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  1. And might slap at anchor too. Especially if the bow is down any.
  2. Finally got our boat out over the 4th weekend. 4 adults and 5 kids on a 30 footer. Crowded but fun. Most are hiding below in this picture but we're sailing.
  3. You didn't bleed that much... I agree, the night watches were amazing. Especially the skies. I haven't seen that many stars or that good of a view of the milky way since I was a kid in the boy scouts sitting on top of a mountain in Colorado or New Mexico. Good times.
  4. routers are great tools, but please be very careful, especially with a table as they are probably one of the more dangerous shop tools out there. Especially if you like your fingers. Small cuts a little bit at a time with sharp bits. Feed or push in the direction of the arrow on the base plate. You can get by without the table but it does make things much easier to do what you are trying to do. Get or make push blocks for table usage especially with smaller pieces like your foot tread.
  5. I use a couple of those massive blue Ikea bags to haul stuff to and from the boat. You can put a lot of crap in them and they last forever. Cheap yes, practical yes.
  6. Lex, I did a bulk upgrade on the boat's electronics over the past few years as part of a re-fit. I still need to install the new B&G wind instrument and fish the cable. I also need to get the Chartplotter, instruments, VHF with AIS, and AP all calibrated and set up the way I want. Since they all talk to each other I need to find all of the little check boxes to get them to get data from the right place as the defaults aren't always where I want. Most also have updates that need to be applied. Of course I bought a Raymarine AP and B&G/Navico everything else so I can't update the AP without a Ray MFD. Hope it's good enough out of the box, but even there RM has supposedly added some functionality and other improvements that I can't take advantage of without applying the updates. I printed out all of the setup and users guides for the various components and they have filled a 2" binder. Might take more than a quiet afternoon to get them all set up. I should note though, that I like doing this sort of thing. So as long as I have the time to sit down and figure it out, it won't be that bad. Getting that time is the challenge. I heard from a friend who bought the Vulcan 7 that the built in charts are only so-so as well, so I bought the Navionics Regions chart for the Mid-Atlantic. From what I've looked at it so far, it looks pretty good on the Vulcan.
  7. My family of 5 had a Mac 22 for years when I was a kid. It would sleep 5 as long as the two in the v berth and the salon table berth liked each other. I would assume the 25 would be more comfortable. On nice nights, I'd sleep in the cockpit. We bought a porta potti for ours, but I don't know if we ever used it for the lake sailing that we did. The boat was simple to rig and tow. I rigged it once all by myself with some careful prep and planning, but much better (and safer) to do it with at least two people. I hauled it to college with me behind my old V6 S10 and sailed it at a local lake. After I moved east, my parents sold it to one buddy of mine who sold it to another buddy of mine. It is now sailed by my buddy on the Ozarks and his family of 4. They are simple, inexpensive boats that can last a long time if taken care of.
  8. I upgraded from a Martec to a Gori folder a couple years ago. I had all sorts of issues with the Martec, but they weren't necessarily caused by the design of the Martec. The biggest issue for us was the Martec was a 12 inch prop and the boat should have at least a 15 inch prop on it. I told the Martec guys at a boat show what boat I have and the prop size and they looked at me crosswise and said that isn't right. Anyway, performance of the Gori is night and day different in boat speed in both forward and reverse. I'll give most of that to the prop size. That said, in reverse, the Martec was painful to back up with and it had very bad prop walk. I sucked it up and figured it out and dealt with it for several years, but it was an art more than a science, but I couldn't get my wife to even try to back the boat into the slip. The first time I backed up with the Gori, I lined everything up like I did previously with the Martec and was shocked to find that the boat has almost no prop walk in reverse anymore. I still do the same old tricks of high revs to get way on and then reduce once you have steerage, but I don't slide sideways 10 feet before the boat starts moving anymore. So that is nice. I also like the idea of the gearing keeping the blades doing the same thing. I had a few times with the Martec where one blade would open and the other wouldn't and it made a lot of noise and vibration.
  9. On the wiring. I was able to get the display unit to work again with the cut wires, by just making sure the crimps were nice and solid. The wires are tiny, so that was a bit of a challenge, but patience finally won out. Ours was cut when the rigger who took our boat apart before it was delivered to us decided that was the best way to get that system apart instead of taking the connector off and fishing 8 feet or so of cable through a pretty accessible headliner. I've never taken apart any of the boxes, but they have been in nice dry areas of the boat and seem to be in ok shape with no visible corrosion. Our fluxgate is located on the starboard side about 2' off centerline under the nav desk. Probably not ideal either, but other than the previous not so great securing method, it doesn't seem to be too bad of a spot. I now have a combination of old and new systems on the boat, but having the Sailcomp on the mast in plain view of everybody and having the lift/header indicator is nice so I'll keep it running as long as I can. Or at least until I can afford mast displays from somebody else.
  10. No experience on getting one repaired, but I've learned that with the one I have that they don't like the wires cut and if they are, you have to be pretty careful in the splices or you will get errors. Also learned that if your heading randomly changes or you keep getting errors (not otherwise related to wiring), you may want to make sure that the compass is securely fastened to something other than a piece of plywood sitting in your bilge not otherwise fastened to something else. Just saying... Also learned, that a lot of cleaning products will take the lettering off of the old remote buttons, and that a lot of cleaning products will cause the black to come off of the remote plastic and smear all over everything else in the vicinity. All said though. When it works right and you resolve all the wiring and location issues for the compass, its a pretty neat bit of gear that does pretty much what is expected of it.
  11. And I thank you again so very much for having me along. After years of coastal/Bay stuff this was my first offshore passage and I couldn't have asked for a better boat than Sparky to be indoctrinated on. She is a beautiful boat that is very, very well taken care of. I also couldn't have asked for a better skipper and crew to be part of.
  12. Just plugged in a new Vulcan 5 last week. LOTS of stuff in there. Going to need a quiet afternoon with the manual just to figure out all of the features and get it setup the way I want it. Lots of available options that I won't use that need to get switched off or hidden. I did find the screen where you toggle the beeping, so to the OP, at least that is easy enough to find. Also need to calibrate it with the Tritons I installed a couple years back. Needed to take out some of the offsets programmed into the Tritons to get the depth to display correctly between the Vulcan and Tritons, but that wasn't too hard to muddle through. Now to figure out why my boat speed through the water is so different than SOG.
  13. Replying in a bit more detail now that I'm not on my phone. From an article on the Triton 2 The Triton2 is clearer, slimmer at just 8mm thin, and even easier to use – all while retaining our award-winning B&G sailing-specific features. I think the functionality between the two is similar if not the same. B&G seems to be pretty good at adding features to the display products through updates. For instance I think they pushed down some of the racing features from the Zeus to the Vulcan series plotters that weren't available at launch. Looking at the two displays, I would think that the button layout on the T2 is a bit more intuitive, but I've been able to use the T1's just fine both on our boat and the boat I race on. The rectangular format of the T2 looks more in line with the rest of the product line where the T1's have a more rounded look. The screens are bright and are easily readable in both day and night mode. Again, for how your friend is using their boat, I think the T1 package is a great deal, and is probably light years ahead of whatever they have on the boat now.
  14. I have the Triton 1 sail pack with 2 displays. Best I can tell the Triton 2 is a small update to the displays with slightly different styling. For the intended use, I think the Triton 1 will meet your friends needs, plus it looks like a better deal.
  15. Nicely produced videos. Thanks for sharing.