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  1. If my memory serves, this G31 was built for a customer who owned a Gozzard 37. Why the downsizing?? Boats are showed at the pleasure of the owners. The navy top could've been easily lowered on it's adjustable track but that would necessitated removing the side curtain. Besides there would've been a lot of bumped heads on this 31. Ronbo
  2. A little dated, but... What's shown in the photo is not a dodger but a navy top. Ted didn't approve when owners raised the navy top to full height. True it provided full headroom but it looked lousy. It becomes a dodger when it slides down to its lowest position with the provided vinyl windscreen so one may dodge spray, as it were Today, Gozzard is providing navy top and bimini fiberglass hardtops as kits so owners can upgrade their cockpits. Ronbo
  3. Some years ago in the Chesapeake Bay a small builder of lobster style power boats was sued by Hinckley for copying their Picnic boat duck stern with tumblehome. I don't believe it every went to court. Ronbo
  4. Provincetown is also great. I might confess that one of the gaudiest and tackiest looking tourist-trap seeming restaurants there is one of my favorite places to go for lobster. It looks like it would be an overpriced nightmare; it's not cheap, but the food was really good. It's a fun place. We generally took moorings, not for fear of anchoring, but because the only protected anchorage we could see from the charts was WAY across the harbor and would be no fun at all getting to or from if the wind picked up. So I see you are back in NE. Hope you and family are well. We spent much of last year on a trip to the Bahamas but Kristina is now back in RI. IMHO the best spot in the Vineyard is Lake Tashmoo if you draw 6 ft or less and can get in. It's a 15 minute walk from the dinghy dock into Vineyard Haven. Second best place is Oak Bluffs because it's funky and you can buy booze. Edgartown is ok if you want to experience Nantucket without actually going there. Cuttyhunk is fun once or twice. Not much to do there. Hadley Harbor is a nice anchorage, and if you go up Buzzards Bay, there is another great little anchorage on the North side of Scraggy Neck. The channel winds around, but it's well marked. We're still in Australia, though my wife and daughter are back in the states visiting colleges. We always loved the peace and quiet of Cutty. Nothing much to do is sort of the point! Ditto,ditto on Cuttyhunk.
  5. It's arrived a little late but maybe this is the year the market improves.
  6. I use a chain stopper rather than a chain tensioner on my 6' bowsprit. In fact, I use a second one (flap replaced with a pin) to secure the shank on my #80 Manson Supreme anchor. Good practice is alway using a snubber. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1%7C2276108%7C2276131%7C2276136&id=31569
  7. Mainesail is right. Several years ago I emailed Westerbeke for fuel filter recommendations. I was surprised when they responded that they use 25 micron on their 82B engine! Ronbo
  8. On Sunday while at the show I heard that the entire Bavaria contingent was fired on the spot! Something about the Bavaria boats weren't US compliant...
  9. "The Boy, Me, and the Cat" by Henry Plummer. A short book, described by many as the greatest book on cruising ever written. It's set in 1912, about a cruise down the US east coast Intracoastal in a catboat. Ronbo
  10. My boat came with custom designed rollers for a CQR 60. When I replaced it with a Manson 80 the shank height interfered with launching. Bending the top SS wings allowed the shank to slide in between. It's very stable. Incidentally, I installed a second chain stopper to pin the shank to the sprit. Ronbo
  11. Autopilot. It's like having another crew who doesn't complain and is never tired.
  12. It's like waterfront property...they don't make anymore. If the price is right...
  13. I would opine that in those days the build quality of any early design is less than stella. As long as the defects are cosmetic not structural this design makes for a fast boat. If you want to haul a lot of stuff you might look to more displacement.
  14. A friend is the original owner of hull #1 and has cruised twice to the Bahamas mostly offshore from the Chesapeake. As Bob might say it's a rocket! Good luck.
  15. By saying Sunbrella I hope you include their Phifertex fabric which I used to make covers for Bottomsiders cushions after their vinyl coating wore off. They dry quickly, don't easily slide, and after 5 years remain looking good.