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  1. Slick470

    Things to do in IOWA

    Bill Bryson has a few good books about growing up in and around Iowa that are pretty good reads.
  2. Slick470

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    Apparently it has Phasers too.
  3. Slick470

    Spinnaker Pole- Bridle or No Bridle

    I would go with a bridle, because that is what I'm used to when doing end to end. Bridle-less would be a bit cleaner, but I don't know if the bridles are that much more of a pain. Out of curiosity, what's the pricing for each option?
  4. Slick470

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    Ajax, I remember that race. I was pretty frazzled by the time we had finished and somewhat annoyed at that particular crew. She was obviously very refreshed in comparison to those of us who stayed up all night. As we had turned up the river, I remember calling out specific tasks from the helm that I would normally just multitask to other members of the crew because I could only process one thing at a time. I must have gotten snippy at her at some point once we were on shore and she mentioned that she was upset that she missed so much of the race and said something about her meds making her sleepy. Apparently she really wanted to stay up all night and "experience" the race. I felt a bit bad about it after that. Oh well.
  5. Slick470

    S&S 36... thoughts

    Do you mean the S&S designed SHE 36? I saw one on the hard once. I thought it was a nice looking boat. Someone had painted it a funny color though.
  6. Slick470

    AutoCad fatal error Anarchy

    Look into the Longbow converter utility. It might work to get older versions to install and it is inexpensive. Support was excellent, even though they couldn't get it to work in our case. They really tried hard.
  7. Slick470

    AutoCad fatal error Anarchy

    Jim, Autodesk does not support AutoCAD 2010 on Windows 10. If I recall, they only support 14 and newer. We tried to get 2011 to work using a 3rd party conversion utility and kept having stability issues. That vendor finally came down to there is something to do with our specific laptop specs that was causing a conflict with AutoCAD. The newer versions of Windows use a higher NET framework than the older versions of AutoCAD were designed with and this causes issues. There are also lots of issues with 32 vs 64 bit architecture and lots of issues with various video cards, screen resolutions, and switchable graphics settings. We also found issues with some of the software that the laptop MFG installed. Keep in mind, that Windows 7 was just released when AutoCAD 2010 came out so you can imagine that there would be some wrinkles with Win 10. I haven't come across your specific error, but my guess is that your Windows 10 did an update that "broke" your AutoCAD. You may try rolling back the last few updates to see if that clears it. Good luck. We ended up biting the bullet and installing AutoCAD 2018 on our production machines.
  8. Slick470

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    The majority of the time spent on a blister job is waiting for the hull to be dry enough. Believe me, I know. You're there now. Strip the bottom, repair any dry areas, barrier coat, bottom paint, and don't worry about the bottom until it needs more paint.
  9. Slick470

    A public service annnouncement

    Glad you're still with us Bull.
  10. Slick470

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Sounds like you are having sailor abuse withdrawal. So, the roughnecks aren't mean enough to you? Do they say horrible things to you like "Yes Sir"? I remember calling you "sir" once. You gave me a look like I had just shit in your cheerios or kicked your puppy. Won't make that mistake again, Dickweed. er, sorry, Capt'n Dickweed.
  11. Slick470

    Oday 240 gooseneck pin

    if you figure out what you need, you should be able to buy larger size pins like that from McMaster Carr. For example:
  12. Slick470

    Floor Question

    take a look at the whale super sub line of pumps. Our Olson has a very shallow bilge as well and a few owners have gone to this series pump to help with exactly what you are describing. I bought one to give it a go, but haven't installed it yet. Good luck.
  13. Slick470

    Popcorn anarchy

    not all microwave popcorn is created equal. I particularly like the trails end stuff the Boy Scouts sell. Although they made the bags slightly smaller this last round. A lot of the stuff they sell at the store is just ok. Had some spectacular fails at the office, one where someone made this black lump of coal that took a week or so and throwing the microwave away to eradicate the smell. Otherwise, we grew up with stovetop in a pot, air poppers, and the half dome yellow thing that spins the kernals in butter or oil over a heating element until it pops up and has a cup at the top to melt the butter as it cooks and the occasional microwave bag. My parents got me a Franklins stovetop popper for my birthday last year. They sell pre-portioned bags of kernals, seasoning, and coconut oil that are just as easy to use as microwave popping. I buy a competitor's pre-made bags that skip the seasoning and are a lot cheaper and then season it myself. win-win.
  14. Slick470

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    Ajax, I think you need to combine your two (three?) threads and see where that puts you. We bought our Olson in 2010, I haven't started a thread about it, but I'm still surprised how much is still left on the to-do list. Of course as priorities change, so does the list.
  15. Slick470

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    There's an idea loser, I'd show up for that party. 10 years, damn.