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  1. May also check with Gatekeeper. He knows transmissions stuffs.
  2. Opinions on basic/cheap wind instruments ?

    If you are looking to build a system in the future. It seems to be cheaper to just buy one of the sail packs from Raymarine or B&G than trying to piecemeal it over time. Right now Defender has the Raymarine i70 wind/speed/depth package for about $1200 on sale. If you time it right, you can sometimes get a rebate for a second display. The packs typically come with pretty much everything you need to install the systems on your average boat and the NMEA 2000 displays will show data from all of the devices on the bus, so you only "need" one display for a basic system.
  3. Mirage 24, anbody know these little boats?

    It was designed by the C&C people and looks a lot like the C&C 25 that my slip neighbor has. He sails the heck out of that little boat.
  4. Forum upgrade??

    Unread content is under the "Activity" button at the top left. No, I don't like it either, but nobody cares.
  5. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It can be even worse. My boat is an Olson that was built by Ericson. Olson, Olsen, Ohlson, Ohlsen.... I'm sure there are more. I'm aware that It's a pet peeve that I'll have to live with.
  6. Venting 26' boat

    I added a nicro solar vent to the stern of our 30 footer a couple years ago and it has made huge difference. I know I should have another for a 30 footer, I just haven't figured out where to put one at the bow that won't be in the way. That said, the results with just the one were pretty impressive.
  7. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It drives me nuts when someone who owns an Ericson can't spell it correctly.
  8. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    O25, I just dug a bit deeper and I guess I was mistaken that they were much different. The drawings on SailboatData make them look different, but pictures on YW don't show much difference. Per a PS review; Aside from adding a sailaway package, which includes North sails, Harken furling gear and lazy jacks, and Autohelm ST 50 instruments, the Piper offers a revised interior layout and a new shoal draft keel. The Piper also carries slightly less ballast with the same hull and rig; otherwise, the two versions are the same. I remember seeing a T31 Piper at a marina across from a boat I used to race and remember how nice they looked.
  9. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Angled bulkheads aside, if you are looking at T31's, I personally think the T31 Piper is a much better looking boat, a touch newer too.
  10. Addressing topside paint issue

    IIRC the C&C MKIIIs with the blue stripes were built for a special purpose. I'd check on the C&C owners website, or PM Sculpin, his has the same blue stripe. Personally, I kind of like it.
  11. Help!....Time for new batteries

    Sloop, I agree 100% and if Costco was more convenient for me I would just buy them there. For me Napa was more convenient and the batteries were both re-labeled East Penn Deka series. Ultimately, I ended up getting a great deal on some UPS AGMs so went that route this time. Next time I'll probably just get the Costco or Napa ones.
  12. Help!....Time for new batteries

    When I was looking a couple years ago, Costco wasn't that much less for the same re-labeled batteries than I could buy at Napa. I'd have to order and pick up later at Napa, but even that was more convenient since Napa is a mile down the road and Costco is a lot further away, and tends to be a cluster anytime that isn't a week day mid morning or mid afternoon. YMMV
  13. I've lost my balls

    speaking of uncaged balls and it looks like Bruce has his problem resolved... I have an older (vintage 1990) Forespar line towable spinnaker pole ring car on my mast. It has what seem to be a metric shitload of little white disintegrating balls in it. Forespar has no information on this product on their website, and an email to their support people has so far not generated a response. If anyone has one of these things and knows what material, size, and quantity of these balls, I'd love to have that info so I can replace them with new. Worst case I take the car off and try to find one of the balls that isn't completely destroyed. Either Ericson or Forespar was nice and gave me the bottom 8 inches or so of the track as a separate piece to act as a loader, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
  14. And might slap at anchor too. Especially if the bow is down any.
  15. Show your boat sailing thread

    Finally got our boat out over the 4th weekend. 4 adults and 5 kids on a 30 footer. Crowded but fun. Most are hiding below in this picture but we're sailing.