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  1. Martec 2 Blade Folder Replacement...

    Replaced our old Martec with a Gori 2- blade folder a couple years ago. I've been very happy with the performance in forward and reverse. Hard to compare them one for one as the Martec wasn't sized properly for our boat.
  2. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Ajax. I used epifanes wood finish gloss to build coats, without needing to sand between them and then used epifanes rubbed effect varnish to top it off. The rubbed effect product needs sanding between coats. See this video for a nice explanation on how to do the rolling and tipping for varnish. I ended up buying a really expensive brush to do the last few coats of tipping with, but had such good luck with the foam brush I was using that the fancy brush is still in the packaging. Biggest issues for me was maintaining an even temperature in my shop. If I wasn't careful with it, I ended up having some curtains in my last few coats. I was reusing the sole that came with the boat when we bought it, so it already had a bunch of dings and some stains, and people were going to walk on it anyway, so I wasn't going for a perfect result, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The wood finish gloss didn't smell too bad, but the rubbed effect stuff I needed a mask for.
  3. This is interesting... Cooper 42

    Yeah, it seems like it's been around for much longer than I remember knowing of Brent.
  4. This is interesting... Cooper 42

    I wouldn't read into it too far. Offset companionways are a longstanding joke here. I don't recall the original context, but I'm sure it involved someone insisting that they are patently unsafe and then sticking by that claim after many reputable posters/designers/etc tried in vain to convince them otherwise.
  5. Deep vs. shallow keel

    I for one am ok with the thread drift... interesting stuff.
  6. The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I didn't want to deal with bungs the last time I refinished my sole. I ended up putting in square drive SS screws and countersunk them so they were flush. The look isn't for everyone, but I like it.
  7. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    We'll, that's shitty. Odd that they recently released a 12" version of it though. Edit: Just went to the B&G website and went to the Vulcan page. They list 7, 9, and 12" versions as part of their lineup but not the 5. They also list a bit further down that the 5 is only available for a limited time, which per my earlier comment, kind of makes sense. Still shitty in that I own one.
  8. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    I have a Vulcan 5 connected to a system with 2 Triton 1 displays. It does need it's own power feed, but it will show everything that the Tritons will and should work fine as a single display. I have ours set up to show information that I can't or is difficult to push to the tritons. If you are starting from scratch though, it might be more cost effective or close enough to it, to by a Triton sail pack and a Vulcan 5 than it would be to buy the transducers and wiring kit separately. That said, if I were to buy it all again, I would have gotten the Vulcan 7 over the 5. The 5 is nice and works fine, but I'd prefer the larger screen size now that I've used it for a season.
  9. Mystery Shore Power Outages

    Thanks Matt, good to know.
  10. Mystery Shore Power Outages

    re-closing on an overload sure, but re-closing on a fault could lead to big problems. If the system was smart enough to tell the difference and was limited to a tested number of re-closes with a built in safety factor, and then it fails open requiring replacement after hitting that number of re-closes, or has a built in self-test feature, I can see that eventually getting approved in the US. My understanding of the new GFCI outlets is they will perform an automatic self test and if they fail that test they fail open and require replacement.
  11. Mystery Shore Power Outages

    I'm not sure how ABYC handles this, but the NEC (National Electrical Code) considers electric space heating equipment be a continuous load (on for over 3 hours) and you need to de-rate the wiring and the breaker by 25% so no more than 24 amps on a 30 amp circuit which jives with what Maine Sail stated.
  12. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Chain link fence maybe?
  13. Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    I have a tufluf foil now and have been thinking of adding a furler to make day sails and family sailing easier. Been debating between the Harken MKIV and the Facnor FD, but this looks like an interesting option too. Looking at the manufacturer's website, it looks like they make versions for rod and composite headstays. Didn't see a mention of wire headstays. Anyone know if that is an option as well? For existing sails, I assume the soft hanks be added over an existing tape? I haven't used hanks in forever, so, headsail changes when racing are bare headed?
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Cool history. I raced on a Catalina 25 back in the 90s that had NuClear sails. I remember putting a genoa back together after a regatta with reinforced packing tape after it let go along a seam. We raced with that sail the next day and I can't say the performance suffered much. Fast forward to 2010 or so and we bought our current boat. It came with two NuClear #1s and a #3. One #1 has shrunk to a very fine entry due to all of the micro folds in the mylar and has a lot of pin holes, the other is still in pretty good shape. I still use the #3 all the time and it is surprisingly still in great shape. Those #1s are deafening when tacking, hoisting, lowering... looking at.
  15. Hull Flex on Trailer

    The from what I remember the Catalina 25 is put together marginally better than the Mac25. Cat seemed more substantial with more interior volume and headroom. Mac25 is probably easier to trailer. Take a look at both and assuming similar pricing buy the one that is in better shape and has better sails. Used to own a Mac22 and used to race on a fin keel version of the Cat 25. Not direct comparisons, but the old Mac25 seemed to be a bigger version of the 22. If that translates up at all, the Cat is a better sailing boat especially in the fin keel. Not sure on the swing.