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  1. Slick470

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    In the linked article it says that all officers on board are questioned after a collision regardless of involvement. So, it could just be procedural.
  2. Slick470

    Production MORC boats

    Gotcha, It was really just a screwy ad that didn't make much sense to me in either the write-up or the pictures. Not surprised the link is dead given the age though. In hindsight, my guess is who ever wrote the add was missing some information and was light on pictures, so padded the listing with stuff from another 911 ad, but didn't realize that there were several iterations of the boat. Probably a common strategy, if a bit misleading, but really stood out to me since I have one of the Ericson hulls and have spent some time pouring over pictures of the various builds and can usually pick out the differences. As I noted above, a bit OCD on my part.
  3. Slick470

    Production MORC boats

    Hobot, the Westerly built boats were Capo 30s. The Olson 911 name came along when Pacific started building them, along with a number of design changes.
  4. Slick470


    Weren't those pork rectums supposed to be "imitation" calamari? I vaguely remember a This American Life about it.
  5. Slick470

    Coolboats to admire

    Bob, maybe the owner wanted it that way.
  6. I would have posted a link, but was replying on my phone. I was curious about how the service plans worked and if one was actually necessary and read the 3G bit while trying to figure out how it all worked. Without digging into the FAQ, the "how it works" part of the site is a bit vague. Product seems like a pretty good solution for someone who lives a ways from their boat.
  7. In their FAQ, it mentions 3G cellular.
  8. Slick470

    Blue Sea fire

    We have this conversation with building owners now and then while they are doing system upgrades in older buildings. They say, "why should I replace it, it's worked fine for 30 years" Worked fine in that they don't get any nuisance circuit breaker tripping. We usually get them to upgrade to newer equipment after having a conversation with their maintenance people about reliability of these older breakers and their ability to source replacement breakers or other "consumable" components. For some of this stuff you can get new breakers made by reputable companies that are still in business that will fit in the frame, but for some it's almost impossible to get those parts new and can be very difficult to get re-manufactured versions.. and the pricing is prohibitive. I've been involved in a lot of FPE switchboard and panelboard replacements over the years, but there are a lot of them still lurking out there in the bowels of older buildings.
  9. My understanding is that the Ray AP can see the instrument data on the NMEA 2000 network and you can set way points on the B&G MFD and then set the Ray AP (through the Ray AP control head) to steer to that way point, but otherwise, you cannot control it the Ray AP through the B&G MFD, you either need an Ray MFD or AP control head for full AP control. Maybe B&G will figure out a way to do that and push it down through future updates. Also keep in mind that you currently need a MFD from a given manufacturer to update that manufacturers network components. B&G can do any of the Navico brand stuff, and Ray needs Ray to update. Found that out the hard way when I added a Ray AP to my otherwise B&G/Lowrance system and needed to buy a Ray MFD to get the AP to actually work properly.
  10. Slick470

    Connection diagram of the navigation system?

    Would something like Maretron's software work for you? I came across it a few years ago when researching bits and pieces for our boat, but never got around to playing with it. YMMV.
  11. Slick470

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    Has anyone tried the spray on waterproofing that Gill recommends and sells to refresh their stuff?
  12. Slick470

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That Ranger 37 makes me very sad. When I was first shopping for boats, I kept an eye out for one in decent shape. I really love the look of those boats.
  13. Slick470

    Should Carbon Monoxide Alarms Be Mandatory?

    I've been woken up by a CO detector, and my dog going nuts because the detector was going off, while staying the night at a relative's house. It turns out that the furnace had crapped out. My wife and I might not be here today if it weren't for that detector. So I'm a bit biased. For the boat, my old insurance company required that I install a CO detector when we first signed up with them. I'm ok with that. Although it will occasionally go off if I'm cleaning something inside the boat using a harsh chemical. I put them in the house too. I'm also an electrical engineer that designs electrical and life safety systems. The codes that I deal with require smoke detectors in each sleeping area, and on each level of a residence. They also require CO detectors where there are fuel burning appliances. They are required on the level of the appliance as well as the level above and below. Occasionally there are new code requirements that come up that seem like the industry trying to make money, others are built around trying to prevent people from dying in unfortunate ways.
  14. Slick470

    Boat Hook Terror

    Pinched the bit of skin between my thumb and index finger while collapsing our boat hook once. Don't remember the damage done at the time, but years later I still have a bit of hard scar tissue in the spot, so it must have been serious. They are dangerous and should be outlawed, right after offset companionways.
  15. Slick470

    Searching For The Right Boat

    Nah, you should believe him... sailing with CL is all about having a wonderful time on a beautiful boat with other great (and patient) crew. Suffering the owner and his "bad personality" is the admission price. Ask anyone, they'll agree with me, promise.