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  1. J 105 charter for Chicago mac

    Thankyou both for the information.
  2. My crew and I are considering doing a Chicago mac Race and are looking good at options. We could trailer our 105 there and back but we would prefer to charter one if possible. Does anyone know of a lead on a 105 for the race. Thanks Jody
  3. J 105, to reef or not

    Crew was using an old kite, and my feeling is if they want to use it on a nice day and have fun, they are doing me a favour delivering the boat so more power to them. Both class mains I have contain reefing points. We have used it in an offshore race once upwind, but not yet down. We will keep playing and see what happens thanks
  4. J 105, to reef or not

    On a recent delivery my crew was playing with the spin and seeing how high they could carry it in 12-15 knots. They said that they put a reef in the main and were able to come up 10 degrees more with good control and speed. It makes sense but is this something useful on longer courses or just something for delivery ? Thoughts ?
  5. J 105 spin block

    Was gonna use the heavy duty ones at the stern. On the sprit we are using the carbo 57 air block. Been running it for a couple of months, the metal ring was wearing tack lines out. Flew the spin in a over 20 a few times and that is holding. The tack does not seem to have the same loads, at least I think, but could be completely wrong.
  6. J 105 spin block

    Part of my aft harken spin blocks cracked recently and I think it is time to replace them. Was thinking about some of the newer harken air blocks but not sure what safe working load rating will Be needed. What have you all be using for this ? Thanks Jody
  7. Noisy winch

    Our secondary winch, 30 lewmar, has been making a high pitched noise when spinning, even with no load. I have taken it apart twice, cleaned and regreased/oiled all the part. The gears spin great. The noise does not seem to start until I put the cap back on. I was thinking to swap out parts from the other winch until the noise stops but if someone knows what this might be I would appreciate if. Thanks
  8. ORC scoring

    We are going to look at ORC results this weekend as a side to our normal PHRF rating results. Looking to see if there is any major difference in the results. I think I can do it by hand since not a lot of boats, but I was wondering if there were any programs you would recommend to score on ORC instead. I looked at the ones on the ORC website but look like more of a pain then worth it. might all be like that but wanted something that I plug in the numbers and it just crunches the numbers. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Offshore and hatch boards

    Yeaterday we put our j105 Ariel on her side under spin. As watched the water cover the leeward deck I was thinking how far we would have to go to get water down into the cabin. Well in a few seconds we were back up and going but it got me thinking that maybe in heavier winds and espcially offshore we should put at least on board in the companionway and keep the hatch closed. Is this what most people do? Would be hesitant to completely close the companionway when off shore since will probably have some people below off watch and do not want them stuck down there. Thanks for any advice. And the round up was totally my stupid fault, so first rule is stop being stupid I guess
  10. J105 distance race

    Great suggestions. Thanks a lot. We talked about a code zero in the past but having just bought a new spin I think it is not in the cards right now. I like the pad eye idea. Do you have any pictures of where you put it? Thanks
  11. PHRF or ORC

    There is a small group here in flordia that is trying to start using Orc over phrf. One of the issues we have is phrf has a really hard time giving a number to sport boats that really plane. That is why we want to see if Orc with the multiple ratings for windspeed will be helpful. I like the idea of this is how fast theoretically your boat should go in these conditions and your rating is based on that so he or she that gets closest to "perfect" wins. Seems a little more logical then a group of people sitting around handicapping the boats to each other sometimes based on who knows what. I respect the phrf groups for what they do, but support objective number ratings as the future.
  12. J105 distance race

    We are looking to avoid any flames. The jet boil does not look to bad but what do you do in a sea since it is not gimbled?
  13. J105 distance race

    Appreciate the advice. Since I am a member of St Pete yacht club and the boat is there makes jumping over to the Miami race kinda hard. We have been toying with the idea of a code zero. The mesh instead of sail cloth is a great point. Thanks
  14. J105 distance race

    We are going to be doing the St pete to Cuba race in Feb next year on Ariel our j105. I was wondering what recommendations people that have done offshore races on a 105 have specfic to the boat. We are going to do mre meals(do not want to try and cook on board) and have a few coolers in the cabin area. Also plan on using some old sail material screwed to the rail of the cabin seats then tied up to the handhold on the roof for a sea bed setup. Any other thoughts on setting her up for this trip? Is not a transpac but want to make sure we cover all we can. Thanks
  15. Life raft

    Looks like we are going to need a life raft for the St Petersburg to Cuba race next year. What do you all recommend and where is a good place to rent from? I figure we are going to race with 6 people so a 4-6 man size should be ok. Also on a j105 where would you store it to make the least amount of problems but also be able to access it. I was thinking of on the aft deck, hate the weight there but not sure it would fit well under the vang. Thanks