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  1. Your story is incomplete. There are active clutches on each differential and between front and rear. These do a fantastic job locking out torque to any wheel that does not have traction. In mud, sand, snow this is a fantastic system for maximising traction and using outside wheel torque to counter understeer. However if the tires are ill suited to the terrain and they are always losing traction as there would be on a steep grade covered in rocks. This makes the clutches work full time and eventually over heat. With proper tires for that road the system would perform much better. The Fast Lane is clear that they test trucks as they come from the showroom and acknowledge that the Honda chose tires for street manners and not for rock crawling. Even so this is not what the truck is designed to do. Tacoma is better off road. Honda is better on road. I'm on road 99% of the time. Most truck owners are. One other factoid this Honda VS the rest argument fails to mention. That many configurations of the other trucks get sold that are similarly crappy off road and can't tow as much as a Ridgeline. I do not need to tow more than 5000 lbs. There are no 8% rocky grades in Florida and in all other ways the Honda, even the 1st gen Honda beats out the competition. With that argument my 7yr old Subaru still has it beat. It does Colorado trails easily, beats the Honda in mileage easily, rear seat is huge compared to the Honda, oh and yes we tow with the Subaru too. 1300lb loaded camp 4x6 trailer we do trip averages at 21mpg towing. So the honda is kinda just to look like your driving a truck but arent... LOL
  2. Three reasons #1 The Family had $$$$ tied up in Tesla #2 Numi was shuttered and had no chance of any existing companies wanting it #3 Was reported a big interest of the Family was Elon's process or methods to drive creativity and product development. Even the Family knows people view Toyota cars as bland appliances lacking unique character etc. It was reported that was a big part of the discussion during their meeting with him.
  3. I went to school with a production engineer that ran the line in Freemont ca. The frames were sourced and hauled in daily from a couple of small shops, some body work was rolled on site, beds were hauled in daily like the frames. I worked across 880 from the plant drove past toyota rigs loaded with frames and beds daily. Toyota owned the plant and had shared production line agreements with GM for a few yrs. The Toyota family not the Company struck a deal with Elon Musk he couldnt pass up usle NUMI to build cars. When that deal was struck he moved his battery plant idea to the front burner given he didnt need to build a new Auto plant. Though NUMI tooling was set up for iron body and frame assembly. Which required extensive retooling for Aluminum assembly. A bumper installer at NUMI during the last few peak yrs was pulling down about 98k a year.
  4. Narrower than the really wide full size rigs. Around the bay area thats a big parking deal. An over heated AT on a brand new and empty truck would suggest the Honda is no more than a lifted Accord with a bed vs trunk. Nothing worse than simply lacking cooling capability for an unloaded drive.
  5. Not really.. The AT overheated on TFL during their comparison test driving empty up a dirt road. It was first to be parked. The Canyon caught its low airdam, next and they parked it 《 easy fix. The Taco and Frontier went the whole way. The old Frontier got the most votes for one major reason fewer electronic nannies. If your AT over heats driving up a dirt road with zero load and one passenger Id say Honda missed the mark in a big way.
  6. U20guy2

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Kick it guys. I know its hard.. Just lost my wifes dad in March. Awesome guy, he was a big part of our daily family life. Hauling his grand kids to various activites during the week. I probably saw him 2-3 times a day minimum. He smoked for what we think was about 30yrs. He "stopped" when my wife was about 2 or three according to family. Long story short, he always had poor lung capacity. 2nd week of march he suffered a blood clot in his leg primarily due to being dehydrated, it moved and hit his lung. It wiped out what little lung capacity he had left. Even though the docs got him hydrated and the blood clot stuff under control he simply had no capacity to absorb oxygen. Fucking horrible way to go!! There isnt a day that goes by that we dont think about him. Anyway cleaning up his place settling the estate, I found reciepts from a liquor/smoke shop $150 -$200 a month dated 06-08 for smokes!! Right before he passed he said "I've been so stupid" we were baffled by that comment. Till we found the recipts for the cigarets. All I can say is dont smoke that shit, and you cant hide it from your own body. He was 74yrs old, was living a great life having a good time with his family and friends. He went way too damn early!! The new ct scans show your healthy lung tissue. If you smoke get scanned and look at the scan. That will be enough to scare the shit out of you. After seeing his scan we knew there was no recovery even if all other systems were back in track.
  7. U20guy2

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    HI Bulb,I first went to Structures looking at a 30, so I spent a fair bit of time on looking into the 30. I like them, the feedback of the twin rudders is excellent, handles like a dinghy. It is more tender than the 12.50 in the first 10 degrees of heel, but when it digs the chine in it's rock solid. Speed is excellent, fuller bow section keeps the nose dry'ish. This is Jean Remy's boat Bleizig 2 which we spent half the day punting about. You can steer it with the sheets easily, planes easily, and speed was no problem. Annoying things: the mainsheet catching on the tiller extensions when you're gybing, that's most likely practice... I didn't spend any time with the 10.50 unfortunately, it was end of life so to speak when I was getting near the ordering cycle. Thx nice to hear your thoughts. The 12.5 on the west coast will be interesting. I know you'll have lots of fun.
  8. U20guy2

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Nice Ride Shaggy! You ever get a chance to see the 10.5 or the 30? Curious what your impressions were?
  9. I am very curious to learn if Hot Rod had any insurance on the Flyin' Hawaiian.When he had it for sale, didn't he value it at $250,000 or so? It's in this thread somewhere. I am very VERY curious. No way. Insurers would require a survey, there'd be so many red flags on a survey of the Hawaiian. Pretty sure no surveyor would be willing to step on board unless it was sitting in dry dock.
  10. Never caught the news report but yesterday morning 740 AM news in the Bay Area they made an interesting comment. Went something like this. "We have looked into the story of the interesting characters rescued off the coast of CA and will be doing an indepth report on the story" Perhaps someone over there is a sailor and did some digging and is going to have an interesting news report regarding the HR saga? I recall several folks suggesting that the USCG require a rescue deposit paid and held till they exited US waters to cover rescue costs.. We all knew what would happen..
  11. Its news tonight. Flyn barge has sunk. USCG picked up the family after getting a call. The plywood dun gone soft she's A leaking Mom!!
  12. U20guy2

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    That's clever - look how he overcomes the problem of forward progress by dragging the motor. I hate boats that scoot around over 2 knots Hes making at least 3knots given the OB is clearly running. LOL
  13. U20guy2

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    There is a difference between micro cruising a small boat in interesting places vs just being silly and seeing how big of a body of water you can get across without getting smacked.
  14. U20guy2

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    That is a pretty restrictive rule. Pretty much eliminates ballasted boats. After all, it was meant to discriminate in favor of canoes and against the common run of sailboats. Great thread. My knowledge of microcruisers is far from encyclopedic. I came across the Bolger Micro when researching designs to build in 1990. I'd never heard of a microcruiser before that, so Bolger's Micro will always be the quintessential example of the type for me. I ended up building a Bolger Jinni (which was originally designed by Bolger for Jim Michalak, one of the first boats he built I believe) which has about the same length as a Micro but a much larger cockpit for passengers, and was meant to be pulled onto the beach for camp-cruising. I don't consider it a microcruiser, so I'm on the side that says microcruisers don't have to be beach launchable. My own bias out of this experience is that a microcruiser should ideally be built by the person doing the cruising. It's an extension of the 'I'm all alone in this big world' ethos that seems to underly the microcruising concept. Said another way, I thought my simple Bolger boat was beautiful, but a large part of that was because I built it. Like all mothers thinks their kids are beautiful. I don't know that I'd be too excited about sailing a Bolger Micro that I didn't build myself. Seems to miss half the point, although people looking to buy one regularly turn up on the bolger yahoo group. Paradox is like a Micro on steroids. Neat boat, but I sure wouldn't want to build it, as pointed out earlier. Of course, I swore to never build another boat again so that's not saying much. If you have time to build and sail thats great!! Many people have very little free time and what time they do have typically would like to spend it sailing vs building. Nothing wrong with that also. If we had more people see and hear that doing fun adventures on small boats is OK and possible sailing and just about any other boating type would be a bigger part of our society. Vs the standard view of boating being only a rich persons thing.
  15. U20guy2

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Nothing wrong with that! We had a U20 for years took it all sorts of cool places. Did some mini cruising on it had a good time. We have the typical 28ft heavy big family RV on the water and to be honest we have not has as much fun with it as we did the small boat. The U20 was too basic for the cruising idea but something in that size range thats more cruisy would be very fun. I really like this one- the right combo of interior cruisy bits, right weight for easy hauling, center board for easy shallow water work, water ballast to help get things more stable if the weather goes to hell. And best of all its actually designed to sit on its bottom when the tide goes out so less concern about messing it up if we end up grounded some place. I like the little Baycruiser 20 too. The Bayraider Expedition is interesting but would be rough with two kids and trying to stay warm on a cold rainy or foggy morning at anchor.