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  1. Did you?
  2. An a aluminium can sink if somting happen like a capsize or you hit something.
  3. Hi Ben, thanks for the compliment, making the bare hulls takes less time than the small things, I also mixed the f32R and f32sr on some other details and that cost also time. We started in 2012 and after 2016 we sailed less with our old boat and spend more time on building. I think for me it is still cheaper to build because a yard build boat with all my options cost aprox €250k I think. Maybe some one give a estimate. Arno
  4. The F32R is my first boat I build, the other one was a restoration project of a F31. The boat I build now is a F32R with some design features of the F32SR (Daggerboard, foils and partialy the floats). If I had to do it allone I had take the F85SR design see my fellow boat build frind http://www.nyker.nl/. My partner helps me a lot with the big things.
  5. what has this to do with multyhulls?
  6. This designer has some plans to quick asamble in steel http://www.stadtdesign.com/
  7. I am building, I started in november 2011, see my blog so you can get a idea how long things take. https://f32thriller.blogspot.nl/
  8. I can agree on that one, the hulls where quick build after that coming the details what cost a lot of time. I hope to get my boat in the water in september, still a lot to do.
  9. The only F35 is for sale http://www.multihull.nl/multihulls/used-multihulls/76164.f35c/f-35c.description.html
  10. Hi Paul, Do you have pictures how you messure the angle? Arno
  11. There is documentation on this link what I did give in a early post http://www.raymarine.com/instruments/wireless/micro-talk/ On page 18 of the installation document you can find the following data that can be bridged by the Micro-Talk gateway.
  12. Raymarine made a new gateway for there TackTick line to intergrate with N2K http://www.raymarine.com/instruments/wireless/micro-talk/
  13. I use on my hole boat two part paint. To get good results we use a foam roller that does not disolve in the paint. We use these paints https://www.de-ijssel-coatings.nl/en/home
  14. These guys made also some nice products http://www.lcjcapteurs.com/products/wind-masthead-unit/?lang=en I have bought the CV7-C for a rotating mast and it has the baro inside.
  15. The backstay is split in two, the front of the jib is 1 meter higher than the old rig. Sins the new setup ther is no genua ani more and the chainplates are as wide as posible. In the tack on of the backstays is free and the other one is tensioned.