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  1. I don't know if it's LE or RC; the idea of turning the AC into the foiling version of the extreme 40 circuit is a bad idea, because there already is a cheap version of the extreme 40 circuit... the GC32 circuit. LR, Alighini and ENZ, can walk away from the America's cup and make a more exciting, more sustainable, more cost effective, foiling cat circuit by making a GC- Gen 2 circuit, with soild wing sails and open foil development. Gitana, spindrift and SAP would also jump on the bandwagon, and after 3 seasons of watching an exciting, top level foiling cat fleet, the AC will look as pedistrian as the extreme 40 fleet does now. Everybody wins here, except RC. But at least RC would get what he deserves, which is to go down in history as the guy who took the cup to the next level, and ultimately into oblivion through absolute imcompetence. The question isn't whether anyone would care about LR if they dropped out of the cup, the question is Who will care about the AC after 3 years of top level GC Gen 2 foiling cat racing? You won't be able to tell the AC cats from the GC-Gen 2 cats on TV, the GEN2 cats would be cheaper to operate, Fleet racing will be more exciting, Many of the GC32 and extreme 40 teams would jump in, in fact the only team that should show up that won't will be oracle, but SAP will show up to fill in the gap. Perfect.
  2. Exactly! EB and LR should walk away from this AC bullshit and Race solid wing GC32s, a circuit that will provide just as much excitement - more excitement - because of fleet racing vs. match racing, than the AC... Get with the program? Whose program? RCs? How many times does one have to get fucked over by that guy before the challengers walk away and make something better than the cluster fuck that guy has created? A "sustainable one design" Sounds like a over priced GC32 solid wing fleet to me. Let LR and EB Fuck RC at his own bullshit game.. It's perfect.
  3. The AC is Dead. LR and Alighini will race GC32s with solid wing sails and make the AC irrelivant.
  4. Why boat handling? They've been putting some time in. Luna rossa was behind oracle and enz, but as a team they have more experience than the french, BAR, Oracle 2, and Artemis. Perhaps they have a shot at ENZ, Perhaps not, but I bet they have been working rather hard on the design side to catch up. But really, who cares? get a solid wing on the GC32, and watch Alighini, Luna Rossa, Gitana, Spindrift, Argo (the melges 32 team that ran over a bunch of optis in italy last year) and hopefully SAP battle it out every year in exciting foiling cat racing. Meanwhile Oracle will be in the corner with their Merica's cup wondering why nobody cares anymore about the rule changes, the court battles, the cheating, and the venue changes that occurr in between the sailboat races that happen every 4 years. After the GC32s take off and we see some killer racing from that effort, the AC will be seen in a very harsh light. Actually, I think we should freeze RC in carbonite like han solo in the empire strikes back, and have him serve as the GC32 trophy. Then watch Alighini, luna Rossa and Dean Barker's foiler fueled with rage battle it out to take RC home, just to have the pleasure of peeing on him anytime the mood strikes.
  5. If cost cutting is the driver, a solid wing GC32 class would be appealing to all of the AC teams. Sponsors would be more likely to back an annual circuit vs the AC crazypants. Looks like Alinghi had the right idea. RC is going to look stupid when the AC boats don't deliver a "spectacle" when compared to a solid wing GC32. I bet they would look the same on you tube. Better yet, make the GC32 circuit trophy an exact replica of the America's cup, except 2x as big! The money saved on the boats could be used to buy a bigger pickle dish.
  6. I love it! I just wonder what the pulse 600 crowd is going to do when a strike 20 built for 5k turns out to be faster than the pulse 600.
  7. There are several boats that have chased the small, high performance trimaran niche. Motive 25, Seacart 26, Diam 24, Multi 23... Then we have the searail 19, Trailer tris, Astus trimarans, Windriders. I would love to see a 6.5m ish trimaran take off, but I think it won't come from a builder like corsair. Look at the huskey 6.5, which could be built for less than 10K. I would love to see a class like the i550, except the boat would be a trimaran. http://trimaranproject.blogspot.com/p/mamacocha-first-husky-6.html How much faster would the pulse be compared to the huskey 6.5? 30K faster? 40K FASTER?
  8. There's nothing I'd like more than to see a boat like this take off... But I doubt it will. Look at the numbers, for every 100 sailors, there is one racer, and for every 100 racers, there is one multi racer. How many mono racers switch to multis? That number is lower yet. Want cheap OD racing? get a lightning, or a thistle... The world just sucks sometimes.
  9. How are the foils scaled? The T foils appear larger in scale when compared to a moth or rave.
  10. Does the T-foil/iflap combination offer any advantages over the Cfly approach? Just for fun here is a video of a hobie trifoiler vs. a rave
  11. It's good that you don't place emphasis on the recognition of your designs. It doesn't really matter how much you suck at your hobby, as long as you enjoy it, right? Hopefully, posting your sage advice on the forums 24/7 doesn't get in the way of all of your handyman jobs.
  12. So, eh, how many Chris O designs sort of made it to the front page? Your level of congratulatory sincerity matches the relivance of your opinion as a "designer."
  13. Congratulations Doug! The new foil shape looks to have promise! Dick Newick said he likes to spend 1/3 of his time designing, 1/3 of his time sailing and 1/3 of his time building. Don't forget to sail the boat and have some fun. You are only a couple of iterations away from a kickstarter project! If some crazy bastard can start a kickstarter project for potato salad, you could start one for a foiling trimaran.
  14. looks like progress to me.
  15. Here is another funny Chris O spoof post... Now, back to the topic at hand; intelligent,elegant and economical boat design! Here is a prototype of a "skin on frame" canoe made from duct tape, PVC pipe and Hefty Bags. I call it the Garbaggio Special. Although any type of garbage bag would work, I have found through extensive testing and personal experience that Hefty bags make a superior canoe. Beaching is an important activity a boat should be able to endure. If you can't drag your boat hundreds of yards across the sand and gravel because it's too fragile, then it simply is a poor design - indeed it is. Indeed. This particular design also has several other striking features; it can be disassembled - for storage - or for transportation purposes. It also can be re assembled into a tent! Now how many other boat designs can boast such versatility! I dare say none, for I am a designer of intelligent design! When I'm not using my PVC canoe for sailing and paddling expeditions to those beautiful secluded gunkholes in the deep, deep forest, I use my PVC canoe to pursue my other interests, like botany for example.