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  1. Parma

    San Diego Sailboat Rentals

    Yes, I second that. Make sure to take your family for a close up look at the aircraft carrier Midway.
  2. What's interesting is that the boat has lost it's rudder, yet is down by the bow.
  3. exactly. he did not beach his boat, he missed the entrance.
  4. I just like to include all possible variables in my decision making process', sometimes important considerations are revealed thereby
  5. That's what I thought, but using 12 metre's formulas it looks as if the layman's 2 dimensional center of effort of the sail plan only moves aft about 10% of the headsail overlap (where the headsail overlap and "E" mainsail foot length are identical) when re-calculating CE for a 100% jib vs the existing 140%. And I wonder how much of this amount of movement is likely lost or negated by the M & J sail trim angles. Basically what I'm looking at is how much the CE moves aft if I put a 100 on with inboard sheeting (waaay inboard of current sheeting angles). Less total sail area, true (573 vs 681) but better pointing. Hmmm.....
  6. Yes, I used it on my cockpit seats. They make templates, it is easy to trim & install, does not hold dirt, comes in a myriad of color combinations. The one thing i was afraid of, overheating after sitting in the sun, (think hot vinyl seats in cars) has not happened. cheaper than teak, no maintenance (yet) but only had is a year so unsure of longevity.
  7. What is the correct formula for calculating the movement of the center of effort of a sail plan from a 140% overlapping Genoa to a 100, maybe 105% “nonoverlapping” jib?
  8. Parma

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    I would think that the block at the base of that mainsheet capture would break before the capture itself. The bigger question would be the mainsheet itself and where it goes running downwind - at least a traveler gets the mainsheet to the side of the boat and relatively out of the way.
  9. Parma


    whats that thing on his neck???!!
  10. That was my understanding too, but maybe the PBers have decided to change their story. ie "we were merely out enjoying our day fishing". Is it possible to obtain a retroactive comm'l license in RI if you are important enough? Whatever the reason it just does not make sense that an investigation with only a few witnesses should take this long unless someone has lawyered up, there are "inconsistencies" in the accounts or someone is being protected. The NDN used to publish the name, age & address of offenders as well as details of the crime itself within 24 hours and the penalty assessed 24 hours after that. What court has jurisdiction? AFAIK the incident occurred in Newport County.
  11. Which is the perplexing thing about it: one person dead, one survivor, several witnesses on the long does it take to interview a couple of people unless someone is trying to choreograph the testimony to drive a desired result? Question: if the PB has a commercial fishing license and they were fishing with equipment deployed at the time, who has ROW?
  12. Yep, more than likely some local/regional politico or affiliate who needs, and has bought, time to settle with the family, including an agreement against any public statements before things go public.