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    I think he needs a wooden shampoo!
  2. silent bob

    Fire @ Lurssen

    Anti-Jewish Lightning?
  3. silent bob

    Exploding houses in Andover Mass

    This is what happened near SFO a few years ago. BIG Gas Company Fuck Up!
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    Why do you let your dogs continuously bark, especially in public? I’m at the beach, clearly marked that dogs aren’t allowed. Fucking dog in the shore break, barking it’s fucking head off! If you’re going to ignore the fucking rules, can you shut your fucking dog up? A coulpe slips over, fat couple has a couple of Scottish Terriers. Fuckers bark at anything that moves or is still. Fat Fuckers just ignore them. Can you just try to shut your fucking dogs up?! I don’t have anything against dogs, just barking dogs and their fucked up owners!
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    I Remember

  6. silent bob

    Introducing Dog to new kitten

    I was thinking of Peanut Butter. Bacon would probably make the dog eat the kitten whole!
  7. silent bob

    I Remember

    The Manhattan Beach Fire Department has a couple of beams from the World Trade Center out front. Quite the reminder.
  8. silent bob

    I Remember

    “The morning of Sept. 11, Doug Oelschlager had finished his night shift at Ladder 7 Company, and arrived at the Ladder 15 station near South Street Seaport for his day shift just as a fire truck was heading down to the World Trade Center. Suzanne Oelschlager says that she often thinks that if Doug Oelschlager was running late to work that morning, or got stuck in traffic a few minutes longer, he might not have been on that fire truck, and might have lived. All of the men but one from Ladder 15 died that day. All of the firefighters from Ladder 7 (where Doug Oelschlager worked the overnight shift the evening before) survived. Doug Oelschlager's body was never found in the debris - only the badge from his firefighter's helmet was found.” I went to elementary school with Doug. I didn’t keep in touch after that. I didn’t hear about what happened until many years after. I did find his name on the World Trade Center Memorial. We remember.
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    Wasn’t there a Santa Cruz 52 named Two Dog Gone? It’s battleflag was two dogs tits up, dead!
  10. silent bob

    Fumduck Athletes

    Can’t say that I have. The report didn't say that he was with someone else. Train Erotica?
  11. silent bob

    Fumduck Athletes

    Arrest of the weekend: How's he going to pull $100k for bail, unless he's got some Reggie Bush Money? Looks like he won't be getting a Heisman Trophy. All for a iPhone, what a fucking waste. Murder usually gets you $1million bail, so it must have been a bit more than just lifting the phone.
  12. silent bob

    Fumduck Athletes

    What the fuck was he doing under a train at 3 am?!
  13. silent bob


    All beaches in California are public. There are only a few that allow dogs. The one in front of me doesn’t allow dogs. My commute to the boat is VERY short. Parking is not an issue. Ill behaved dogs and their owners are an issue. There are many boats here with dogs, only a small handful are an issue. Why do boats at s cost a lot? So that I can’t afford ammunition!
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    Well, the fat fucks packed up and left. Doubt they got the flick, the dock master avoids confrontation at all costs. Right after they got notified about the complaint about the dogs, they come down to the boat and the dogs start barking at nothing. Mr. Fat Fuck quiets them down, and then trips his car alarm and takes over a minute to shut that off. Good Riddance!
  15. silent bob

    Christian or porn star?

  16. silent bob

    Mo Bettah Too

    Fletch roasted the original momo! Nice to hear that you got the boat SJB!
  17. silent bob


    My truck is a Hybrid.... It burns Gas and oil!
  18. silent bob

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    The J-109 is a lot easier to get out of the water than the others. Also easier to get in and out of the dink. Nice features at the islands! And the head has headroom!
  19. silent bob


    Then it’s 3Di, not SharkShit.
  20. silent bob

    Used J/109 Question

    In the market?!
  21. silent bob

    Vitamix 750 Blender

    Boothie is, in fact, alive and well!
  22. silent bob

    Aretha DTS

    99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name!
  23. silent bob

    Aretha DTS

    I heard Caitlyn Jender wanted to perform at the funeral service. He was going to sing “You make me feel like an actual woman”.
  24. silent bob

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    My doctor told me I shouldn’t work out until I get in better shape!