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  1. blooper time!

    Yes,Its worth it.Major Style points.Bloop Well Bloop Often.
  2. Any S2 owners out there?!

    I have a 7.9 good little boat.
  3. looking for S2 7.9 photos

    I have Tim Driskell's S2 Frequent Flyer 465.I remember Tim had one of the elliptical rudders on her.Do you know who got that one?
  4. Eight Bells: Bumps Eberwine

    Bumps was the Man!! I enjoyed racing against him and with him.
  5. Rolex 24 at Daytona

    I'll grant you that there was more aggressive driving Sat afternoon than was wise in an endurance race. You are going to have multiple full course cautions to close back up so a 0.5 sec advantage gained with a high risk maneuver can ruin your day. Still somewhat amused by the radio discussions and behaviors between the pit wall and Andy Meyrick. The conversation on spinning the rears while jacked seemed pretty accusatory and the post shunt calls were not the sign of a pit box and driver on the same team. Notwithstanding the shunt, I think less of that team structure after hearing that BS. BOP? Well, it's not a full blown "buy a championship" like F-1. Anytime you have a mandate to level performance between manufacturers, somebody is going to try to sandbag performance in practice. Look at eh times in the "Roar" this year. Nobody showed their form. Face it, teams don't have the funding to play an arms race and you need cars on the grid to have a race. Fans are not going to pay to watch one team run away every race. Look at the decline of F-1. RBR for 3 years, big rule change and now Mercedes running away. In the meantime, attendance and viewers drop. Any PHS style system is subject to the same issues. Come up with a better way to race Vettes, Lambos, Porsche, BMW, Astons, Audis and the rest on a relatively level playing field and maybe folks will flock to your series. I like Daytona, probably because my first attendance at an endurance race was the third Daytona 24 in 1968 where I watched the 907s finish 1,2,3. If I'm in that region, I always try to attend. TA and PWC. Good for participants at a lower cost than IMSA but a long way to go to be viable. Well said!!
  6. Rolex 24 at Daytona

    You are High!!!!!!!Stick to auto crossing.
  7. All-time Boat Names

    Battlewagon Pearson 37 Mumm 36
  8. Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    I did not know her,but a friend of sailing is a friend of mine.I am sorry to hear cancer took some one else.I have her calendar and will all ways have it up in my garage.Sea you on the other side Mainsheet Girl
  9. Hottest Women

    Jessica Alba
  10. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I am really sorry to rain on anyones new boat release, BUT I Have to say that any GOOD FRIENDS DON'T LET THEIR GOOD FRIENDS SAIL ON J BOATS, SORRY, But just had to go there!Again!!!!!!
  11. tight_jeans.gif

    Bump Bump
  12. tight_jeans.gif

  13. tight_jeans.gif

    now that's one sexy ass! :-) /
  14. tight_jeans.gif

    now that's one sexy ass! :-) !
  15. tight_jeans.gif