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  1. Vin

    Team NYYC

    Here is a picture of a J sailing off of Newport (you know, to get this thread off of political garbage). Ahhh Newport...where hopefully the AC will be contested following this cycle.
  2. Vin

    new j/day

    Hate since the days of the old Sailing World forum...never changes.
  3. Vin

    American Magic - NYYC

  4. Vin

    Team NYYC

    Well...I was going to wait until the club put up their own pics. From this morning...yes I got up to see the boat.
  5. Vin

    Team NYYC

  6. Vin

    Team NYYC

    JFC...can the nonsense posts just please stop?
  7. Vin

    J29 Questions

    Congrats...the 29 is one of the best sailing boats for the money under 30 feet. We loved ours and had a great time with it. Owners manual - yeah...nah. Take a look at this blog on a really nice restoration of a 29 out of the Chesapeake: May give you a little insight... Q-Berth - There should be two pieces of plywood cut to fit into that area. 1/4 inch should do it. Seal it good as it gets kinda wet back there. Best of luck to the owner. What hull number?
  8. Vin

    Tropical Storm Isaias

    Weird...Just a bunch of breeze in Narragansett Bay and about a 45 minute period where it went to hell. My folks are on Block in New Harbor and said they got a bunch of wind but that’s all. It’s been sunny out there since 3:30 or so.
  9. You win the sailing anarchies for the day with this one. Awesome.
  10. Vin

    C&C 30 and Farr 280 - What happened

    Yup...waiting for that one. Dan was a huge promoter of the class. In fact, if memory serves he brings a great amount of enthusiasm to any OD class he sails in (and I mean that as a complement).
  11. Vin


    Interested in this but can't find any info on the mounting bracket...anyone?
  12. Vin

    J/33 or J/105?

    Having owned a 33 and sailed a bunch on the 105, I would advocate for the latter given your situation. The 105 has a nice set-up for sailing a small family and is handled easier than the 33. Given the relative ages of the boat as well you will probably find a 105 that is in better overall condition hull and rig wise, of course you will pay a bit extra. We cruised with our 33 and found it to be a non-starter - and our kids ages were around the same as yours when we had it. I would probably feel the same with a 105. As far as racing goes, the 105 OD fleet is fantastic and still seems to be strong (if that is your brand of vodka). PHRF wise they rate 93 spin in Narragansett Bay, as opposed to a J33 at 84. Once the breeze gets above 12, a well sailed 105 can be quite a handful for the 33. That said, I agree with Dogfish...fully kitted J33 with a well practiced team is a PHRF beast. YMMV. Good luck!!
  13. Vin

    coach of the year

    How awesome was it sailing with the GBSA all-stars at Block Island Race Week on the legendary J29, Dirty Harry?