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  1. Replying in a bit more detail now that I'm not on my phone. From an article on the Triton 2 The Triton2 is clearer, slimmer at just 8mm thin, and even easier to use – all while retaining our award-winning B&G sailing-specific features. I think the functionality between the two is similar if not the same. B&G seems to be pretty good at adding features to the display products through updates. For instance I think they pushed down some of the racing features from the Zeus to the Vulcan series plotters that weren't available at launch. Looking at the two displays, I would think that the button layout on the T2 is a bit more intuitive, but I've been able to use the T1's just fine both on our boat and the boat I race on. The rectangular format of the T2 looks more in line with the rest of the product line where the T1's have a more rounded look. The screens are bright and are easily readable in both day and night mode. Again, for how your friend is using their boat, I think the T1 package is a great deal, and is probably light years ahead of whatever they have on the boat now.
  2. I have the Triton 1 sail pack with 2 displays. Best I can tell the Triton 2 is a small update to the displays with slightly different styling. For the intended use, I think the Triton 1 will meet your friends needs, plus it looks like a better deal.
  3. Nicely produced videos. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Last active fleet in the US that I am aware of was out of Newport RI. They had a guy who was very involved in keeping what was left of the class in the US going. We would haul ours up each summer for a one design start at the Sail Newport Regatta. Probably 2010 was the last year we attended though and have since sold the boat. His website is still up, but way out of date. http://us.laser2sailing.org/ There also used to be a Yahoo group... but not sure if it is still active. The L2 is a fun boat to sail. Enjoy
  5. Maybe part of what is going on at the floor of the cockpit under the traveler. Maybe part of a mainsheet fine tune?
  6. yup, went under in 1990. Some of the larger boats were built by Pacific Seacraft for a few years, but most of the models went away with Ericson. A lot of the parts on these boats are made by other companies so yes you can still get similar replacement parts, sometimes new old stock, sometimes current production parts. It will all depend on what you need. Rig Rite has a lot of the original rigging parts for a lot of these old boats, Foss Foam may have rudder molds, etc. Replaceable items like standing rigging, lifelines, blocks, running rigging, can be fabricated or purchased locally or by order from rigging shops and the like. get the boat cleaned up and then figure out what you need. Ask here or on the Ericson site and you will be pointed in a direction.
  7. Check out the Ericson forum at http://www.ericsonyachts.org lots of good help and a fairly active owners group. There is also an Ericson Yachts facebook group. Congrats on the purchase!
  8. This one pops up through a Google search for "sailing anarchy sassy" http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/15800-sassy-anyone-know-her-history/
  9. Per the White House website: The closest Metrorail stations to the White House are Federal Triangle (blue and orange lines), Metro Center (blue, orange, and red lines) and McPherson Square (blue and orange lines). My best guess though is McPherson Square, Vermont Avenue exit or Metro Center station, 13th & G Street exit are probably your closest stops.
  10. My family owned a Mac 22 of the same vintage as the 25 you are looking at when I was a kid through college. Build quality was fine for a family goofing off on a lake during the summer. A buddy owns it now. It was a simple boat with no systems other than a stereo and running lights. I used it as a floating tent for most weekends in college. It was simple to rig, sail, and trailer. Used to have a brochure where they had a picture of it being towed by a Corvette. We used an old station wagon. M25 seems to be a somewhat scaled up version of the 22. Only spot that seemed wimpy as far as the build was the foredeck so check to see if it creaks when you walk on it. Never saw any cracks myself, but it made some interesting noises. It was relatively tender and would slide sideways if overpowered. When motoring make sure you have the swing keel down a few inches or the boat won't turn. Lots of 1980's vintage Catalinas, Odays, Hunters, Irwins, etc on the lake as a kid. Some had more features and nicer trim, more systems, etc, For flotation, the area under the v-berth was full of Styrofoam and the cockpit floor was supported by a huge block of foam that took up most of the area under the cockpit. I had a lot of fun with that boat.
  11. Agree with the Gori suggestion. Looks pretty similar to my new one.
  12. I've also had luck with dryer sheets left in the cabin of a smaller boat. Haven't tried it in our current boat. Kept a box on the table and pulled the top sheet off after each weekend. Another plus, it helped keep the boat smelling like dryer sheets. If you try it in the cabin, might want to make sure you buy ones you like the smell of. Not sure how well it would work on the sail on the boom or if they could harm the sail.
  13. Ajax, they typically have a sale price online for those as well. A couple years back I bought the EV100 tiller pilot during the warehouse sale.
  14. How about, take off old track and rivets, fill old holes. Epoxy a wood strip to the inside of the hull (with proper prep of course) and then screw the track into that. No new holes in the hull.
  15. It's possible the Defender website is causing the confusion on the pricing. They have a smaller package of IP2000E for $41.99 with a somewhat deceiving picture. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|2200442|2200444&id=1245053 but the gallon size is $98.99. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|2200442|2200444&id=728760 The Pettit Protect is $92.99. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|2200442|2200444&id=1796776