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  1. Have no Mercy

    This article quotes an Air Force General who notes that if these ships are retired, then the Air Force will need a larger tanker force to support medically evacuating wounded by air. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/19339/have-mercy-the-us-navy-now-wants-to-retire-one-of-its-two-hospital-ships
  2. Lewmar 30 st single speed. REPAIR

    Might also be worth emailing these guys to see what they think. http://winchspares.com/ they were helpful in getting spares for Lewmars that are a bit newer than yours.
  3. Favorite Larson Cartoons

    As a child of the 80's, I was literally growing up with Calvin and probably tried a few too many of his stunts. They always seemed to work out better for him though. My dad has a collection of various comic strips in book form that I loved reading over and over as a kid when I should have been sleeping. The ones that pop to mind are B.C., Wizard of ID, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey. Good stuff.
  4. Favorite Larson Cartoons

    One of the first purchases I made once I had a full time job and some disposable income was to buy a set of the hard covered Complete Far Side collection and the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection. I wasn't that into comic books as a kid, but I did love reading the comic strips in the paper. Those two, along with Bloom County were probably my favorites.
  5. Likewise. Thanks again Rockhead.
  6. F18 Crash off Key West

    An interesting website for those interested in ejection seats with some articles written by some who have ridden one. http://www.ejectionsite.com/ For some reason it won't let me direct link to the articles, but if you follow the links to "Aircrew Stories" and then "Field Carrier Landing Practice" a surviving pilot talks about an ejection that didn't go so well for the other pilot.
  7. F18 Crash off Key West

    With the description of the incident from one of the articles, it's possible the aircraft wasn't oriented with the cockpit up when they ejected. Ejecting into the water at that altitude would be bad.
  8. Totally lost...

    Here is another good thread on production MORC boats. Probably a few good suggestions buried in there... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/172605-production-morc-boats/
  9. Totally lost...

    Some production MORC 30's examples would be the Santana 30/30, S2 9.1, Olson 911. These are a bit more common than the Andrews 30 or NM 30s. Olson 911s typically go for more than your stated price range, but could be worth the added investment if you decide you really like one or find a deal. All I listed are more racer than cruiser, but have heads, a functional galley and spots for 6 ish people to lay down as long as some of them like each other. They are more spartan than a boat built more for cruising in mind and generally fall short in storage lockers and tankage. Although I have seen some that have had a lot of cruising options added, so it's worth keeping an eye out.
  10. Captain Ron DVD

    Just remember that the version you last watched on TNT or whatever probably was edited quite a bit for TV. There is a lot more language and some nudity in the DVD version. Movies like these that I remember watching when I was younger really don't seem to be as kid friendly as I remember them, but then I probably only ever saw the TV edits. My 6 year old daughter loves the original Ghostbusters, but I cringe at the language and all of the innuendo when she is watching it sometimes. Maybe kids these days are more sheltered than we were, but I also don't want to be known as "that" parent who lets their kids watch inappropriate movies. It's really too late for that, but we don't let her watch Ghostbusters when her friends are over.
  11. Which way the wind blows

    I had one of these on my last dinghy http://www.apsltd.com/black-max-wind-indicator.html It came with the boat and it worked pretty good. I'd probably get another one if I bought another dinghy.
  12. Captain Ron DVD

    So, I bit. I looked on Amazon and saw that the OP was correct. So I bought Captain Ron, along with a handful of other old movies that were $3.99 that are never on any of the streaming services. Summer Rental, What About Bob, Weekend at Bernie's, and even though it cost a bit more, and I probably should have owned it already, Wind. I should have my Amazon account privileges taken away. I'm a bad boy.
  13. Mesh Lifeline netting

    We have only day sailed with our kids but when our daughter was little we would set up a pack n play in the cabin and tie it off so it wouldn't go anywhere and she would nap in that. Our son who is now 2 and a half would never sleep in one. Now that they are both a bit older, we're going to build some lee cloths and give that a try.
  14. Mesh Lifeline netting

    When our daughter was younger we kept her in her tethered to a hard point in the cockpit. Now with the netting, we let them go up to the bow with mom while I sail the boat. I do feel a lot better about the kids being on the boat with the netting vs without. We also had our kids plus three of their cousins on board last summer and that day alone made me glad I went through the effort to put the stuff on. A few additional lessons learned. If your lifelines are suspect or on the list to be replaced, do that before you put on the netting. You don't want to do it twice. If you have spring lines that attach to the boat somewhere inside the lifelines, you'll want to think of a new arrangement. I ended up buying a set of the cs johnson toerail folding cleats. If you race your boat even casually with crew, the netting basically makes it impossible to hike out. Buy a big bag of zip ties. They are indispensable for adjusting and attaching the netting in places that tying it on with cordage is difficult. Expect to replace the ties each season or so since they will break down due to UV exposure. An electric hot knife will make your life so much better. See the video I posted above for how Sailrite uses it. Making little button ends by melting the cord to keep it from backing itself back through a lashing actually seems to work. If a section looks like shit, spend the time to go back and adjust it. Try to get the little diamond pattern in the netting as consistent as you can or it looks funny. Completely secure the last section of netting before you start on the next or you will be fighting yourself. I generally did stanchion to stanchion. Gates suck, but if you think the plan through before you start laying out the netting, it can save you some headaches. Good luck.