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  1. I've had decent luck with concrobium. It is supposed to kill the mold and help keep it from coming back. It comes in a spray bottle and you can get it at home depot. As with all things like this, I'd test it in an inconspicuous location before going over the whole cushion with it. I haven't had any issues, but you never know.
  2. Slick470

    need music stereo

    I've been thinking through this same exercise over the past few weeks as well. Our boat had some tired and ancient Boston speakers and an old Clarion car head unit. I almost never used them and instead used my phone and a Bluetooth speaker. So, it's time to add in Bluetooth and some modern features to the system on the boat. So, after bouncing a few ideas off of the Crutchfield folks, I just bought a Sony marine head unit and some Polk outdoor speakers for the cabin. Going to try a Taotronics Bluetooth transmitter to push to a Boom swimmer waterproof Bluetooth speaker that I've been using. The Bluetooth transmitter connects to the RCA speaker out on the head unit and is powered via USB. Seems like it should work. Cheap experiment if not. The Sony head unit has a remote, Bluetooth, and a bunch of other native streaming formats built in. Also has a front USB port, which will probably end up having a USB stick loaded with mp3s living there, like I have in the car. There are a bunch of head units with similar specs, but the Sony had a slightly higher power output, which may help put off buying an external amp to drive the Polk speakers.
  3. Slick470

    Best Electronics upgrade options

    Our boat had 1990's vintage stuff on it when we bought it and have upgraded everything over the past several years to a B&G Triton W/S/D system with a Vulcan MFD and Raymarine EVO tiller pilot also a Lowrance Link 8 VHF with AIS. Everything is networked through the NMEA 2000 bus and it all meets our current needs. Triton MFD is installed on a RAM mount that swings out into the companionway. If I were doing more offshore stuff or wanted to have Expedition, I would have gone for a Zeus, but for our needs the Vulcan gets it done. The Link-8 is a great way to add in AIS to the network, but it only receives and does not have a remote mic option. The B&G version has the remote mic but cost about $100 more. For a 30 foot boat, I figured a handheld can be my remote. Biggest challenge with the above was getting the Raymarine Evo to work properly out of the box. Needs to have a Ray MFD or dealer to apply updates and it needed an update or it wasn't stable. If it were available when I bought the Evo, I would have considered a Pelagic AP instead, and may upgrade to their ram if the Ray one quits on me. Otherwise, I'm happy with the Evo and it works really well.
  4. Slick470


    I had meant to follow along on this thread from the beginning, but like most threads, it got away from me after the first few months. Just did a marathon read through over this weekend and wow, awesome job with the boat. I'm seriously impressed with your skills, and the boat looks fantastic. I love the pink too. A PO of our boat was a fan of the pink and most of our spinnakers are pink with one that looks about the color of your boat. Again, awesome job and congrats on getting her back in the water!
  5. Slick470

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield I don't know the history here and haven't really played with it much, but it was updated recently.
  6. Slick470

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    a paper club I am involved with as crew had a crew membership for a while. It was voluntary and got you full access to the club online forums and really that's about it. It was cheap, but mainly a way to get crew who didn't own boats a way to feel a bit more connected to the club and a way for crew to support the club a bit. No voting rights, but no big deal. Well, the way I heard it was, a group of cruising members got all up in a huff that racing crew were getting a better deal than they were because of this crew membership thing and the whole thing died after about a year. So, there an example of a nice way to implement crew memberships for the right reasons, but it still failed spectacularly. I am planning on starting to race my boat in this club this year. Low key Wednesday nights only for now, but if they told me I had to get crew memberships for my crew I wouldn't bother and just keep racing on friends boats who don't sail at this club. Easy choice for me, but not a way to grow the sport.
  7. I have found the "snooze .... for 30 days" option on FB to be really useful when it comes to friends who put up too many political posts. I have that account to stay on top of the various groups I'm interested in and keep up with family and friends who aren't local, not to see all the political crap. I live in the belly of the beast for politics as it is, I don't need it with my outlets online or on the boat. As far as to the original question. I would have a hard time being on a boat with people who constantly get into political debates. Not my idea of fun. It's supposed to be fun right?
  8. Slick470

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Ok. I've got a Fenix 5. Got it for Christmas and I'm just getting started with figuring out apps on this thing. Which of these sailing apps should I try, the garmin sailing app with the sail racer data field, or the sail racer app, or both? I've also pulled down the raceQ's app and Alex's app to play around with. It's not sailing season here so it will be a while before I can try any of these out on the boat.
  9. Slick470

    Random PicThread

    @Editor The next Anarchy?
  10. Slick470

    Mo Bettah Too

    Thanks. I did the cabin sole with a rubbed effect varnish which I like the look of, and doesn't seem slippery. Just wasn't sure about going that route with the steps too.
  11. Slick470

    Mo Bettah Too

    SJB, are you going to add in some non skid into the final coat? I should re-do ours which are currently bare but shiny seems slippery.
  12. Slick470

    Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster Rebuild - Long Beach

    ^This. There is supposedly something about rebuilding Sailtecs that makes them tricky to get right. I have used a shop on the east coast that was recommended by Sailtec to do these repairs, but they stopped doing them after having too many issues and re-works. They now recommend going directly to Sailtec.
  13. Slick470

    Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot

    I have one on an Olson 911S and I'm pretty happy with it. Have an earlier unit so had a few installation issues that either a rudder reference sensor or a software update would resolve. Rest of our instruments are B&G so had to figure out the software update route, but once it was applied the unit works great.
  14. Slick470

    FREE - S2 7.9

    That's better... why limit it to used
  15. Slick470

    Quantum Sails question

    Out of curiosity, I searched for that description online and found a thread here on SA from a few years ago with this text from a sail quote: Quantum Fusion M Mainsail: Construction: Designed using Quantum's iQ suite of computational tools. One piece membrane construction utilizing 13000 dpi 100% Black Aramid yarns in an integrated network of straight X Yellow Aramid fibers sandwiched between polyester films. Assembled using aerospace quality lamination techniques and thermo-set adhesives, with integrated corner and batten pocket reinforcements. That does not sound like what you are looking at in those pictures, or match the pictures from the quantum website: