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  1. eerie sailor

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    Looks great!!
  2. eerie sailor

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    For the last few minutes they have slowed to 10 kts. Back up to 14kts.
  3. eerie sailor

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    Up on AIS.
  4. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    Looks like the one at Dana point is sold. Either congrats or there is one for sale in Seattle.
  5. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    I see. The runner caught behind the boom on a heavy air gybe is one of the more memorable manuvers to perform. Been there done that one a few times also.
  6. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    I've reefed the Hendo several times over the years. We've even flown the try sail a few times along the way.
  7. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    I see the PAC cup uses ORR for handicapping. When we race ORR we pull the sprit and use conventional spinnakers.
  8. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    I've lived that picture a few times. Crank the runner a little tighter, ease the Vang a couple inches and have the stability technicians eat more pork chops!
  9. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    Regarding the boat.... I've done about 40 races of the 150-300 nm distance. The pole has a rubber gasket 6" inside the hull. Most guys keep it a little loose so it goes in an out easily. For a distance race, out in a tight spot, 1/4" gasket. Minimize the amount not ins and outs (leave it out as much as possible.) This works really well. We have leaks around the mast like others. I don't like to caulk things to tight because when we do a Mac race we like to get the boat apart quick and get it on the trailer for a 70kt ride home. We have had some success putting weather stripping on the hull where the companionway hatch sits on the hull. Helps a lot but not perfect. They can be wet boats.
  10. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    The mods would be minimal. In most cases careful measurements taken when getting the boat measured will get you over 105 which a lot of races use for the stability index requirement. My boat has a stability index of 107. PM me with a email address and I will send you copies of my ORR certificate if you want it. Might even have an old IRC cert laying around,and MORC and a half dozen phrf fleets:)
  11. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    Let us know how it holds up.
  12. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    Hey, gossmanl, nice job taking a second in the Mills last weekend. It wasn't sporty conditions and you beat them all but 1 including the other Hendo.
  13. eerie sailor

    Henderson 30?

    I have worked on the rudder bearings more times than I like to think about. Should have changed them out years ago, but for some reason I keep repairing them. 17 years ago on our first repair we used epoxy and graphite. Quick and easy, but didn't hold up well for us. Then we tried epoxy and colloidal silica. Seemed to work better but still didn't last as long as we liked. Then we ground 1/16" out of the races and lined them with delrin. Worked even better but still saw some wear and tear. Over the last few years as the delrin has worn, I've been replacing it with aluminum strips. THIS IS WORKING WELL.
  14. eerie sailor

    Cruising Lake Superior

    When we first started talking about the trip I checked out the date for the Trans Superior thinking that would be a good way to get the boat west quickly and take even longer returning. But timing doesn't work. This is the year for Superior.