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  1. Parma

    When I Win the Lottery

    if you win the lottery and biden wins the election you won't be able to get to your j29 because of all the rioting, looting & arson.
  2. Parma

    Beneteau 10R

    I know people talk about forestay length but (FWIW) ours is loose and we don't pay much attention to it at the dock.Yesterday in 10-12 g14 w/a 140 up we put on a lot of backstay & boned up the forestay. Not sure we could have done that w/o a loose fore. Traveler slightly above center. Seemed pretty fast
  3. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    Meaning that's just one way of mounting the track. I don't think I would do it that way (???), but maybe that particular set up gives the greatest amount of lateral adjustment
  4. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    No link, but look under "Discussions" at April 18, 2019. That's just one way of doing it.
  5. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    Go look at the 34.7 Facebook page. There were photos posted in response to similar questions. Basically, determine where on the cabin top you want the forward track, then move it there. Don't skimp on the backing plate.
  6. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    you have the same jib skirt roller we do.
  7. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    We don't have a jib that will fit to use the forward inhaulers. The smallest we have is a 105 which sheets just aft of the shrouds. If I had a 100 I would move the tracks to the cabin top and use the forward inhaulers from there. All our other sails use the aft inhaulers, the 0 uses tweakers which sort of act as inhaulers due to the sheeting point.
  8. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    Your set up is waaaaaay different My jib inhaulers are ziptied to the mast bail because I don't use them.
  9. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    There are/were photos of the inhauler setups on the 34.7 facebook page
  10. Parma

    Deck layout Beneteau First 34.7

    Apparently the most effective use of the jib inhaulers requires moving the forward track to the cabin top. I think some of the Estonian boats did this, but it might be rating system dependent. Definitely TWS average dependent.
  11. Parma

    Old Skool gear

    The HH predates the L7 by at least 10 years.
  12. Parma


    Yes. The jury came back and said "Fuck this. Get some decent batteries you stupid fucking cheapskate" So I did. No more splashing. No more filling half empty batteries with distilled water through a funnel after removing settee panels & cushions. You asked what were good quality marine batteries. I shopped for 3 months and finally decided on Northstar NSB-AGM 24Ms. Compare the specs
  13. Parma


    I paid $299. $380 must be boutique chandlery pricing.
  14. Parma


    Floodeds are crap. I have 3 Northstar NSB_AGM 24Ms. 2 house, 1 starter. They are the best you can get
  15. Parma

    San Diego Sailboat Rentals

    Yes, I second that. Make sure to take your family for a close up look at the aircraft carrier Midway.