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  1. Forss could you also add what they had for brekfast / luch and dinner ... thanks a lot :-)
  2. Maybe Maite Coq management not so happy to have spent millions of dollars to fit foils to their boat, when is in the same position of her sister boat without foils after 22 days of race.
  3. I think Kito is grateful he made it this far. But JP is a bit of a mystery. LeCam. No surprise. I believe KITO is slowing down just because is not allowed to overtake JP with his old boat - :-)
  4. Biggest disapointments upto now are JP Dick and Kito De Pavant. Kito paying hard first night problems that left him behind, but whats the problem with JP ?
  5. Splitting the boats by delivery date we have a good idea of the races within the race, even if is not so straight forward. Skipper Boat First name Built Designer 1 Destremau FACE OCEANS GARTMORE gen-98 Finot 2 Attanasio FAMILLE MARY WHIRDPOOL-EUROPE 2 gen-98 Lombard 3 Costa ONE PLANET ONE OCEAN KINGFISHER gen-00 Owen-Clarke 4 Roura LA FABRIQUE AMOR LUX lug-00 Rolland 5 Colman 100% NATURAL ENERGY MAISONNEUVE gen-05 Lavranos 6 Wilson GREAT AMERICA TEMENOS II set-06 Owen Clarke 7 De Lamotte INITIATIVE COUER PRB set-06 Farr 8 Burton BUREAU VALLE' DELTA DORE set-06 Farr 9 Shiraishi SPIRIT OF YUKOH BT gen-07 Farr 10 Ruyant LE SOUFFLE DU NORD GROUPE BELL gen-07 VPLP-Verdier 11 Le Cam FINISTER MER VENT FONCIA gen-07 Farr 12 Boissieres LA MIE CALINE PAPREC VIBRAC 2 feb-07 Farr 13 Le Diraison COMPAGNIE DU LIT HUGO BOSS giu-07 Finot 14 De Broc MACSF BRIT AIR lug-07 Finot 15 Amedeo NEWREST-MATMUT GITANA 80 lug-07 Farr 16 O'Coineen KILCULLEN TEAM IRLAND ECOVER 3 ago-07 Owen Clarke 17 Elies QUEGUINER_LEUCEMIE SAFRAN ago-07 VPLP-Verdier 18 Bellion COMMEUNSEULHOMME DCNS mag-08 Finot 19 De Pavant BASTIDE OTIO PAPREC VIBRAC 3 mag-10 VPLP-Verdier 21 Riou PRB PRB mar-10 VPLP-Verdier 20 Meilhat SMA MACIF gen-11 VPLP-Verdier 22 Beyou MAITRE COQ **** BANQUE POUPOLAIRE set-10 VPLP-Verdier 23 Nandor FA SPIRIT OF HUNGARY SPIRIT OF HUNGARY apr-14 Pauger+FA 24 Lagraviere SAFRAN mar-15 VPLP-Verdier 25 Le Cleach BANQUE POPULAIRE VIII giu-15 VPLP-Verdier 26 Heerema NO WAY BACK VENTO DI SARDEGNA ago-15 VPLP-Verdier 27 Josse EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD ago-15 VPLP-Verdier 28 Thomson HUGO BOSS set-15 VPLP-Verdier 29 Dick ST MICHAEL.VIBRAC set-15 VPLP-Verdier
  6. 1 - PRB 2 - QUEGUINER - LEUCEMIE ESPOIR 3 - BANQUE POPULAIRE (with damaged foils)
  7. Looking at this picture, I really start to think that not even one foiler will get back home with all appendices attached to the hull.