since I just sold her this is my favorite for now