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  1. don't most boat transport co's ship rig up?
  2. Parma

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    BINGO!! And we have a winner - the line about no options is bullshit. Just absolute bullshit.
  3. I looked at a delivery for a 52'er. Dockwise (?) wanted to know TOTAL LOA, draft, beam, displacement and ports East coast & West coast. Turns out the fastest & cheapest way to do it would be to sail it part of the way, have it picked up at an intermediate port and then shipped the rest of the way. What this suggests is that you might find that shipping it part of the way (to Bermuda? or Nova Scotia?) and then sailing it the remainder of the way would give you the best of both worlds in terms of time & money. Maybe.
  4. Parma

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    aren't all boats "going for the record" every time?
  5. Parma

    General fucking recall

    So because the fucking race was fucking abandoned they fucking get away with it. (?) Great, just fucking great.
  6. Parma

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    are you thinking Toy Story is an 11s? it's not.
  7. the opti way avoids possible collusion
  8. No, see, you misunderstand the objective. The objective is not to get to a point where boats don't have or need anti-fouling paint. The objective is to gradually do away with "yachts" and the many forms of pollution their construction, operation & maintenance create. Are there much greater sources of pollution? Yes, but "yacht owners" are a politically correct target. And they do cause pollution. Or a saildrive. I don't this works with vinyl taped boot stripes very well.... The same strategy is gradually being applied to boats. Ultimately a solution will need to be found or drysailing/boating will be the result. Note how drysailing/boating is not an option for the larger "yachts" (see also "politically correct target" above)
  9. One of the more interesting things at the Newport boat show was the "Drive in Boat Wash" Amongst the highlights are that it "improves water quality by eliminating anti-fouling paint" and "captures any toxic or invasive materials for proper disposal" Apparently one of these has already been installed by the Port Authority of San Diego. (whatever happened to that "no cloud" rule which outlawed ablatives???) Yeah, it has a lot of drawbacks (such as taking 15 minutes +/- per boat) but as more & more compounds are banned from bottom paints I suppose something like this may become inevitable. Grudge articles like Susie's will likely compress the timeline.
  10. Parma

    Thompson 35 (38')

    This boat has been around for years; agree it's way cool.
  11. Parma


    Observing from a distance it seems that the forecast of biblically epic winds and ultra-mega storm surge did not materialize. What's the explanation?
  12. Parma

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    I was once told that "if you have a pink surfboard, you better be good"
  13. Parma

    TS Gordon, central Gulf

    where is that guy who screams the forecast?
  14. Again, yep! As a result of that and other findings the Port Authority in San Diego instituted a much more rigorous marina inspection program, focusing on the very highly toxic contents of dock boxes, which caused the management at my marina to be let go. I don't know if there was also a settlement of some kind requiring greater oversight but the new management & myself agree that the many hundreds of liveaboards in San Diego Bay are a much greater source of toxic pollution than what is in the dock boxes or in the paints on the hulls of the boats. In fact I have never seen any of the liveaboards in my marina ever get a pump out. Not once in 10 years. But the fact remains that liveaboards are not as attractive or as politically correct a target as are rich yachties. (If anyone from the Port Authority of San Diego is reading this it would be a great idea if liveaboards were charged a fee paid to the Port Authority sufficient for the Port Authority to contract for a weekly pump out service for each and every liveaboard in San Diego Bay)
  15. Yes, I remember that stuff. Got it at JT O'Connells on Thames until my dad found it at Sears. I don't think they had divers back then, didn't need them (?)