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  1. Junk eMail

    On gmail, I’d get a small handful a month. All of it going into the junk mail file. Only have had ever had a few get through into my regular mailbox. Now I’m getting dozens a day, but only into the junk file. I did find one good email that got put into the junk file. As for if it still works, I’d say if they get one out of 100,000 they are ahead.
  2. charles manson-dts

  3. Charles Manson almost DTS

    DEAD! http://www.tmz.com/2017/11/19/charles-manson-dead-at-83/
  4. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    When Monica asked Bill if he wanted a blow job, he said “sure, but what’s in it for me?”
  5. Trump: I Should Have Left UCLA Players in Jail.

    Who wants to wager that one of the Ballers ends up full Todd Marinovich?!
  6. Stop eating beef?

    I don’t know why the lumbersexuals were flirting with the dykes, they’re not going to swallow!
  7. Missing Argentinian Sub

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1941_(film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombardment_of_Ellwood
  8. Stop eating beef?

    And why the fuck were all the vegans wearing LEATHER?
  9. Missing Argentinian Sub

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-42041978 Just “Lost Comms”? Break down? Mutiny? Looking for MH370 and the Flyin Hawaiian?
  10. Stop eating beef?

    It was a family dinner that I couldn’t get out of. The veggie was visiting from out of town, another is starting chemo and starting a health regimen. If this gathering happens again, I may need to come visit you to take care of a “business emergency”!
  11. Stop eating beef?

    Just went to http://www.sageveganbistro.com/ for a family dinner. Over half the people there looked malnourished. Especially most of the lumbersexuals that drove up in Priuses. If you’re going to grow a beard like that, learn to change a tire. It was 68° out, you would have thought is was snowing out by the way they were dressed. You’re freezing because you’re malnourished! The other half were overweight under-dressed tattooed lesbians, who can probably change a tire without a jack or a lug wrench. So, the food... The only thing I found tasty was the fried artichoke hearts with marinara sauce. The big guy at the table, who eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, winced when he bit into the BLTA sandwich. As for the Vegan BACON, it’s tempeh (soy). Even a vegetarian at the table only ate half her plate, and it wasn’t because she wasn’t hungry. Thank god they serve alcohol! I had to eat most of a box of Altoids on the way home to get the bad taste out of by mouth. The only reason that I survived the evening, was that my gal and I went to a brew pub shortly before. Had a plate of Pork Belly Bites and some foo-foo deviled eggs with a couple pints of beer!
  12. firefox v57 quantum

  13. The End is Nigh!

  14. Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    You can put a Farr 30 keel, rudder, and mast on it, it’s not going any faster!