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  1. silent bob

    More Motor Head Porn

    Hey, what’s this Hershey’s Kiss doing on my Ricaro?
  2. silent bob

    GPS Watch

    An aquaintence had an early wrist mount Garmin. He bragged that he got his sailboard up to 27kts. I asked him to let me see it for a moment. I rapidly shook it up and down and around. I got up to 31kts! He grabbed it out of my hand and left.
  3. silent bob

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Damn, I had to say something about getting hit by lightning on the beach in SoCal. Similar thig happened at the Opti Intergalactics around here a few years back. I guess I won’t be getting on a airplane this week.
  4. silent bob

    Irrational fears in a business context

    From The abandoned brane’s thread “Is it okay to fire someone...”
  5. silent bob

    Irrational fears in a business context

    I don’t have a fear of flying, I have a fear of crashing. That doesn’t keep me from getting on the plane. I have about an equal chance of dying in an airplane crash as dying by a lightning strike on the beach in Southern California. It happens, but it’s pretty rare.
  6. silent bob

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    Big Boats, I go for a hard attatchment when I can, or a Dynema diaper. For a 30’ sporty, 1” webbing is plenty to distribute the load, especially if separated like the Melges 32. Have never had a chafe issue.
  7. silent bob

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    Your local sailmaker should be able to knock a webbing loop out in short order. Three laps of tubular polyester webbing sewn up will be overkill. Dynema webbing will be over-overkill!
  8. silent bob

    Blue Performance Bags

    Looks like Fisheries Supply has them, or can get them.
  9. silent bob

    Irrational fears in a business context

    He wasn’t allowed his self prescribed cannabis “Medicine”!? The horrors! He could have died, or at least suffered some discomfort. It’s probably just a matter of time before he’s bringing his “Comfort Komodo Dragon”or “Comfort Peacock” into the office with him and hitting the bong, with a note from his mommy.
  10. silent bob

    Songs About Sailing

  11. silent bob

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    High Blood Pressure is better than No Blood Pressure!
  12. silent bob

    Flying car anarchy
  13. silent bob

    Gelcoat - what am I doing wrong?

    Had an acquaintance ring me one day, asking if I had any MEK. I asked why he needed MEK. He replied that he was doing a gel coat repair. Again, I asked why he needed MEK. It turns out that he needed MEKP. One little letter that turns it from a solvent to a catalyst.
  14. silent bob

    i use to love the place, never going back

    I got to see Vicente Fox at a Speaker Series talk a couple of years ago. He is an extremely intelligent man, but along with most of the Mexican government, he has an extreme case of denial. According to him, Mexico does not have a “drug preoblem”. Mexico will rarely extradite criminals to the US if they would face capital punishment.