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  1. atoyot

    "National Cleavage Day"

    "Are we dining in, tonight?"
  2. atoyot

    "National Cleavage Day"

  3. As an original native Virginian, I was taught thusly: The confusion comes from the type of miscommunication and mistaken identity that accompanies the pre-electronic age (among other factors). It so happened that when Generals Grant and Lee met at the McClain house in Appomattox, Lee had been informed that these were to be talks regarding Northern capitulation (in fact, he was certain that was the meeting's purpose) while Grant was ready for a prolonged debate. As Grant had arrived somewhat earlier and stood anxiously in parlour door, he was most gracious (for a Yankee, after all) and welcomed Lee into the room & spying intently upon the latter's dress sword. Now, the details escape memory though it came to pass that Grant said something which caused Lee to hand him his sword. Lee went to take his seat at the small parlor table and await his adversary's arrival. Imagine Lee's surprise when the kind, bearded, blue-suited butler sat down with him and began setting terms for SOUTHERN surrender! You see, it happenes that Lee honestly though the kind, respectful felllow in the suit was simply going to polish his sword for him as he waited; being a polite gentleman from the Old Dominion, he dared not seem rude or impolite by asking for his damned sword back - and so, Lee took the dignified route and allowed Grant to carry forth as if he had won. The rest is history.
  4. atoyot


    It's a direct reference to something the overly-animated fellow playing to the camera says.... the mental image is bad enough.
  5. atoyot


    I was "WTF" at "wife's boyfriend". If he's OK with that part, what's the surprise about a push-me-pull-you dildo holding their asses together?
  6. atoyot

    Gene Wilder DTS

    Now, that's a cold latte.
  7. At least he had someone else wrote the copy... odaye-ssilboat
  8. atoyot

    cooking a tough business

    Cooking a tough business? Marinade for half a day or better, cook rare. Maybe one of those stupid, wooden hammers with the tiny pyramids on the head face first. If one is dining alone, try just cooking the books.
  9. atoyot

    Storm(y) is Coming to Town

    "Bend over, I'll drive..."
  10. atoyot

    Dad Writes Lazy Daughters Resume

    "Will satisfy your most demanding needs in exchange for promotional opportunities".
  11. atoyot

    Storm(y) is Coming to Town

    But - those headlights....
  12. atoyot

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Maybe a picture of some Polish chicks will summon him -
  13. atoyot

    WiFi Extenders

    What is your speed at the cable modem at the time that you're getting 100mbps off the mesh satellite?
  14. atoyot

    sometmes you wish you were in a meeting...

    The view outward from Madonna's cervix?