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  1. gord262

    used gear

    Truly, not wanting to profit from others misfortune, but I am wondering where to look for some gear seeing as there are probably a large number of boats being written off in the Keys and Carribean. Recently divorced, I no longer have a racing boat but have picked up a decent CC27-5 which I want to upgrade to race. I am looking for wind instruments, a spinnaker and pole. If this is insensitive to others loss, I apologize but think of it as the organ donor who gives his eyes and kidneys to someone so they can continue to live (i.e., race). I have checke the classifieds here but don't see much. Gord
  2. gord262

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    That was me and I took responsibility for it immediately. I will do my best to make it up to Fran somehow but you are right, to miss out on the moment of receiving the well deserved trophy is regrettable. (BTW, the overall trophies he won were NOT given to a local.) Here is Fran receiving his first place flag for what we mistakenly reported as a tie. He should also have won the best shirt award.
  3. gord262

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    A certain J80 sucked in the LD but did better in the courses. Good sailing Scot, see you at CORK.
  4. (858): I'll start drinking again when I know where I am
  5. gord262


    A man is walking a tightrope between the 85 floors of two adjacent skyscrapers. Meanwhile, on the 40th floor another guy is getting a blow job from an 85 year old woman with no teeth. What have they got in common? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They're both thinking "DON'T LOOK DOWN!"
  6. gord262

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    My non-sailing wife wants to come to EYC for the American beer so we took a trip over last weekend and booked some rooms at one of the Inns. Pretty quiet at the club there.