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  1. silent bob

    forming a new business model who wants in

    According to Über, they are not a “Transportation” company, they are a “Technology” company. Therefor, their drivers are not drivers and do not need commercial drivers licenses. They are not “Employees”, and do not get benefits. They are just simple blokes that are “Sharing” a ride from your house to the airport for cash, but it’s not a “Taxi”.
  2. silent bob

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Kahoots, ex-It’s OK, ex-Impact Medicine Man Neither one was “Cheap”
  3. silent bob

    West Coast Sleds?

    Westerly is the ex-Mongoose
  4. silent bob

    Darwin strikes again

    I really hope he didn’t swim in the gene pool before his demise.
  5. silent bob

    Darwin strikes again
  6. silent bob

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    Kinda like Brexit! And what happened to all those Hollywooders whose houses burned down after they said they would move to Canada if Trump got elected?
  7. silent bob


    Rondo out with broken hand. Who'd he punch? He needs lessons from Metal Whirled Peas!
  8. silent bob


    This almost needs to go on the Cali Fire thread. Too soon?
  9. silent bob

    Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"
  10. silent bob

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    An old crewmate did final appeals for Lifers. He said he often “Wasn’t upset” when the appeals weren’t successful!
  11. silent bob

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    I just hoped that Jerry Brown would hold Charlie Manson’s hand..... as he was he was getting the shit fried out of him in the electric chair.
  12. silent bob

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    Moonbeam will probably give them a handshake and tickets for his new Choo Choo Train.
  13. silent bob

    Applying bow stickers.

    He asked for a '13', but they drew a '31'