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  1. atoyot

    She's the breast pianist I've ever seen!

    It's a wonder that she can see the keys. She may have to do it all by, um...... feel.
  2. atoyot

    Darwin strikes again

    Dudes should have gone to Massachusetts, D.C., Chicago, Maryland, or elsewhere that self-defence is frowned upon. Tennessee? Um, no.
  3. atoyot

    Groundhog Day

    ^ OK, who hacked Snagg's's account?
  4. atoyot

    The front fell off

    So, that's what "Oh, FUCK!!" sounds like in Ukrainian.
  5. atoyot

    Bernie Memes Whatcha Got

    A variation upon a theme. .
  6. "Below Me" - was almost the name of my first boat since college years, as a counter to my wife's reaction to me acquiring the vessel.
  7. atoyot

    Friday Advent Calendar

  8. atoyot

    Nashville Bombing

    Well, the top's not bashed in from failure to pay attention to "low-clearance" signs, so it's not from around here. ....and no oval, "LSD" sticker...
  9. atoyot

    Nashville Bombing

    This must be part of that "War on Christmas" we hear about so often.
  10. atoyot

    Bird Strike

    Good recovery ^ on that one. wow.
  11. atoyot

    T-11 Spinal fracture

    I may want to speak to you, if you're in good with a team of neurosurgeons you like. I like the one I have, but a few procedures along and two cases of PICC-line infection-fighting later, symptoms are creeping in again and I may want to explore options. I'm about 45 minutes from Penn, Jeff, etc. This is me, 1 year ago after the lower one was put in, Sept 2019. Then, in Feb. this year, the C3-C6 brackets were removed due to it becoming a staff farm. Bone knitting was displaced by the goo they took out and is hopefully catching up. Shooting nerve pain, spike headaches, and loss of strength is picking up lately to the point I'm not sure I will keep my small boat if this represents the future. If it's appropriate to ask for information, that is. Be well. Mrleft8 - There is nothing like back spasms and vertebrae pain. I feel for you and hope you are offered successful options.
  12. atoyot

    Friday Tension Gauges

    Dunno. It looks slack on the pointers and a bit loose in the clamp. In prior service, it likely did well enough but now should be kept oiled and kept for sentimental value.