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  1. atoyot

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Snagglpiratese.... a fine dialect to see, if not firmly confusing.
  2. atoyot

    The Falling Man

    You've chosen to ignore content by random. Options
  3. atoyot

    The Falling Man

  4. atoyot

    The Falling Man

    A bit ironic, considering Saudis were well represented in perpetrating the attacks [not that it was known immediately].
  5. atoyot

    currently on censored internet and need help

    ^ It's definitely worth the few monthly bucks for cell tethering, to get by the state nannywall that blocks numerous benign sites as well as some vendor sources (and other travel uses).
  6. atoyot

    rant: driving fuckery

    Dang..... Put this on your POV for a chuckle -
  7. atoyot

    rant: driving fuckery

    Not a Photoshop (and maybe off topic) but funny, real-world irony that people have to have it 'splained....
  8. atoyot

    rant: driving fuckery

    What a concept.
  9. atoyot

    rant: driving fuckery

  10. atoyot


    True. Maybe he could use the bottle-cap opener on those t(y)res & make more room? Provisioning properly is a cornerstone of hurricane preparedness, after all.
  11. atoyot

    Something I haven't done in 30 years......

    I was gonna suggest, "Ball a 23-year-old".* Now, Ed, you stay outta this *As in, "Name something YOU haven't done in 30 years."
  12. atoyot

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Oh, the let-downs of taking a 4th grade grandkid to Open House or "Parent" Night. Impure thoughts.... Teachers ought to have more sense to wear yoga pants to school.
  13. atoyot

    Young Punk vs Old Man

    What was the guy with his belt line down around his knees - 25? 28? Theres a reason why the other guy lived to see age 29, then 65+, and I'm wagering it's some luck but mainly a whole lot of wiser life choices. That's just conjecture, of course. The bottom line is that these somewhat older guys have seen jackasses like that for a LONG time and can tell 'em a mile away, when the latter thinks they're the only game in town. Fuck that.
  14. atoyot


    It would appear more as if the "automobile" serves as a wedge for the all-GLASS French doors. It would be safer inside of the 'fridge.