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  1. Slick470

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Spur of the moment thing as I was heading home. Are those cabinets new?
  2. Slick470

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    That explains why I didn't see your boat where I thought it should be. I swung out to to a bit of winterizing and dropped by HHN yesterday to see if you were there and say hi.
  3. Slick470

    Man with a giant prehensile penis

    Can't be any worse than that Caillou show that they finally cancelled with parents everywhere rejoicing.
  4. Slick470

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    It reminded me more of this:
  5. Slick470

    Wot Izit?

    If the boat is floating around abandoned, one could ask around the local marinas to see if they have a matching mast and boom in a rack that could be had for unpaid storage fees.
  6. Slick470

    Wot Izit?

    Dammit Crash!...
  7. Slick470

    Wot Izit?

    It doesn't really matter, and you probably have a better history on these two boat designs than I do from my little bit of internet sleuthing. However, I found a few pictures of Farr 37s online with two supports. Maybe they changed at some point? Like this one on yachtworld
  8. Slick470

    Wot Izit?

    I agree that it looks closer to the Farr vs the Dash... and if there is a chance it is a bit bigger, there is a Farr 37 named Stylo that hails out of Edgewater from the ChesBay PHRF valid list.
  9. Slick470

    Wot Izit?

    depending on the size, it could also be a Farr 37 which is very similar to the 33 and there are a few on the bay.
  10. Slick470

    What plotter to go with?

    If you have or are planning on adding a NMEA 2000 compatible autopilot, having a plotter of the same brand will give you full control and the ability to do updates to the AP software.
  11. Slick470

    Sailing instruments for 30' sport Boat

    Cool, I didn't know that they added that feature with the Triton 2's. I have a B&G Triton 1 W/S/D package on our non-sporty 30 footer and have to do updates through our B&G Vulcan chartplotter. Because our boat is a tiller boat, when we added an AP we bought the Raymarine Evo tiller pilot because it seemed like the best option at the time and found that it needed an update to work properly without the rudder reference sensor. So, ended up buying a new old stock Ray chart plotter on Ebay to do the updates. I keep the Ray plotter as a backup and have it so I can plug it into the system for updates as needed. Kind of dumb to have to go through that, but it seemed cheaper in the long run than have a tech come to the boat for the occasional update. Both B&G and Raymarine have rolled out updates over the last few years to add features to their various products, although they are less frequent or have stopped on the older stuff.
  12. Slick470

    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    I've seen those hubometers on trucks and or trailers here in the US. I think fleet operators may use them to help keep track of miles for maintenance purposes.
  13. Slick470


    I really like the series and it is fun to get a walkthrough tour of these older boats and learning a bit more on the history and quirks. I agree that it would be nice if there were a bit more research on the boats beforehand so the details are a bit more accurate. I've seen these videos being shared around some of the boat specific forums and FB groups so they are getting out there. Scot is a bit of a trip, but that helps make the videos interesting. Production quality is excellent. Keep em coming, especially the Schumacher boats! Oh, and there has got to be a blooper reel...
  14. Slick470

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That boat is odd. The inside looks to be in really great shape and the outside looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while, almost like the pictures are of two different boats. I wonder if the outside would clean up if the owner bothered. Might get a better price out of it if he did. 20k is a pipe dream.
  15. Slick470

    Hurth HBW-5

    and some burn cream for when you bump an elbow against one of those work lights...