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  1. silent bob

    Harvey Weinstein

    Just like Epstein?
  2. silent bob

    My grandchild

    Do you know why Grandparents and Grandkids get along so well? They both hate the same person!
  3. silent bob

    The F1 2020 thread

    Don’t get used to it, banned after 2020 season:
  4. silent bob

    Larry Tesler DTS

  5. silent bob

    Jack lines

    Evans shut down his page a while ago. Too bad, it was full of great info.
  6. silent bob

    Jack lines

    APS used to do these. You could make them yourself! Strong, no stretch, won’t roll under foot!
  7. silent bob

    Full batten main with swept spreaders?

    Consider RBS Battens, if you can get them. You don’t necessarily need carbon. They’re almost unbreakable! And, proper batten boxes, toggles, and low friction luff cars/Slides are mandatory.
  8. silent bob

    j105 sparcraft mast issues

  9. silent bob

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    Flattener is great in the fact that it reduces glare, evens out the surface, and makes the deck grip even more. It’s one drawback is that it makes the paint very porous, which I found harder to keep clean.
  10. silent bob

    MLB 2020

    I think the Code Sound for a Beanball aimed at a Houston Asterisk should be a Trash Can lid hitting the ground!
  11. silent bob


  12. silent bob

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    Main Halyard, 2:1 as IMR said. Then Double Clutch it, or tie it off to a cleat or leave it on a Self Tailing Winch. Genoa Halyard has to be left on Self Tailing Winch, or it WILL slip! Kite Halyards, add Core Insert at Clutch area and be prepared to place on Self Tailing Winch when in breeze! Tack Line, same as Main Halyard!
  13. silent bob

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Okay, but it’s appearing that it wasn’t equipment failure.
  14. silent bob

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket Looking more like CFIT.