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  1. Now that you mention it - and special tags aside - it would seem that those most often parking in a fire lane right outside the stores in strip malls, seem to be people who could use the few extra yards of exercise that it takes to cross the lane from the vast sea of open spaces....
  2. I think you forgot to direct that at the gal in the OP. Quote marks, anything, you know. Just my US$ .02 and of course I'd go with that suggestion. Just... DAyimm... ______________ Len makes a great point, and silly me, I'd prefer everyone gave the benefit of the doubt first - and politely addressed the crux of the matter (alleged dog ass near her table) if need be. Like the handicap placard - sure, we know a fraction of the popupation probably takes advantage though the human cost of ridiculing the wrong persons makes it so not worth the risk of challenging peoples' hidden health problems.
  3. Sorry, Mike. The whole shit fight aside, there isn't a thread here. This thread is about the unnecessary hysterics, the absence of respect for another person or even ones' self, and the diminishing level of basic civility around us; that it involves an animal the designation of which has you questioning the validity of its license to be there, is a far, distant second in consideration. We look forward to your upcoming thread where we can debate the difference between service animals and "comfort animals". Had the woman found a frog in her chowder, I wouldn't expect to see that level of animation and foul language in a place of public accommodation.
  4. Sorry. Should have considered the source. Or souse... Will take penalty drink.
  5. I'm "white", a natural-born citizen of the USA, and have practiced gun ownership at one point or another, yet, I've never shot an Australian or anybody else. That may seem odd, though, the overall theme of this thread is that we each get to make a decision whether or not to be civil to one another. "Black" [sic] people get gunned down or victimized more often by other "black" persons than by any other, if crime stats and news are to be believed. This person was simply rude, race aside. That said, I find it very disagreeable that she, a member of an historically oppressed class in the U.S., should call for "segregation of those with disabilities from those without" as if to suggest that people should be predisposed subjects of judgement based upon how they were born. If the roles had been reversed - white bitch hollering at a black man and advocating for "segregation of those born black from those not", this would be more than mainly a YouTube video gone viral. Given the history of race relations in this country and a desire among many of us to better those relationships, I'd say she's received a modicum of protection due to nobody wanting to offend - if you must keep race a part of it.
  6. My theoretical hat is off to the restaurant onlookers at this incident for restraining themselves when there's a perfectly good shipping channel nearby, in which this trash would never be found before eaten by hordes of 3-eyed crabs that glow in the mirky dark of the river. I don't mean to idolize veterans in the patronizing way that some pour it all on, though I do have respect for former servicepersons and for those among you who are such. That goes for all people as well, though.... except for the few out there who demand "respect" and yet,have none for themselves. http://popularmilitary.com/woman-goes-ballistic-veterans-service-dog-restaurant/ --------------- Controversy abounds as a woman berates a veteran and his service dog at a restaurant, cursing and shoving her way into internet infamy. In under three minutes, a woman absolutely destroyed whatever good reputation she had as she went into angry hysterics, getting in the faces of both the handler and the dog, citing the well-behaved working animal’s presence as she called the animal dirty and called for segregation of those with disabilities from those without. “It’s nasty to me,” the woman screamed, aggressively waving her hands in the faces of employees and bystanders alike. “There should be a separate section for a f***ing animal!” Despite several people attempting to step in and intervene, it was the veteran who discouraged them from stepping into the woman’s line of fire as she attempted to get into a physical altercation. “What are you gonna do?!” the woman pressed aggressively towards another woman attempting to defend the veteran. “Nothing! So shut the hell up!” When told she could leave, she referred to one of the patrons as a “whore” and began waving her hands in the camera holder’s face. Finally, the woman’s male partner -who is presumably the biggest victim in this scenario- finally manages to get her to move towards the door before a Jerry Springer brawl broke out. “Record me!” she shrieked. “I don’t care. Like I said, it’s disgusting to have an animal inside of a public restaurant.” “GET HER OUT,” a rotund man, presumably the manager or a friend of the veteran, finally says. “GET HER OUT, NOW!” “Don’t do it,” the veteran pleaded, holding the man back. “Don’t do it.” “This is beneath us,” the cameraman said, agreeing with the veteran. Finally, the woman leaves, presumably demanding footage of the incident while out of the camera’s earshot. “We have it on tape, you can request it, bi**h,” one woman said as she slammed the door and locked it. The service dog, which resembled a Great Dane and had the name “JP” on the vest that identified him as a PTSD dog, exhibited excellent behavior during the incident and did not become aggressive, despite being screamed at by the hysterical woman that was so offended by him.... ------------------------ I wonder what circumstance would have to have been different, for the other patrons to help toss her ass out of the door?
  7. The one with the hole in the business end? I guess that would mean any & all.
  8. Damn, you guys are rude - can't give the little tyke even a sliver of help? Here you go, "er111a". Study this. Every page of it, and take notes. It'll help you clarify what a young man in your position should be looking for; how you get there is your business but the end game is an important driver in this quest.
  9. ...for they all so longed for it, this one-eyed trouser-snake.* * even some of the male staffers, nttawwt.
  10. Certainly some good ideas, there, IMO. One more consideration is a Remington 870 youth model. The 20-gauge barrel is still relatively short, uses interchangeable chokes (so one can go fulĺ-bore for slugs if one wants to do so), has maybe 2.5" less stock length to get in the way yet can be shouldered just fine, and loads 4 + 1 rounds nicely. I've read that #4 game loads are effective at close range, with reduced risk to those only two layers of drywall away from the action; anyone close enough to do harm is almost certainly going to have his religion changed just fine with any load.
  11. I have read what you wrote and cannot dispute that skinny copper wire weighs less than fat copper wire, lengths and insulation being equal. I don't care if you cut the wire gauge for all lighting devices or the entire harness in half. In terms of fuel use, I'd save as much by reducing the weight of my wire harness as I would from vacuuming the season's beach sand out of the car and removing the reserve of water bottles under my back seat. My statement is not that weight reduction, as a whole, has no effect; rather, the point is that some things are not significant enough (if at all) on any measureable scale to make it worth worrying about in the real world. Especially if fretting over such petty losses might cost the owner or the public at large in other ways - such as visibility.