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  1. 1260....we burned through that in the cockpit in my J29 days.
  2. Usual spot at the end of the dock?
  4. I was in Newport in June '12 to watch the AC World Series. The waters looked churned up to me. WetHog Believe me, it was nothing compared to the VOR. The Eastern Passage like the videos of the 1980 America's Cup, with hundreds of boats all steaming at flank to watch the VOR boats sail off into the fog. Agreed WetHog...it was pretty packed in 2012. But like Leo said, the leg start was a sight to behold. The sheer number of boats on the way out of the bay was unreal. We ended up following them until off of Ruggles...partially because we wanted to wait until the highway cleared out a bit on the way back in.
  5. Charlie and Mark back in the VOR! This is awesomeness. Couple of things...it had been a long time since the Newport waters were churned up like they were for the in-port race and the leg start. NPT was offf the freaking charts. I'm sure the home town team had a bit to do with it (as did the leadership of 33rd degree Grandmaster Brad Read for the stopover). Second, the Alvi boys captured the hearts of a lot of young kids during the race. My 7 year old always wanted to do a "Charlie check" when he went to bed and right when he got up. He wanted to see how the boat was doing. Pretty cool to see as a dad. So psyched to see this happening....I'll definitely be in Newport on Tuesday.
  6. Really great stuff Dan...we had a room of non sailors pretty well interested in the action, even with the light stuff today.
  7. When does Cycling Anarchy launch? triathlon saved me a ton of money over sailing. I drink less, I don't have to buy drinks for crew and my bike while possibly costing the same as my J44 Mainsail, lasts much longer AND has resale. value... @johnny - there IS the bike equivilant of SA, not sure what it is, in triathlon, it's called slowtwitch and the beatings are much much more intense! John dishing it out over on Slowtwitch....epic! I can't stand that place. I thought SA place was bad. Just a bunch of middle aged men complaining about M-dot, drafting rules, supplemental T, Lance, course cutting, etc... Bunch of whiney babies that get drunk after 2 light beers. Scott, what are you riding that costs as much as a J44 main!??
  8. Wondering if anyone has any experience wetsanding the Micron 66 product. I know it is not perfect and will be re-doing the bottom next winter with Baltoplate. Thanks!
  9. Hey there Scoot - former J29 owner here. Given your considerations....between the two I would lean toward the 100. The true sweet spot of the 29 is its ability to carry a 155 in breeze loaded up with a bunch of folks. It doesn't sound like that is what you want to do. Having sailed both it would seem that the 100 ticks more of your boxes. The 100 does fairly well with JAM in PHRF and sailing it with the small jib is not necessarily a bad thing. It has a surprising amount of room in the cockpit and it is comfortable. Most 100s have the roller fuller on (another PHRF credit) and a main on slugs. Another consideration is the age of the boats. Most 29s are getting up there...my old one would have been 31 years old this year! There is a lot to be said for not having to redo decks, keels, etc...30 year old mast. To say nothing of keeping the mrs happy with an interior that does not smell like beer, piss, and wet feet. Good luck with the decision. I absolutely loved my 29 and we had a blast with her. Shouldn't have sold her!
  10. Now that this thread is over 11 years old...it should be noted that while still sailing hustler, Johnny is now busting out 40 to 60 mile days on his two wheeled whip - every day - and routinely beating up his Cat 4 breathren. Bike races don't have PHRF and strava does not lie.
  11. For anyone who cares, there is no J33 website. The j owners website has a great page for the 33 and is a good resource for info about the boat. Has all of the old manuals, etc... As for CT being for sale...all boats are for sale. VM
  12. Underrated: God Street Wine Umphrees McGee moe Cowboy Mouth
  13. Before next year's AR this story will have morphed into all of us being able to walk from Ft. Adams to the Dumplings without so much as getting our feet wet.
  14. That was a pretty amazing finish...all things considered there really was nothing the RC could do. No one could have predicted that and I don't believe they could have altered the finish line as it was set anyway due to boats finishing prior to the convergence of every boat with sails up in Narragansett Bay. The RC did an admirable job sorting out the finish afterwards...I did not hear any complaints in the tent. Not to mention the folks with their hands on the helm...all that glass going through the line and only a small handful of dings and no one hurt. Good stuff...
  15. IIRC it was never meant to be the barnburner that the Mumm and the Melges was. The 90 was supposed to be a platform from which the bigger, somewhat similar designs would be based off of (the 125, etc...). I may be totally off base on that... They look like awesome boats.