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  1. wee mcp

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    'may be of interest to some folk that in 2016 a Flying Ten was built by a couple of Trad. Boat Builders based in Ullapool on the north West coast of Scotland. Website: http://www.johnsonandloftus.co.uk/uffa-fox-flying-10/ The boat won the 'boat of the show' at the RYA Dinghy Show in2017 Ian McP
  2. wee mcp

    Looking for Enterprise Sails in Canada

    Hi, Vaeredil, As far as I'm aware the sail area of the Enterprise is 125sq ft and the Lazy E is 136 sq ft ( plus more in the spinnaker), so not the same. However the "Lasy E" is a dead class every where except in Australia, where it's now called the National E, so thats where your info rests. Class Website : http://www.nationale.org.au/wp/ Class Rules including sails dimensions: ( Item 11 Sails) : http://www.nationale.org.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/C__M_Rules.pdf Class Rules Sails plan Diagrams (Schedule 7 & 8) : http://www.nationale.org.au/wp/construction-measurement-diagrams/ Take both of the above to any sailmaker tell him tell him to make you a main like that and please add a reef point or two ....... then go sailing. If you're wondering how I knew all of the above, Mr Google is your friend on a cold, wet, aftenoon on a dreich Thursday afternoon in Scotland. Best Regards, Ian McPherson
  3. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi Chris, I think what you've got there is one of the German "Free Renjollen" dinghy classes. A member here on SA - Chris 249 - has writen an excellent blog on history of boat design specifically to your query is - https://sailcraftblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/pt-1-25-the-sailing-scientists-of-the-renjollen/ -it includes some v.interesting stuff on Manfred Curry and his radical ideas. Note his "brakes" on the transom. .. Now That on the back of an IC mark rounding or starting would be a sight to see. Ian McP
  4. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Unfortunately 34 Ubique has been destroyed. Ian McP Loch Lomond SC (originally Clyde Canoe Club)
  5. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi Sezed, For what it's worth the B class plans you've got were drawn up by Alan Powell who is also responsible for designing and building the skinny pointy IC "Asbo". See....... http://www.intcanoe.org.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=23&page=1 http://www.intcanoe.org.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=31. PM me if you want his contact email details. Ian McP
  6. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi Johnny, I've kept quiet up to now as the others were doing a much better job than I ever could. "I am in London at the moment but won't be able to start till easter/ summer when I am home in Scotland" - Just to fill you in on the Scottish IC scene at Loch Lomond we have 3 OD IC's and 1 AC there's 1 IC OD at Aberdeen and Stonehaven SC and I understand that next season there will be one other at Finhorn. So where abouts in Scotland will you be based? - PM me if you like and I can pass on the details of the the two northern guys. I'd certainly suggest that you have your first couple of sails with fellow IC'ers It can really help the learning curve. For what it's worth I built an new rules ply hull in the past but due to illness and other factors 'have now passed it on to someone else to finish. Pictures of the build can still be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phydaux2000/ ( if it's of interest there's more info on the build waaaaay back in this thread). The hull is really the easy bit in IC building. It's the engineering of the seat and carriage that's a bit more tricky. Personally I would go the route of a low cost OD Nethercott, as Anglosteve suggests, ... play with that 'til you get the hang of it then order a Slurp kit from Tony Marsden and either swop the rig over on to that. Or better still sell your Nethercott (cheaply) on to a cubmate and build the class locally. Cheers, Let me know if I can help Ian McPherson Loch Lomond SC
  7. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi, My current IC ic a One design, Vanilla flavoured, job. Australian built and possible the last Nethercott to be registered in the UK. I have a developed ply new rules boat in build but for a number of reasons no progess for about 18 months, I think I might offer it on to someone with more time and energy sadly. Ian McP
  8. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    I'll be there, well it is my home club! Ian McP IC GBR305 "She'll be right!"
  9. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi Chris, Steve was kind enough, last year, to let me have the CAD files for “Second String” and the ply seat. For a number of reasons progress has been slow. However I should be able to help steer you around the little stumbling blocks I encountered and hopefully speed your build up a bit.. Alec Jordan (Jordanboats.co.uk) will cut and supply the 3mm flat panels for around £170 Plus carriage. (Seat kit approx £140). Jordan Boats are based up here in Fife but will deliver Nation wide. Pics of the build can be found here (I’ll need to put some more up as it’s a bit out of date: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phydaux2000/sets/ I’ll PM you with my phone number and email address in case you want to find out more.
  10. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Now that's one to keep in the back of the mind.
  11. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    I've just looked a Riley's web site. WOW, I see what you mean, some serious stainless fabrication going on there I was planning on using a 29er type fitting (just the satinless band and toggle) - weight 90gms/3.25ozs) and I should have added it was for my Nethercott which also has .... an ali boom. Anyways, no worries, the community spoke I listened and a carbon fitting is almost finished. Ian McP
  12. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Thanks gents one and all. I guess I was being a bit lazy, I had a old Riley stainless gooseneck lying around and I thought I'd save some time by using that. One carbon job in the first stage of build as I type. Boom end of the gnav already layed up. Happy sailing. Ian McP
  13. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Hi Folks, I’m currently fitting a compression strut vang or gnav to my IC. Stainless gooseneck fitting onto the carbon mast tube. Question 1 – do I need special pop-rivets? I was going to use standard Monel rivets but notice that a lot of the mail-order Chandlers in the UK are selling "pops" especially for Carbon masts. What makes them so expensive and different and are they needed? Q.2 – Is an anti-corrosion barrier paste required? Q.3 – Anyone tried an off-cut from of a chunky carbon/Kevlar carbon tiller extension tube for the strut, will it be strong enough? All help and suggestions welcome. Ian McPherson
  14. wee mcp

    DC Designs

    Quoted from Christian's last message on intcanoe.org forum Posted last night Sat. 21.27 gmt. "Unofficial results from the Nationals Day 1: Race 1 Hayden 1 Phil S 2 Christian 3 Race 2 Hayden 1 Phil S 2nd Geoff C 3 Race 3 Hayden 1 Frank 2 Race 3 saw a very nasty squall rip through the fleet causing a fair amount of damage to boats and saw the fleet spread up and down the coast. All boats and people were accounted for, but several IC's sustained critical damage and we should know the extent of that damage this morning." Ian McP IC GBR253