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  1. Pics from Sable point lighthouse take at noon Eastern time. Sorry for size they are cell phone pics I'll tesize them later I am restricted from file size.
  2. ericmmosher

    Bacon Anarchy

    OK bacon lovers. the university I work at has a "meat lab" yes it is a cool as it sounds. anyway, here is an email we got today. the cleff notes for those who dont wat to read the whole thing "Come and touch the meat labs bacon!" Volunteers Needed! Needed: Volunteers to participate in a consumer panel to evaluate bacon!! We need 100 people over 18 years of age. All samples will be handled only, no consuming of any products will be required. All ingredients will be made known prior to handling this product. This study will take a total of about 30 minutes during one session. You will be compensated with a certificate for one pound of free bacon for completion of the session. To enroll in this study, please contact Kim XXXXXXX (XXX-XXXX or The study will be held on two different days, March 4th and 5th, between the hours of 9am until 4pm. If you want to participate in the study please include in your email your name, email address, and days and times you will be available
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    Can we get an American Translation?
  4. ericmmosher

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    So I tried to figure out what was so bad about the original post, and could figure it out. So this goes to prove what we already knew. fame and money don't make ya smart. Mix in a little (or big) EGO and you get this result. Congrats to Janer, nicely done. We all have been misunderstood on a web site before, but this one takes the cake, innocent comment to news paper articles. Wow I now have actually seen it all. and in the end all Dr. Laura has done is given you (janer) more street credit than Any amount of money can buy. Rock on, sister, rock on! On a side note, my wife graduated From Westmont College in 1988. you may now return to your lives.