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  1. silent bob

    Young Blood Transfusion
  2. silent bob

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    Got a 20 mile extension cord to reach from San Pedro to Avalon?
  3. silent bob

    More Teachers Behaving Badly
  4. silent bob

    ME109 "jet" (thanks CNN) found in Denmark
  5. silent bob

    super dave dts

    I thought he died when he was on top of the truck, playing the piano, as it slammed into the bridge. Sail On, Super Dave.
  6. silent bob

    Is it selfish for California not to drill

    Jerry Brown’s plan to stop Global Warming: 1. Outlaw plastic straws. 2. Build Choo Choo Train to nowhere.
  7. silent bob

    22 Poles are looking for a boat in Sydney.

    Twelve Poles attacked a German. He shouted “Nein! Nein!” So, three of them left!
  8. silent bob

    Remembrance of Things Past

  9. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    Putting Green?!
  10. silent bob


    My cousin Lamar says gold spray paint is the best!
  11. silent bob


    The New Toyota Poor Runner
  12. silent bob

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    Me, too. But sometimes can’t. You can export charts out of iNavX to PDF, and print. Just difficult to get resolution and size from that. In 2000, I made it from Hawaii to SoCal on a Garmin Etrex and a paper dinner placemat as a chart.
  13. silent bob

    Urgent help about new membrane jib

    Yes, you can recut it! It will not affect it performance or longevity wise. The sailmaker will just hollow out the leech between battens. Did this quite often on the Farr 40’s.