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    Saving for a Max Prop so I can go racing my 4ksb again.

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  1. the English Git

    ROOM !!!

    HMS Ajax, not Norwegian.
  2. the English Git

    ROOM !!!

    The town of Ajax, in Ontario, Canada, was named after the cruiser following the Battle of the River Plate. The town also has streets named after every member of the ship's company, such as Hobson Avenue, and Harwood Avenue, which is the town's main north-south street. Many street signs in the town bear the silhouette of the ship. The silhouette signifies the street being named after part of the ship's company, and the ship's anchor rests in front of the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Ajax's bell is on a monument in Montevideo, just outside the port customs house, and was donated by Admiral Sir Henry Harwood and Sir Eugen Millington-Drake in 1949.
  3. the English Git

    caption contest

    Proof that the Vikings really did discover America!!
  4. the English Git

    How sailors drive

    Must be a documented vessel
  5. the English Git

    How sailors drive

    That main looks crap from here!!
  6. the English Git


    Plus 1, very well written.
  7. the English Git

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Not a fan!
  8. the English Git

    Robin Davie Reported Overdue

    I just posted the news above but I got so excited that I hit post before finishing. What he is doing 25 miles South West of the Scilly's, I don't know, but so glad he is safe!!!!
  9. the English Git

    Robin Davie Reported Overdue

    A solo sailor who sparked a search when he was not heard from for six days has sent a radio message to say he is safe, well, and on his way to Cornwall. Robin Davie, 67, left port in France on his yacht "C'est la Vie" on Saturday for the 300-mile journey to Falmouth. His brother reported him as overdue on Wednesday morning when there had been no contact. But on Friday the coastguard said Mr Davie radioed to say he was 25 miles south-west of the Isles of Scilly.
  10. the English Git

    North 3Di vs Quantum Fusion M 9000

    If you didn't like the North Design, then change your loft. You need a guy/gal who can design to what you need! Design has not a lot to do with the cloth.
  11. the English Git

    General fucking recall

    Turn the boat around onto port and then look for room!!! Works every time.
  12. the English Git

    Hilarious and perhaps offensive Spinnaker Graphics

    Don't you love Australia I also like the Ausralian song "Do you fuck on first date"?
  13. the English Git

    Hilarious and perhaps offensive Spinnaker Graphics

    How about DILLIGAF "Does it look like I give a Fuck?"
  14. the English Git

    SA Front Page has gone

    looks like the Jones compound. don't post sick things like this! You should think hard about what that makes you.
  15. the English Git

    Twisted Sheets / Tangled Cordage , Big Deal or Knot

    I was wondering if the rail she has her hand on was painted or anodized????