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  1. sort of reminds me of SGYC
  2. Parma

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    Wonder if this might somehow be that dude that went missing from Virginia Beach?
  3. you mean like an obviously abandoned boat or a boat with flapping sails drifting aimlessly?
  4. Parma

    Meet the Swan 36

  5. If a precedent was set that every US military vessel had to assist every distress call then every migrant vessel would issue a distress call every time, even when not distressed: it's a free ride to their destination.
  6. not suggesting that an 80+ yr old should not be allowed to buy a boat, just not a backyard boat backyard boats fall apart fast and are there for a reason, none of them good.
  7. Parma

    plenty of fish

    i guess the point is that the schock 40 and melges 40 are much more like each other than to the melges 37, and will be more so after the first melges 40 keel break, drop or loss. suspect that melges 37 has a future, but the melges 40 does not all of them are really cool boats.
  8. Parma

    plenty of fish

    but not so different than the schock 40 after the first keel break, drop & loss except that the s40 was originally conceived to be offshore capable, not a buoy racer. (think about that for a minute and what it implies)
  9. gotta love the way those containment booms are having zero effect
  10. it should be illegal for guys in their 80s to buy 2nd hand boats out of someone's backyard
  11. Parma

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    the thing is they only send those emails out to members so....uh....what?
  12. Yes, but there were not too many motor boats, the sun was not too hot and we just drifted with the tide, Kon-Tiki style. Throw in some ice cold beers, a skinny girl on the helm and it ain't so bad.
  13. Parma

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    The worry is Pasha Hawaii, although they are mostly Sundays. Those guys come roaring in and don't slow down.
  14. Parma

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    "call ericson yachts or the ericson 23 class association" yes i know EY is no longer around and the CA is really just an owners group but the point is to try really hard to find a replacement before trying to rebuild. it may not be possible but replacing can be lots cheaper, lots faster and lots smarter.