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  1. atoyot

    License To Swill

    Drunk, with a gun. Perfect.
  2. atoyot

    Favorite Movie or TV Scenes

    Another from The Big Boob Theory -
  3. atoyot

    Challenge -

    Dressing is overrated. I hope that stain comes out of the tablecloth.
  4. atoyot

    Ancestry DNA

    See: "....without a blade at their throats."
  5. atoyot

    Ancestry DNA

    Interestingly, the chiefly Welsh/English on mine had a good mix from Scandinavia and today's northern Germany - from which I'm led to understand much of the island was origionally populated anyway. So whether the non-island parts are ancient or "recent", the mix is roughly consistent with verbal family lore about Welsh/English/German/Dutch origins. The wide swath of blood from the northern Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, maybe western Spain) was a mystery until it dawned upon me: the Roman occupation. People impressed into Rome's service from that region would have gone wherever they were shoved, of course, whereas raping and pillaging has consequences. Heck, maybe a few soldiers stayed for long enough to regularly saddle a breeding-wench or two without a blade at their throats.
  6. atoyot

    "National Cleavage Day"

    So, they're not admitting fine art to the art museum......their loss.
  7. atoyot

    Fraiday Nitte TV

    No doubt. On the other hand, someone just posted a thread title with "Friday" in it, without the customary content. I'm sure it was on oversight.
  8. Len, this has to be a terrible time in your family's life, and yet, there's a light in the darkness and you are raising it. Thank you for turning around a personal hardship into a path of hope for others. Both your immediate and extended families are fantastic people and you are blessed to have them at your side Peace always, Ted
  9. atoyot

    Beat this.

    This is what happens when a generation grows up on texting and on social media (though, to be fair, some really good ones have come off across newsprint well before the Age of Illiteracy began ). The Pratt Tribune in Pratt, Kansas suffered a humiliating typo in the print edition of their October 28 newspaper. Someone took a photograph of the small-town newspaper and shared it on Twitter where it quickly went viral. A short fluff piece written by Gale Rose was missing an important hyphen in the headline. The error was corrected in the newspaper’s digital version of the article, but the physical copies were a total loss. While the headline writer learned a “first-hand” lesson in editing, everyone else had a great laugh. Some of the comments they show will be hard to beat. But go ahead....
  10. atoyot

    The Original Help Desk

    "You can't arrange them by 'penis'"! Perfect.
  11. atoyot

    trainee nun turns to porn after 8 years

    I'm sure she's still taking donations (charitable or otherwise....).
  12. atoyot

    Marina destroyed - Rapello Italy

    I see several fronts that fell off.
  13. atoyot

    Three Sheets to the Wind

    One old myth about this had to do with the capacity of a standard, everyday cement truck.
  14. atoyot

    Serial Diaper Dumper?? That's a First