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  1. silent bob

    Hank Aaron

    He was 86 years old. If you don’t want your vaccine, I know lots of people that do. Yes, there will be a few reactions to the vaccine, but so far there have been 410,000 ultimate reactions to the virus!
  2. silent bob

    phrf boats

    But equally as uncomfortable, just in different ways! I have scars from both!
  3. I saw this in the news weeks ago. Mine showed up yesterday. Received a check last time. While I get scam phone calls a lot, I don’t get much junk mail, so it was fairly easy to identify. Fortunately, being a debit card that needs to be activated with personal information, it can be replaced if lost or thrown away after a bit of bureaucracy. I think after reading about some issues transferring the money, I’m going to activate mine and immediately withdraw cash at the ATM.
  4. silent bob

    Hank Aaron
  5. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    The La Conchita Landslide. I drove down the 101 the day before this happened. Towing a boat cross country, Santa Barbara to Miami. It had been raining heavily for a couple of days. I told my co-driver about the landslide that had happened many years before, and that it was due to happen again. soon! He woke me up in the middle of Texas to tell me that the landslide occurred and that many people were missing or dead. After reaching Miami, I flew to LAX, as all the flights to Santa Barbara were booked for weeks. I finally got a bus that went from LAX to Bakersfield, across to Santa Maria, and then down to Santa Barbara. Normally a two hour drive, it took us almost nine hours.
  6. silent bob

    Random PicThread

  7. Common Sled P (Luff) = 65’ Common Sled E (Foot) = 25’ Common TP52 P (Luff) = 67’ Common TP52 E (Foot) = 24’ The Mainsail sizes between the boats are quite similar. TP52 headsails (Jibs) are a lot smaller. The TP52 main has to deal with a bit more righting moment.
  8. silent bob

    Free Pigeon Joe Now !

    It’ll taste just like chicken, if you put enough ketchup on it!
  9. silent bob

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    Young Chuckles:
  10. silent bob

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    I’ve kept a few of them going for 30 minutes each. I kept on putting Windows Punjab on mute for a few minutes at a time while my computer was “Updating and Rebooting”. The red light just keeps flashing! Oh, here’s the start up screen. Oops, it just went back to 5% installed! You work for Windows, don’t you know how to fix it? They get really upset after spending all that time on me to get a bogus credit card number! I have to find something that’s really insulting to them!
  11. silent bob

    The death penalty

    Right after saying that he "Would follow through with the people's wishes" during his campaign for Governor of California, Gavin Newsom announced that he (as Governor) would have nothing to do with executing people in California. So, we have 700+ convicted MURDERERS that now stand a chance of being out on the street, someday. Some Bleeding Heart Liberal Judge will grant them releases over some technicality. I'll repeat it again, there is no "Life, Without Parole" Some might say there is, but until they're dead, there's a chance!
  12. silent bob

    The death penalty

    Yes, he did! I commend him for his later efforts to reduce gang violence, but that did not excuse his actions! He ruthlessly killed four innocent victims. They were just going about their business, and Tookie MURDERED them.
  13. silent bob

    What's in your arsenal??

    The grip looks a little small for my taste. A lightweight .357 Magnum is going to have a lot of recoil. If this is for concealed carry/self defense, it might be okay. If its for plinking, look for a larger framed gun. My Ruger SP-101 grip left my pinky finger hanging. A new Hogue grip fixed this, and makes the gun a lot nicer to shoot!
  14. silent bob

    The death penalty

    Please don't move here, then! Don't even visit! I wont feel offended!
  15. silent bob

    The death penalty

    There is no such thing as "Life, Without Parole". After the Death Penalty was struck down in 1972, Charlie Manson was resentenced to Life in Prison, and was eligible to apply for Parole after serving seven years! How would you have liked to be his neighbor, if he had been released? There are some very evil humans in this world. Yes, many of them are mentally ill. That doesn't excuse their actions when they maim and kill. Lisa Montgomery's case is sad. She had a terrible life. But, she took the time and effort to plan her crime. Premeditated Murder of a young mother to be, leaving her family to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.