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    Sailboat Restoration, racing!
  1. thefuture

    Searching Any Pearson 26

    In Charlevoix we have Fleet #1. They get 6-7 boats roughly, every Wednesday night. Cool boat for no/limited hiking, dual purpose, fun.
  2. thefuture

    Chicago Area III

    Its going to be a long winter................. Winter Anarchy has free booze, thats what the young people want. See you there...
  3. thefuture

    Chicago Area III

    I have a legitimate excuse, I was in Annapolis Bro, We did all of those things in Annapolis, unfortunately for me, it was you who i woke up next too. Thanks for keeping me warm...... I still want to know who the fuck was using my phone to send all those txts at 3am......
  4. thefuture

    Radio Control Multihulls

    You just made a lot of haters look very stupid.
  5. thefuture

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Damn.... Nice work! The black and red was a cool color combo but executed poorly in my humble opinion. Did you use high build and fair prior to the 545?
  6. thefuture

    West Michigan Thread

    Quick enough?
  7. thefuture

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Hey i took that picture!
  8. is playing with boats

  9. thefuture

    Seascape 18

    If you trying to market the boat maybe translate it for us?