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  1. catsailor

    How is this not over early?

    Actually yes it is.
  2. catsailor

    Team NYYC

    First ever in-water spy shots of this Cup yacht, they’re supposed to be grainy! It’s boxier than IMOCA, almost looks like the box she came in. Definitely not as sexy as the Kiwi weapon, but fast is not always pretty.
  3. catsailor

    Team NYYC

    Look who is going yachting...
  4. catsailor

    Tokyo 2020

    Not even close.
  5. catsailor

    Tokyo 2020

    The US Team has nothing close to that level of funding.
  6. catsailor

    Scow option?

    The AC72 Rule was supposed to keep boats from foiling. There’s always a way.
  7. catsailor

    ongoing concerns

    Can’t believe no one bit on this jmo, so I’ll finish your thought... Recall the controversy over the “Plastic Fantastics” ‘glass Kiwi Cup Twelves, and Dennis Conner’s response in the press conference: * Why would you build a ‘glass boat like that unless you wanted to cheat? * Ouch. The point Conner was making? By building the yacht out of composite as opposed to aluminum, they could build the hull with lighter ends with more weight low and in the middle. He got under the Kiwi’s skin and eventually won the Cup.
  8. catsailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    BTW, Anyone notice how many brand new users are on this thread? Methinks the C420 builders have a few sock puppets....
  9. catsailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Wait, what?? You paid $15,000 for a CLUB 420??
  10. catsailor

    ongoing concerns

    If the Class/build manual require approval of a build change or process - and that change wasn’t asked for or approved prior to construction - then the Class, however flawed, made the correct decision. It sucks, but how could they have done otherwise without destroying the Class with something so public? Matt is a good guy and his company does good things for sailing without a doubt, but the Class had no choice. To the point of other manufacturers doing the same thing, or mold issues, or mast specs, or rudders - take pictures, do core samples, draw exhibits of what has changed. Then bring the evidence to the Class. If they did the right thing here, they should continue to do the right thing. If they don’t, this community on this site will kick up a bunch of dust, I’m sure of it. That’s how this one design thing works. if there is proof a boat or a series of boats is in willful noncompliance after inspection and a transparent process, pull the plaques of the boats that are in non-compliance, make the manufacturer buy back the boats, and enter into an identification process by which the manufacturer can see the boats for non-competition use with some sort of scarlet letter to ensure they don’t pop back up again. That’s after one proven issue. If it happens again - take a chainsaw to every boat in non-compliance. Every single one. I promise you if a builder knows that’s what will happen after the first strike, there won’t be a second. These are C420s. This is the last class that should become the Wild West. They are not high tech - they aren’t supposed to be - and anyone chasing a “faster” boat really needs to get a grip and step up to an i420 or a 29er or a Nacra 15 where the tech aspect of the classes are understood and we all know it and accept it. Follow the rules - build AND process. That’s how to get through this and keep this cool grassroots class on track. Got my Nomex on. Fire away.
  11. catsailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    The Class is doing a strong job on communications on the issue. This statement is clear and unambiguous with facts. Considering the politics and personalities that are inherent with this sort of thing, I’m impressed with the way the Class has operated. Glad I’m not on that Board...
  12. catsailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    This is a garden tea party. If this were an ISAF Class they would be firing up there chainsaws already.
  13. catsailor

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Imagine a corporate sponsorship guy looking at this - and not having an idea what he is looking at.
  14. catsailor

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    So bringing it back to the weight issue. If the hulls can be made 30 lbs lighter with this tech, but they measure in weight wise, then where is the “unneeded” material? Low and in middle, with stiffer structure around the CB box (based on the pic above)? If so then I sure would want one, as a boat with those characteristics could make the existing fleet obsolete. If this were an ISAF Class all hell would be breaking loose. Have been told infusion was brought up a year or two ago with the Class and the Class rejected. Anyone know if that’s true?
  15. catsailor

    49 - 420's built wrong?

    Was told this construction issue came before the Class a year or two ago, and the Class apparently said no? Hmmmmm....