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  1. mowgli

    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    Paul I use a LCJcapteurs CV7 see link, the advantage is the box can be connected to N2K bus the angle of 100 grade may be a bit to small a beter option is the 180 sensor but I don't know of LCJ is selling them. I the begin they sold them separately sensor and CV7 so I did buy the the sensor some were els. I use Raymarine instrument but that does not matter You can use every instrument with N2K
  2. mowgli

    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    I use the Honeywell sensor on my rotating mast
  3. mowgli

    Wind Instrument on a rotating mast

    This is my setup with a CV7 from LCJ Capteurs
  4. mowgli

    Farrier F-85SR

    On his building website are more nice pictures
  5. mowgli

    Single mission or multiple mission boats

    The F32 it can do this also
  6. mowgli

    Single mission or multiple mission boats

    The auto correct did a trick on me, I did ment sheep clothes
  7. mowgli

    Single mission or multiple mission boats

    I made my own multi mission F32R / F32SR, did take some ideas of the SR and made it in the F32R (front and back of the floats, daggerboard, foils, the back of the main hull, option for float rudders and canting mast) and made in carbon. I think the boat is a wolf in cheesecloth and is performing very well. I am still in the learning curve, it is a different beast than my former F31
  8. mowgli

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    before you place the pictures you turn them on your PC, not in the forum.
  9. mowgli

    On a 500kg diet

    If you want to gain on the right place I should take textile rigging, ditch the profile for your jib and take soft shackles. You can get old the stuff you need here I think the 500 kg is not realistic even if you take a carbon mast. I did a lot off weight saving on my boats and I know how hard it is to get 100 kg off the boat.
  10. mowgli

    What Tri

    Dragonfly 1000
  11. mowgli

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Yes they are.
  12. mowgli

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    I did give up the side is still unfinished after a half year and no updates. I don't know why Ian did sell it to this firm, they never did launch a boat.
  13. mowgli

    Raymarine Micronet & Racemaster

    I had a racemaster and a micronet compass and they were in conflict with eats-other. I then did leave the compass from the net and then everything worked fine.
  14. mowgli

    Bare 7x7 3/16 lifelines?

    still legal for multihulls not for mono's
  15. mowgli

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    The site is still rubbish, a lot off text referring to pictures that are not there for the old models. Only the information for the F22 is correct. What will an F-boat cost outside the US after import duties and the Trump tax what most countries use.