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  1. Why don't more people race?

    Time... I would say money but honestly if you want to go out and race a boat you can find something wicked cheap, fix it up, and go sailing. I am talking right down to a laser or anything that floats with a sail. The biggest problem I see right now is TIME. My, and my wife's, schedule is ridiculous. We are both putting in 60 hour weeks most of the time. During the summer months we literally rearrange our entire family schedules around the boat (and racing). It is a bit crazy but we are addicted to the sport/lifestyle...as a family (I know, weird). Example: my 7 and 9 year old stole my phone this morning before school and were tooling around on the VOR app pulling up the tracker. The day before I came down stairs to them watching some video from the boats. We are the exception as a family...not the rule. I honestly believe that we as a society have JAMMED so much into our lives that we just don't have the free opportunities that we used to as far as leisure activities. That leads to not having enough crew, crew development, etc... I will never complain. Any time I get on the water is gravy. On a positive note -- I will say this, the 2017 season on Narragansett Bay showed a lot of life this year. More boats seemed to be coming out to events (across all spectrums). Mom and pop PHRF boats all the way to the grandprix programs. Our junior program was killing it this year.
  2. Forget Mayor...Brad should be governor of this state. Few have his vision and the leadership ability to follow through.
  3. Well...being that Awesometown (Newport) is, in fact, the sailing, yachting, boat racing, etc...capital of USA, the natural home for the NSHOF should be here. It is equally fitting for the hall to be Newport as this is the city where the 37th Americas Cup will be held.
  4. Hopefully these types of efforts catch on. IYAC has had one for a few years for the around Jamestown record and it is pretty damn cool. Obviously a little more formal than this attempt but enough where people take their shots once in a while and there is an interested group of people to see how they do. All of it adds up to more boats doing boat stuff... which is not a bad thing. IYAC awesomeness here: http://iyacnewport.com/2016-mount-gay-rum-around-jamestown-record-recognizes-outstanding-sailors-and-record-breaking-times/
  5. Who gives a hoot! It is a wicked cool boat doing boat stuff really fast!! Good on em...
  6. Club racer electronics

    that's generous.
  7. Club racer electronics

    Complete PHRF hack, totally afraid of one-design, stays away from big fleets and areas south of Castle Hill...and now refuses to go on group rides for fear of being exposed by stronger riders.
  8. Club racer electronics

    I may be in the minority here but everything being discussed seems like overkill for the club racer. The basic B&G triton sail pack plus the Zeus is more than enough. You will not be breaking the bank, plus you will actually spend time sailing the boat instead of getting you head dazzled by the fun gadgets. We had that set-up on our J33 before we sold. Seriously, all the info in the world doesn't negate a bad tack. Keep it wicked simple. We sailed most of this year on the new boat with just SOG and a compass. Became more in tune with the boat quicker than we would have had we had a supercomputer. My 2 cents. YMMV.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Comanche finally on the move? JC finally getting serious about the America's Cup...
  10. Surveyor in CT

    I don't have a good online destination for him but the contact info can be found below. Dexter Holaday is one of the most thorough professionals that I have ever worked with. He knows J/Boats inside and out having many years of experience at Brewers Cowesett yard before taking over the surveying business in his family. I have had him survey boats as well as work on them. Extremely happy with the results... http://www.superpages.com/bp/groton-ct/holaday-dexter-marine-surveyor-L0001123978.htm
  11. I recently purchased a tactick micronet remote to go along with an existing installed system (c 2010) that has a pretty decent suite of bells and whistles. The system did not have the remote when I bought the boat and now I would like to add this remote in an effort to properly configure the instruments, displays, etc... Unfortunately I can't find anything online that addresses how to bring a remote into the system. Best I can figure is that I have the 2010 version of this: http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|344|2028690|2028820&id=1804601 minus the remote. Thoughts???
  12. BIRW 2017

    1260....we burned through that in the cockpit in my J29 days.
  13. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    Usual spot at the end of the dock?
  14. VOR 2017-18

  15. VOR 2017-18

    I was in Newport in June '12 to watch the AC World Series. The waters looked churned up to me. WetHog Believe me, it was nothing compared to the VOR. The Eastern Passage like the videos of the 1980 America's Cup, with hundreds of boats all steaming at flank to watch the VOR boats sail off into the fog. Agreed WetHog...it was pretty packed in 2012. But like Leo said, the leg start was a sight to behold. The sheer number of boats on the way out of the bay was unreal. We ended up following them until off of Ruggles...partially because we wanted to wait until the highway cleared out a bit on the way back in.