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  1. Slick470

    iPod Rebuild Question

    I've replaced the screen and the battery in a 1st gen ipod nano, which looks similar in construction to the classic. Lots of tutorials and replacement parts online like that ifixit link. Lots on YouTube too. Getting them open just takes patience and a gentle touch in the right places. Once they are open, if you've done any electronics repairs before, you should be fine. Get the little plastic wedge/prybar tools that are sold for this to keep from damaging the ipod. I always get a new set each time because they get a bit mangled in the process. Good luck.
  2. Slick470

    Catalina 27

    We have one of these Tiller Clutch guys on our tiller steered boat. Easy to engage/disengage, infinite and simple adjustment to balance the rudder to the sailing angle. Having used some of the other methods like that tiller extension pocket, I like this better.
  3. Slick470

    Apollo 8

    but then there is the problem of no engines at the front to slow down with... and trying to turn it around 180 would probably be ill advised.
  4. Slick470

    Apollo 8

    Only if you didn't want to actually stop at the cottage.
  5. Slick470

    Need a new vehicle

    Same here, it seems like all of my clients want a deliverable for Christmas that they won't end up looking at for 2 weeks. Still probably better than working over Christmas. Enjoy the new to you car.
  6. Slick470

    onboard coffee??

    DDW, I drink my coffee black. I prefer simple and adding milk into the mix just adds complexity.
  7. Slick470

    onboard coffee??

    I've been trying to figure this out for a while myself. Being the only coffee drinker in our house, I only care about one good cup of coffee in the morning (good enough for me, not Moonie). I have a stove top percolator but it makes too much for just me. I have tried an Areo Press and it does make a good cup of coffee, but I agree it has a lot of parts. Then I came across a kick starter for a "no mess French press" and ordered one during the early backer phase. They ended up meeting their $20k backer goal by a couple million, so it sounds like there is a market for this sort of home coffee gadget. It's insulated stainless steel and it comes in a 1/2 liter and a 1 liter so I ordered the 1/2 liter. Being a kickstarter, it took a really long time to actually get the thing but I'm happy with the end result. It has a removable thermometer to get the water temp in the right range and an hour glass that sticks to the side with a magnet to help time the brew, all in a neat little package. Is it no mess, god no, but it might be a bit better than a standard french press. They had all sorts of early production issues that delayed the initial shipments, but while they were sorting all that out they designed a few different versions, so there is a ceramic and a plastic version and all sorts of accessories now as well. One of my favorite cups of coffee is camping in the winter and making coffee with a percolator over the fire. My dad has an old one in his camping kit that would make some slightly chewy coffee, but I always remember that coffee as being amazing. It was probably Folgers too.
  8. Slick470

    Random PicThread

    Pretty sure that is from a B-17.
  9. Slick470

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Sailing Texas is a great alternative for buying and selling boats. Our current boat was listed there and here on the SA Classifieds. I found it on Sailing Texas first. They are also a great resource for boat shopping because they save all of their old ads so you can search through the pictures, prices, equipment, etc.
  10. Slick470

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    I hear you. I debated replacing my cabin top winches once I realized that one of them was bent, and then they wouldn't have matched the primaries, but the pricing from Winchspares was pretty good so went that route. They were very quick in getting back to me as well and were able to get me exactly what I needed. I'm glad there are companies like them that support the older but still serviceable products. You could always fix what you have for now, and keep an eye out for a good deal on new ones and then sell the old in working condition. Also keep in mind that new winches means new holes in the deck. A lot to be said for not having to fill old holes and drill new ones. Not a huge deal as long as you have access, but it's another small headache.
  11. Slick470

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    Have you tried contacting these guys for replacement parts for your Lewmars? they had all the spare parts that i needed to rebuild my early 90's vintage self tailers.
  12. Slick470

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    In the linked article it says that all officers on board are questioned after a collision regardless of involvement. So, it could just be procedural.
  13. Slick470

    Production MORC boats

    Gotcha, It was really just a screwy ad that didn't make much sense to me in either the write-up or the pictures. Not surprised the link is dead given the age though. In hindsight, my guess is who ever wrote the add was missing some information and was light on pictures, so padded the listing with stuff from another 911 ad, but didn't realize that there were several iterations of the boat. Probably a common strategy, if a bit misleading, but really stood out to me since I have one of the Ericson hulls and have spent some time pouring over pictures of the various builds and can usually pick out the differences. As I noted above, a bit OCD on my part.
  14. Slick470

    Production MORC boats

    Hobot, the Westerly built boats were Capo 30s. The Olson 911 name came along when Pacific started building them, along with a number of design changes.
  15. Slick470


    Weren't those pork rectums supposed to be "imitation" calamari? I vaguely remember a This American Life about it.