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  1. Slick470

    Fall Cruising on the Chesapeake

    Yeah, can I come too?
  2. Slick470

    yanmar rebuild?

    no personal experience, but saved this link in case I ever feel like trying to rebuild my 2GM20F. I think the guy who did it posts here, but I saved it off several years ago and couldn't tell you the screen name. What reasons for not rebuilding? I would assume with a shop manual and parts from a dealer, it should all be relatively easy. Shop manuals are available online too.
  3. Slick470

    Old Sails

    @Left Shift I race on OPB's relatively often, which is why ours doesn't get raced, but the current plan is to try and do the occasional fun race or shorthanded race over the next few seasons. Nothing too serious. Boat came with 12 sails and most were in decent shape. So, we've been slowly wearing out the older sails in a mostly light wind venue, which is taking a while. I have 3 other #1's to sail through, but tend to fly the #3 when day sailing unless it's super light. Boat also came with a dacron main that was built around the same time as the Kevlar one and it is still in very good to excellent shape. Sails have been bricked pretty loosely, but will still have some creases where they are flaked/folded. I'd prefer to roll them and store them that way, but that doesn't work for the storage space I have available. Not a terrible problem to have, but I'd prefer to enjoy these sails rather than have them age out in my basement. On the other hand, I don't want to waste good race sails goofing around.
  4. Slick470

    Old Sails

    My oldest sail is a 1990 vintage spinnaker that came with the boat. Still nice for day sails. Ugly as sin though. I think who ever had it built was a Dolphin's fan. Pink, white, and teal. Big question I have is about one of the mainsails and a 155% #1 that came with the boat. Basically brand new Kevlar laminates that the PO had barely used, if at all. (I think he said that he had only hoisted the main once to check fit but never sailed with it, #1 has been used a few times) They have been stored at a pretty much constant temp and humidity since I've owned the boat and when I un-brick them to inspect them, the material "looks" like it might have just come off the roll. Boat came with a pile of older but in decent shape sails that are just fine for the day sailing/family cruising we are currently using the boat for. I've been "saving" the better sails for racing. Is this a mistake? Main was built in 2010 or so, #1 was 2008? So, how long will they last stored? and how long will they last if I start using them? Reading some of the comments above, it makes me think they will self destruct almost immediately, but my guess it isn't that drastic so what 50% of like new life? 80%? I get that it depends on material, who made them and how they are used, but what is a good estimate? Is there something I could do to help with their longevity until I get into racing our boat?
  5. Slick470


    Well crap, that one just went down too. From his FB page it has this note: Note: "This is a reporter camera and may be interrupted".
  6. Slick470


    Updated feed.
  7. Slick470

    Random PicThread

    Childhood friend had one of those soccer balls on a tether where the other end was on a spike that you drove into the ground. He kicked it really hard and the spike came loose, slingshot past the ball, rebounded back, and then got him in the forehead. Other than a perfectly round scar that he probably still has, he was really lucky.
  8. Slick470

    F-22 Will Rise from the ashes ... or so it seems Decent discussion on the concept. Seems pretty far from a done deal, but if approved it could help the US jump start the F-22 production line to increase the number of available jets while getting Japan to offset a lot of the development costs.
  9. Slick470

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    There is one of those in my marina. Seems to go out pretty often. Odd looking for sure.
  10. Slick470

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    Diablo is an Andrews 28 and sails out of HYC. IIRC, they have been active in the CHESSS class and have done Down the Bay the last few years.
  11. Slick470

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Congratulations Bob. As others have said, thank you for giving us a peek behind the curtain on some very interesting projects.
  12. Slick470

    What's your boat beer?

    Love IPAs but in hot weather I like something lighter. Came across this watermelon wheat a while back. Nice and refreshing. It's rare that I find a beer with fruit flavoring that I actually like.
  13. Boston Globe article mentions alcohol use.
  14. Is that one of those Swim-EX swim/spa things? If so, that company is owned by the Pearson family.
  15. Slick470

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Most are tiller boats and with the cockpit layout the few wheels that I've seen are pretty tiny. At least going from wheel to tiller should be easier than tiller to wheel. Not enough pics of that part of the boat to see how they did it. Boat does look to be in good condition from the pictures.