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    Saving for a Max Prop so I can go racing my 4ksb again.

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  1. the English Git

    and you thought your main was big

    Pity the next sail # in line wasn't F, that that would be a Sailing Anarchy picture for my wall!!!!
  2. the English Git

    and you thought your main was big

    I wonder who took the photo????
  3. the English Git

    Dialing In The New Old Boat

    Lee helm or weather helm?
  4. the English Git

    How bad does the Navy have to suck...

    After tugs cast off, in a foreign port, there would have been a pilot on board and HE (or she) is in complete control, until thev ship is out of confined waters.
  5. the English Git

    How bad does the Navy have to suck...

    If you read the news bulletin, the ship was being moved by tugs. It was in port and I am sure there was a pilot at the controls. Blame tugs and pilots for this one!!!
  6. the English Git

    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    1980 something. Sailing a 36 footer westwards in the English Channel from Cherboug to Falmouth. Two of us on 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. watch, 4 more below. Wind on the beam, freshening to 18-20 knots. Charter boat, had to go forward and fix the heasdsail roller reefing, to reduce a little sail. Got wet, so made two large coffees with Scotch added. Sat and watched the sun come up on a beautiful June morning. Didn't want the others to wake up and relieve us. Could have stayed there all day, which we did until the coffee and Scotch ran out. Never forget it until the day I die. Me and Alan Shaft!
  7. the English Git

    Hatch hooks for spinnaker ops

    I am with Suider, best way, especially if you learn a Mexican drop.
  8. the English Git

    Front Page, "Get your Kicks."

    + 2. I now live in So Cal, but used to live in NZ (a very long time ago) so I get the vibe!
  9. the English Git

    Harken Windward Sheeting Main Car

    This set up was perfect for my Olson 30, purchased a new one and it never let me down, although we did McLube the crap out of all our running gear. Especially loved the situation after a tack in light airs. Sailing with the traveller just above centerline, following the tack the car was now slightly down, allowing the sail to be powered up as we gained speed. Sailed to third in Nationals with it. Some people never liked them, but once I got used to it, it was perfect.
  10. the English Git

    Easy as a b c

    Load of Bollocks, somebody taking the piss!!!
  11. the English Git

    ROOM !!!

    HMS Ajax, not Norwegian.
  12. the English Git

    ROOM !!!

    The town of Ajax, in Ontario, Canada, was named after the cruiser following the Battle of the River Plate. The town also has streets named after every member of the ship's company, such as Hobson Avenue, and Harwood Avenue, which is the town's main north-south street. Many street signs in the town bear the silhouette of the ship. The silhouette signifies the street being named after part of the ship's company, and the ship's anchor rests in front of the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Ajax's bell is on a monument in Montevideo, just outside the port customs house, and was donated by Admiral Sir Henry Harwood and Sir Eugen Millington-Drake in 1949.
  13. the English Git

    caption contest

    Proof that the Vikings really did discover America!!
  14. the English Git

    How sailors drive

    Must be a documented vessel
  15. the English Git

    How sailors drive

    That main looks crap from here!!