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  1. We have already 57 contenders for the event en we still expect some more
  2. mowgli

    Coolboats to admire

    Thanks for the compliment, I have stretched it till 34 ft (10,4 meter) and get it out of the shed the last week was indeed giving birth of my child and I was glad that it was in the water.
  3. mowgli

    Coolboats to admire

    My just launched F32, next week we put the mast on it.
  4. mowgli

    My favorite boat repair tools.

    My Mirka Deros 650 sander, weights less dan 1 kg
  5. mowgli

    TackTick Wind T120 New compatible with Old?

    I don't know but it worked ok and was brand new. This was my second set my first set had a bearing problem, the last set was because of a accident with my set.
  6. mowgli

    TackTick Wind T120 New compatible with Old?

    I had a set from 2007 and two years ago I installed a new windset.
  7. mowgli

    Code 0 Furlers

    Ubi Maior has one
  8. Our catamaran and trimaran club CTC exist 50 years and this time the races are also open for foreign countries.
  9. mowgli

    Screecher fabric weight Here are a few examples of screacher laminates.
  10. mowgli

    Homemade small tri

    a second hand pulse cost you 34000 euro I think you can build this in one or two year for much less than that.
  11. mowgli

    Ian Farrier

    You can always look at my site to get some ideas. My frind Rirchard has some unused plans of a F32SRX
  12. mowgli

    Lithium Batteries - New Prototype

    what has this to do with ocean racing, we have gear anarchy for this.
  13. mowgli

    ARC 2017

    I see on the pictures that the TS42 what did the arc has daggerboards, but on there site there are only fins and no daggerboards. Is this a special made one?
  14. mowgli

    Smart Watch

    Android Wear 2 smart watch
  15. mowgli

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Darth, I agree on you +1