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  1. Native Its an American brand and not owned by the Italian monopoly that tries to control US sales via SunGlasses Hut and Walmart and the other store fronts they own. Oakley was put out of business by them, and now the brand owned by them. Maui Jim too! Boycot those brands.. Support the American owned and produced glasses.
  2. Your story is incomplete. There are active clutches on each differential and between front and rear. These do a fantastic job locking out torque to any wheel that does not have traction. In mud, sand, snow this is a fantastic system for maximising traction and using outside wheel torque to counter understeer. However if the tires are ill suited to the terrain and they are always losing traction as there would be on a steep grade covered in rocks. This makes the clutches work full time and eventually over heat. With proper tires for that road the system would perform much better. The Fast Lane is clear that they test trucks as they come from the showroom and acknowledge that the Honda chose tires for street manners and not for rock crawling. Even so this is not what the truck is designed to do. Tacoma is better off road. Honda is better on road. I'm on road 99% of the time. Most truck owners are. One other factoid this Honda VS the rest argument fails to mention. That many configurations of the other trucks get sold that are similarly crappy off road and can't tow as much as a Ridgeline. I do not need to tow more than 5000 lbs. There are no 8% rocky grades in Florida and in all other ways the Honda, even the 1st gen Honda beats out the competition. With that argument my 7yr old Subaru still has it beat. It does Colorado trails easily, beats the Honda in mileage easily, rear seat is huge compared to the Honda, oh and yes we tow with the Subaru too. 1300lb loaded camp 4x6 trailer we do trip averages at 21mpg towing. So the honda is kinda just to look like your driving a truck but arent... LOL
  3. Three reasons #1 The Family had $$$$ tied up in Tesla #2 Numi was shuttered and had no chance of any existing companies wanting it #3 Was reported a big interest of the Family was Elon's process or methods to drive creativity and product development. Even the Family knows people view Toyota cars as bland appliances lacking unique character etc. It was reported that was a big part of the discussion during their meeting with him.
  4. I went to school with a production engineer that ran the line in Freemont ca. The frames were sourced and hauled in daily from a couple of small shops, some body work was rolled on site, beds were hauled in daily like the frames. I worked across 880 from the plant drove past toyota rigs loaded with frames and beds daily. Toyota owned the plant and had shared production line agreements with GM for a few yrs. The Toyota family not the Company struck a deal with Elon Musk he couldnt pass up usle NUMI to build cars. When that deal was struck he moved his battery plant idea to the front burner given he didnt need to build a new Auto plant. Though NUMI tooling was set up for iron body and frame assembly. Which required extensive retooling for Aluminum assembly. A bumper installer at NUMI during the last few peak yrs was pulling down about 98k a year.
  5. Swing keel thats my solution. Hull is more likely to be engineered to actually support the keel. Its fused..... That and I can raise it for a shallow harbor access. Seems like a simple solution to me. Pogos are nice.
  6. Narrower than the really wide full size rigs. Around the bay area thats a big parking deal. An over heated AT on a brand new and empty truck would suggest the Honda is no more than a lifted Accord with a bed vs trunk. Nothing worse than simply lacking cooling capability for an unloaded drive.
  7. Not really.. The AT overheated on TFL during their comparison test driving empty up a dirt road. It was first to be parked. The Canyon caught its low airdam, next and they parked it 《 easy fix. The Taco and Frontier went the whole way. The old Frontier got the most votes for one major reason fewer electronic nannies. If your AT over heats driving up a dirt road with zero load and one passenger Id say Honda missed the mark in a big way.
  8. I know two close friends run over by a water spout. One was on a 40ft charter. Lost all their dodger gear, they dumped sails just before being hit. The other friend was on a U20, they were rolled twice. Boat is still racing today everyone was ok. Scary but being prepared is key
  9. Some young gal in our area won one two yrs ago. Wife suggested she talk with me. She knew nothing about boats. So the broker the show uses offered to store it for her for $450 a month!!!! I told her she was getting dragged over the coals on dry yard fees. I was even headed to that area for a family trip and offered to drag it home for her. Then the broker offered to sell it for her, but his commission fee was stupid high basically she'd barely cover her tax bill. I think she took them to court. Basically the boat broker / yard working with the show is running a high priced scam on the winners.
  10. Skip the newport. As one designer said to me. Why look at a brand that targeted the low end of the 80's hey days. He had a good point. Olson 34 is an awesome boat great sailor. The Catalina 34 is a solid CA boat, not exciting but not a bad boat either. Large group of them do low key racing in SF Bay.
  11. Never had an issue with them. My First Interstate money was lost, the local WF bank branch manager paid my bills by hand till they found my money took 4 weeks! With our recent loss of grandpa and my wife being the trustee. I will say this.... People die..... Banks have policies in place to address this aspect of life and death. The issues we have run into is complete incompetence of a large number of banking employees that just leaves you shaking your head wondering how the fuck do they hire these people?
  12. Wow wild story. Makes me happy I skipped trucking a boat to CA from the great lakes even after looking at a couple of boats.
  13. Looks a little small for a mini. Looks narrower. Elan 21? The narrow nearly vertical rudders makes me think Elan, or 18-20ft something
  14. That ^ and if the boat was one of the many sitting dry docked in Alameda. Make sure it floats before you sign for the slip.
  15. Dijo they still do the stern tie off the rock wall and moring lines off the bottom across from the main Quey in Havar? Agreed not a place to be with weather given any anchors outs get blown out. I messed up spelling sorry. Korcula was great. Brac was very cool also. Vis was ok but a tad touristy. Ston was awesome but rarely visited due to the shifting channel and depth. But we had some of the most fun in Ston hanging with locals. Korcula is the postcard city and really cool. We spent every night tucked into little quiet ancorages two weeks we only spent one night in a ACI marina across from Havar, due to late arrival and incoming weather 4pm ish Last charter week in August. Lots of Greeks and Italians in August. We were running a brandnew piggy Beneteau 323 so we could squeeze in just about anywhere without bothering anyone.