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  1. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Only? Most areas charge more than that. My guess is that PH dues should be in the $40-75 range depending upon how big the area is geographically, what duties the officers are expected to fulfill, what they are compensated for and if the PH board runs a championship regatta or series.
  2. Scammer in the Classifieds

    There's an entire thread on this sort of thing somewhere. Search the forums and you should find it.
  3. Here is a photo of the San Salvador replica sailing north of the Coronado Islands, B.C.Mex. in January. 475 years ago the San Salvador was the flagship of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo as he explored the west coasts of South and North America, Circa 1543.
  4. who what where

    You think it can be laminated back in place? Hmmm...I guess I don't know enough about CF, not so sure about that. Definitely need to get the engineers that used to work at Hall to give their opinion, probably not in writing. Too, heard that all the autoclaves, mandrels etc at Hall in Bristol were all destroyed, ostensibly so that someone (like a Chinese company) could not buy the equipment and go into competition If ordering a brand new replacement J-125 spar would not be surprised if it took 4-5 months and cost 40k all included, plus some ins co's will only replace with aluminum or give a seriously reduced value vs a new CF rig.
  5. Totally lost...

    The C28 will do fine for those things, as will a lot of other boats. it will be good for up to a 30 mile point to point reaching race with a start at 11 and a finish by 5. It's a shame to have to think of an entire body of water as gross. Good-bye planet.
  6. Totally lost...

    if you are just PH then you really don't care how spunky or racy they might be: you just need to be able to sail it to it's rating. if you are just mostly cruising around & daysailing then the rating is not so important as the appropriateness of the boat for the kinds of sailors you are and the kind of sailing you do - nobody talks about the boat's rating when you are out sailing around. a private head and an engine that starts are much more important. lots of times the boats with the slower PH ratings don't attract the racer-get-every-last-10th-of-a-knot-out-of-it-types, which types of racers often make the rating harder for that type of racer boat, rather than softer, so be careful not to get a boat that you can't win on in PH and can't be comfortable on cruising around either. by "longer distance races" what do you mean? The C28 is a fine boat (320 was their best $/fun, IMHO) but don't expect too much from it. expect weather helm above 11
  7. Show your boat sailing thread

    No. They were flying 2 hulls that day, probably 25-30kts boat speed, Jimmy Spithill came up to say hello & thanks, passed to leeward about 2 BL away.
  8. Show your boat sailing thread

    With BMW Oracle in the background
  9. Show your boat sailing thread

    With Atessa IV in the background
  10. who what where

    The main halyard is functional?? I don't think the main halyard is functional either but they could maybe put a loose hoop or lashing around the mast and then attach it to the headboard, using one of the jib halyards for hoist if they have a delivery main aboard. I just figured the boat is (probably) coming out of the water anyway so why not haul it out there, drop the keel & truck it. Could be at Driscoll's before the weekend. On the other hand reduced sail + injured mast for 1100 miles = not fun.
  11. who what where

    Is that a Hall Spar or more easily replaceable? And how does the boat get back to San Diego with a 28hp motor?
  12. Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    something i forgot to mention is that taylor made has a lifetime guarantee on certain classes of fenders - they sent me a new fender at no charge after I sent them a photo of my older deflated fender.
  13. Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Most local drug / convenience stores carry boogies boards. I took one of those, cut it lengthwise, drilled 2 holes to run an adjustable cord through and was done. Your use would be different (I hang mine horizontally at the middle cleat of the slip) but they are big & long, somewhat contoured & cheap and don't leave those black marks that typical inflatable white fenders can leave. Only been 3 months but they seem to be holding up. if you need something thicker for your class rules you could always double it up. They cut like warm butter.
  14. Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Not a bad thought but the foam pool noodles last about 12 months (they get destroyed by UV and turn to powder, which is VERY environmentally unfriendly)