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  1. Equally relevant question, if one simply can't resist politicizing it before the bodies achieve room temperature.
  2. atoyot

    Sceince and Truth vs Politics

    Well, yes, it will heal itself in much the same way we heal from amoebic dysentery. Once the virus known as "humans" drowns in its own feces or nukes itself out of existence for the last drop of potable water or petroleum, or both, the planet itself will indeed get along just fine in the same sense with which the moon and Mars get along just fine. Whatever life forms can survive the heightened bombardment of UV and the greater mean temperatures worldwide will keep going long after the kind of life we know is long gone. I suspect those remaining forms will be chiefly kudzu, earthworms, and cockroaches, although feral cats seem to do pretty well for themselves as well.
  3. atoyot

    brazilian foil carnival

    ^ .....and here I was, imagining something entirely different would be shown under the heading that includes "Brazilian"....
  4. atoyot

    For the Firefighters

    Post to EweToob and then linky?
  5. atoyot

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Lettuce see some more like this.......
  6. atoyot

    Really dumb question

    VWAP who? * See also, "Ignore List".
  7. Every moment he willingly remains among the living, he has acquiesced to the unsolicited situation. Based upon that, IMO, he loses legal and moral ground with every breath. The guy could do the world a favor and self-reverse the unwanted situation.
  8. atoyot

    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    It looks like the camera-holder likes her cute little thighs. Good taste.
  9. atoyot

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Wowie... the top one, you keep coming back to (and we are grateful). The other - really cute, though I'd hope i don't have to keep her in watches like that. There's absolutely nothing un-nice about that hip/waste curve, thigh daylight, tits, lips, eyes, tits, ass angle, or boobs. Almost girl-next-door with makeup.
  10. atoyot

    Goodbye little cat

    Sorry to hear of this, Mel. I, too, showed more emotion after "my" last cat passed 14 years ago than I did when my dad passed (5 years this month). Maybe part of it is that we expect people to know what's going on, why they're in hospital with tubes and needles in them, and to some limited extent [via living wills, advance directives] they often have had some say-so in the matter. All that big, sweet dummy Ivan knew is that he wanted to go back home. They trust us. When his time came, I scooped him up so fast that my spouse scarcely had time to ssy anything. That was a mistake. Well, off i went to the vet. After the word came down with only bad options, he crawled back into his carrier on a bench while the vet went for the cocktail. I sat on the floor next to him, talking and rubbing his fuzzy head trying to find a reason to take him home for just one more day of two. No, a decision had to be made and we (i) had to let go. Once his heart stopped and his eyes told us he was gone, the vet (early 30's, female) asked me if I wanted time alone with him; she wept a little after I told her that I'd said what I needed to say to him when he was alive. Maybe shock held me back, or a self-preserving sense of duty to end his situation. A few weeks later, alone in the field at work, I just lost it. The last kitty lost kidney function the evening before we were to leave for an annual family vacation. The prognosis was poor - we could extend her life 6-12 months tops with sub-q saline injections and other acute care but the first few days would be critical. After about 6 years, we still lament the anniversary each mid-july when we "killed" our cat in order to keep vacation plans. Yes, we probably would have done the same thing even if we had all the time in the world but that's not how it was at that time. Please, Mel, know in your heart that there was no good choice and that, flippant as it may sound, your cat as a natural creature in the wild would have suffered, starved, or been torn apart and eaten by other animals if afflicted with that condition. Your duty to care for your baby was mercifully fulfilled, when you kept him from hurting or suffering needlessly. That's a hard and terrible thing to actually DO, though, and we sign up for it again and again... well, most do, not us since then. I hope you will have a kitty again, knowing you'll have a beautiful life with an interesting creature with a new personality and all new stories to tell.
  11. atoyot

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Yes, though my point was that a good chunk (not necessarily "89%" but the point remains) of the US public has lousy to mediocre health care, and that in my opinion the public should be as well covered as those who write and pass bills that spend my other [non-health care] money & are in a position to create nationalized health care. A simplification and expansion of Medicare would probably cost the consumer less in tax burden than the average health plan does, and anybody who needs medical treatment will receive it. We cover the public's need for air traffic control, highways, confirmation of measurement accuracy, and police and fire protection the same way and even provide free security protection to a major industry for cheap energy from around the world - so ts not as if we don't have the means to handle the logistics.
  12. atoyot

    Boxed Set of Watches

    You missed that joke in high school? The one that ends with, "Well, if I can find the keys to my truck, we can drive out of here!"
  13. atoyot

    Gilette wants to make men not be men

    Literally or metaphorically?
  14. atoyot

    Boxed Set of Watches

    ....and if he can find the keys to his truck, ....