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  1. I am the father of agirl in her mid 20's that recieved a number of concussions when younger. The problems she has now because of those concussions is involved in her every day life. If i could put a helmet on her for those years that she competed without one I would gladly do so. For those who think it is somewhat of a joke, picture yourself in a hospital while your child is hooked up to IV's because they cant stop the pain in her head. Concussions are additive. Meaning just because there has been no seeming effect from a hit in the head while young, doesnt mean you have gotten away from damage. It could all come back to haunt you when your child is older and gets another concussion by way of a car accident as an example. Then all of those little bangs in the head that you think teaches a lesson become the seeds for major problems. If you dont want your kid to sail with a helmet...fine. But stop shaming those people that do , with these stupid excuses.
  2. ROTFLMAO!! Trump couldn't do "subtle", if he had a Doctoral Degree in it!! He just wanted to play Golf
  3. J120...Had 16 boats on the line for nationals in Detroit. There will be a bunch of them for Bermuda. If you are a little more ascetic in your cruising demands...J111.
  4. To someone who is familiar with the area: How far out was the boat to the pier at the beginning of the video? I see the channel Marker at the beginning but not when the boat approaches the pier. Wondering how much time he had.
  5. The problem the Republicans have is that they vilified Obamacare to such an extent, that there is no way they can come up with a plan that gives better Insurance at Lower cost and doesn't have an individual mandate. The got caught because they thought Clinton would win and they would never have to make good on their promises which they knew were impossible to achieve. After 7 years of saying they would have a better plan this is what they presented? Anybody can lower cost by presenting Insurance plans that do not insure you from anything. That is not what they promised
  6. Please....taxpayers are supposed to accept that explanation? That the reason their premiums and deductibles are going up is because they are not subsidizing the insurance companies. That's a special kind of stupid. Those are the facts Dog, the risk corridor was created because no one knew what the final level of premium cost would be so they created a risk corridor system to reimburse insurance companies until that level could be attained . Congress threw a wrench into the works by stopping those payments and have watched while Obamacare slowly died in red states because that is where the poorest people with the worst health are and is also why premiums went up in other states to make up the difference. Riiight ....The taxpayers would be happier with Obamacare if they were paying to subsidize the insurance companies? The same Risk corridor was used by the Republicans in the Medicare part D plan. They didn't seem to have a problem with it then.
  7. Neither. What is obvious is that the so-called President is a brazen liar and just spews bullshit. That may be - I'd like to understand what Pres Trump heard or thought he heard that made him make such claims. I think that someone hadda tell him SOMETHING, this simply wasn't a topic on the radar. You're right. A right wing talk show host mentioned it and then Breitbart picked up the story. That was the SOMETHING. The so-called President is such a fucking moron that he just reads Breitbart and takes it as fact. To be fair, President Trump frequently prefaces his comments by saying things like "Many people tell me...." and "People are saying...." That gives him lots of wiggle room and the Faithful just nod their heads, obediently. He didnt do that here. It was a declarative accusation.
  8. Spicer now says they never apologized.
  9. The 90 days are almost over. It seems to me if Trump needed 90 days to come up with some way to vet people coming in, he should be 2/3rds of the way there by now. Gives him just enough time for a third try to get knocked down again
  10. Spicer when confronted about depending on a report from Sean Hannity replied that the questioner was cherry picking, didn't the questioner also hear that the Spicer quoted the Times as well? This is interesting on two levels. First, Spicer seems to be saying that Hannity is not a respected source (no shit). And secondly that the (Fake , Failing etc) Times is held up as a more legitimate news source
  11. I remember those. They weren't actually health insurance plans, they were "healthcare plans." The idea behind those was that you would present your card and the doctor or pharmacist would then presumably use the negotiated insurance rate to charge you instead of the "whatever the fuck I want to charge you" rate. There was no actual insurance benefit beyond the cost savings plan. And that was decent, but it didn't actually work. I had one of those for a minute when I got laid off and I couldn't afford my COBRA, but the doctor still used the "whatever that fuck I want" rate for our daughter. They were smart enough to know that without the insurance company twisting their arm to a specific rate, they were fairly unregulated with those ridiculous plans. That's part of the adorable history before Obamacare that we forget. It wasn't just the insurance companies acting like a gaggle of raging assholes with their individual plans, but the doctors were often just as bad. They would often charge exorbitant non-insurance rates to their uninsured patients, knowing that most of them couldn't pay anyway, so they got to write it off as a loss against their taxes, and of course destroy the credit of any poor soul unfortunate enough to wander into their office. Yes, there are some genuinely caring physicians, but there are also some conceited ones who convinced themselves that their ability to heal entitled them to $700k/year revenue streams, if not for that damned insurance companies telling them what to charge. We often forget in this country, that the single largest cause of accidental death are the doctors and nurses who screw up on the job. They get to bury their mistakes and since so many of them genuinely save lives, we don't tend to notice the ones who take lives in error. http://www.hospitalsafetygrade.org/newsroom/display/hospitalerrors-thirdleading-causeofdeathinus-improvementstooslow You overstate this issue. Most physicians make nowhere near $700K/year. Average income for a family practitioner is somewhere around $220k after 20 years of practice. It might sound like a lot but the average family practitioner puts in about 60 hour/week. Not to mention the 10-12 years of education after high school, and not really starting to earn money until your 30's. It definitely pays to be a doctor that uses a scalpel. But still most dont earn anywhere near $700k/year. And truthfully if you are in it for the money, you wont last long and you certainly will not be good at it.
  12. Trumps tax rate without the AMT would be 3%. That is his plan for tax reform. Will it not be wonderful when people who earn 100's of millions can get away with paying 3%?
  13. So the Trump white house and Republicans are shooting down the CBO report, trying to tell anyone that will listen that the non-partisan office run by a republican picked by the Republicans is wildly overstating how many people will lose insurance under this plan. Meanwhile The OMB, an office of the white house with Trumps own appointed manager comes up with an even worse number. Gos this wpould be entertaining if it wasnt so damn important. "A White House analysis of the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare shows even steeper coverage losses than the projections by the Congressional Budget Office, according to a document viewed by POLITICO on Monday. The preliminary analysis from the Office of Management and Budget forecast that 26 million people would lose coverage over the next decade, versus the 24 million CBO estimates."
  14. Thats what the report is all about. The 24 million is the difference between letting Ocare keep going or changing to Trumpcare. Your assertion that Ocare is "insolvent " belies your ignorance about things other than Breitbart talking points. Ocare could be fixed and made better. Trump and the Republicans choose to do other
  15. And its the Trump voters who will take it in the shorts. "Most affected by the Republican health plan would be parts of Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska, Tennessee and Oklahoma, where Obamacare insurance subsidies have been crucial in making high-priced insurance affordable. All five states went for Trump. Also hit hard would be parts of key swing states that backed Trump, including Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan."