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  1. 2018 congressional cup

    Watched from Belmont Pier, Wednesday. Cool and breezy? Beef brisket sandwich at the Busy Bee in San Pedro today. Urp!
  2. Just Another High School Shooting

    I’m watching a news report on the National School Walkout. It seems to me that most of these kids can not afford to miss any class time. I also find it interesting that they chose 4/20 for the walkout.
  3. annoying use of the language

  4. annoying use of the language

    I fucking hate when people use profanity for no fucking reason!
  5. Random PicThread

    If it’s not leaking oil, it ain’t got no oil! My Volkswagen is a Hybrid! It burns Gas and Oil.
  6. Olson 30 on FB

    Kevin Connelly’s original boat?
  7. Dieselgate follow up

    Cow Farts!? Now you’re talking about the AQMD, a totally different bureaucracy!
  8. Random PicThread

  9. Art Bell

    Is it conspiracy!?
  10. Art Bell, DTS

    It’s just a conspiracy!
  11. Entitlement

  12. Waterline Systems

    As I said, he does custom work!
  13. Anyone help a newb identify a cat?

    This is what happened when I Googled "Bald Pussy"!
  14. Waterline Systems

    Have you talked to Garhauer Marine? I’m not a big fan of their blocks, but their stanchion gear is excellent, and he’ll do custom work. Prices are very good, and he’s in SoCal!
  15. New sails

    It takes a while to translate from Portuguese to Chinese and back! You might also get caught in the Trump vs China Trade Wars.