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    Random PicThread

    His name is Jack...... Jack Daniels!
  2. silent bob

    Things to do in IOWA

    Why don’t men get Mad Cow Disease? Because men are pigs!
  3. silent bob

    Things to do in IOWA

    Idiots Out Walking About Individuals Out Wondering Aimlessly
  4. silent bob


    Blue Waffles?
  5. silent bob

    Damned Kids Won’t Grow Up

    Baby Momma has got to be pretty fucked up, too!
  6. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    Gotta pull a DaWoodie on dis one
  7. silent bob

    lawyer in USVI?

    99% of all lawyers give the other 1% a bad name!
  8. silent bob

    lawyer in USVI?

    Do you know why sharks don’t bite lawyers? Professional Courtesy!
  9. silent bob

    UV Protection

    Talk to your local sailmaker/canvas shop about Excellent UV, great durability, a lot lighter that Sunbrella, and a fair $ less than Sunbrella.
  10. I was going to do mine in plaid, but I couldn’t find any plaid spray paint.
  11. silent bob

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    My formula for sticker Remover, works on all types of graphics:  1 Gallon of Gasoline / 4 Litres Petrol 3 Gallons of Kerosene / 12 Litres of Parafin  Mix well.   Spread liberally around affected areas. Let soak.   Light match. Throw onto affected area. Graphics gone!
  12. silent bob

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Boris Tomashefsky, one of the great stars of the Yiddish theater, is making a great dramatic comeback late in his career. Nearing 70 years old, he decided he will do a run as King Lear, translated entirely into Yiddish. The play is a huge success and moments before the curtain is to rise for the packed house on the last night of the play's run, he drops dead of a heart attack in his dressing room. The producer, director, stage manager and theater manager don't know what to do. Do they cancel in his honor? Do they go on with an understudy? They decide that since it was to be Boris' final performance, they would make an announcement to the audience, offer refunds and start planning the memorial service. So, while the director contacts the widow to break the sad news, the theater manager steps in front of the curtain. "Ladies and Gentleman," he announces. "I'm sorry to announce that tonight's performance will not go on as planned. Minutes ago, Boris Tomashefsky, possibly the finest theatrical actor of our generation, passed away." A hushed aw sweeps over the audience, followed by concerned murmur. Then, from the middle of the theater a tiny, shriveled, ancient woman stands up, and with the loudest voice she can muster belts out, "GIVE HIM AN ENEMA!" The audience once again goes silent, no one knowing how to react. "Ma'am, maybe you did not hear me before, Boris is not incapacitated or unwell, he is dead." the theater manager choked out. Still standing, the old woman repeats, "GIVE HIM AN ENEMA!" The theater manager, not sure if she is meshugana or merely playing a sick joke looses all patience. "Look, lady, Boris has dropped dead. Of a heart attack. He is gone, and nothing will bring him back to us. Nothing is gonna help, least of all an enema." "Ah!" the lady yells, "It may not help, but it couldn't hurt!"
  13. silent bob

    Chester Bennington DTS

    It’s very coincidental that Linkin Park came on the radio as I drove through Palos Verdes, this morning.
  14. silent bob

    Keel trailing edge bevel

    Why do keels hum? Because they don’t know the words!
  15. silent bob

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Turn and Burn!
  16. silent bob

    Man Gets Penis Transplant

    His hand rejected it!
  17. silent bob

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Buffalo Gal go round the outside, round the outside!
  18. silent bob

    what is it?

    Gravity, it’s not just a therory, it’s the Law!
  19. silent bob

    2018 congressional cup

    Great having Concup Steve back on the air!
  20. silent bob

    SoCal Race M&A

  21. silent bob

    2018 congressional cup

    Watched from Belmont Pier, Wednesday. Cool and breezy? Beef brisket sandwich at the Busy Bee in San Pedro today. Urp!
  22. silent bob

    Just Another High School Shooting

    I’m watching a news report on the National School Walkout. It seems to me that most of these kids can not afford to miss any class time. I also find it interesting that they chose 4/20 for the walkout.
  23. silent bob

    annoying use of the language

  24. silent bob

    annoying use of the language

    I fucking hate when people use profanity for no fucking reason!
  25. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    If it’s not leaking oil, it ain’t got no oil! My Volkswagen is a Hybrid! It burns Gas and Oil.