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  1. I'm actually glad the Race Boss had the hot chocolate there for them. A public beer (although well earned) would have put a lot of people in awkward indefensible positions. They hadn't even gone in front of customs at that point. Three of my neighbours are customs agents and when on the job they have no sense of humour about law breaking. Although a Bob & Doug Mackenzie-approved fashion statement, they should have been wearing appropriate gear for their journey. Back when I paddled springtime flood kayaking here in the Ottawa river, I alway wore a drysuit and it saved my life once. 14 degree C water doesn't give you any fashion points.
  2. There was a six minute segment on Facebook Live of his arrival. It should be up on the R2AK Facebook page momentarily.
  3. Looks like Russell has some traffic heading towards him as he approaches Ketchikan. Big cruise ship heading out from dock.
  4. I was wondering some of the same things. I've done a lot of riding (usually around 10k/year) and set up is critical. I can't discount the recumbent folks who are convinced their positions are efficient. It does appear the "gearing" is biased a bit towards low cadence muscle as opposed to higher cadence spinning. Without an adjustable pitch prop it is academic - you choose one gear and live with it. I hadn't considered flex drive in the system - simplicity dictates there will be less drivetrain losses with a chain drive on one axis. This would also allow for freewheeling the propellor axis - so that the propellor won't keep the chainrings spinning when not loaded. I imagine PTWatercraft/TurnPoint Design did their homework and probably talked with Rick Willoughby about this. It would be great to see drawings on the design to put questions to rest.
  5. Don't be surprised if PTWatercraft dawdles along once he's crossed third base on the way to KTN. In today's video segment he said he would let Roger pass him if they were close. It is obvious that Russell Brown would rather leave the spotlight, attention and records to someone else - if he gets there first singlehanded, he loses his "Incognito" mantle.
  6. First: "triilliterate". Nice portmanteau. It is very West Coast in that it takes a longish phrase in any other place and reduces it to a single harmonious chunk of letters. We could use more of your kind here in Ottawa. Give you a couple months here and we'd see a massive drop off in government toner use. Second: Russell's pedal drive. Sure you could use it from both sides, but you'd be backpedalling on one tack, unless the mechanical design is a lot more sophisticated than I would guess. Third: Roger Mann. It is beginning to look like being the toughest man in the cage has it's down side. He seems to run out of gas & focus the next morning after going longer and harder than anyone else. HIs progress today has been minimal since Russell woke up - it almost looks like he was hove to minimally conscious for a few hours. Or he could be spending time bailing his leaky ama. Either option is a little scary.
  7. You hit the nail on the head. I was surprised how candid he was.
  8. I'm not so sure of that, he's run his R2AK completely to the beat of his own drum - it seems like he's immune to worrying about what other people think. I almost get the impression he's drawing out the passage from the sheer pleasure of the journey. My take is that he has done so much, for so many years actively avoiding the spotlight that he just doesn't care about a schedule. I highly doubt records mean anything to him.
  9. Doing a quick bit of guesstimation, PTWatercraft has about 180km to get to Ketchikan and at present speed it would take about eleven/twelve hours give or take. It will be interesting to see if Russell Brown decides to do it in one go until 1AM. Team Discovery is about 35km behind him give or take but I do not doubt that Roger Mann will not stop before he gets to ring the bell.
  10. I agree with you. R2AK is more of a challenge than a race - most of the entrants know they will not be at the front of the fleet. Although R2AK is a run what you bring "race" it is pretty well established by now that a first place line honours victory means 24 hour sailing and requires a serious multihull campaign with at least three crew. To me the interesting thing about the R2AK isn't the front runners, it is the wide array of boats arriving between the frontrunners and the sweep boat. I can relate more to them.
  11. I'd put in $100 as well - I've gotten at least that much entertainment from the show.
  12. The singlehanded race is brute force and dogged determination against refined sophistication and calm confidence. The french have a saying "Plus ├ža change, plus c'est pareil." - "The more things change the more they stay the same". Every day has been Groundhog Day in this race - Russell Brown must have "I've got you babe" as his six AM wake up alarm in the G32. Roger Mann is the brute force and Russell Brown is the calm sophistication. I watch Roger keep on the gas overnight, exhaustively build a lead and then watch Russell wake up, have breakfast and effortlessly regain his lead. Even early in the day, Roger is betting on a risky shallow water shortcut, while Russell heads outside for better wind. I'm finding the single hand race more exciting than the line honours.
  13. Russell sailed this route just last year before he sold Jzerro - he took the proa up to the Haida Gwaii for his last trip before he turned it over to Ryan. He knows this area quite well. The wind looks better on the outside than the sheltered route. -- Bill
  14. Rob: Is Sidecar going to make it to the PNW? Did you get on the water yet? You haven't posted in the proa forum for a while about progress. -- Bill
  15. Not to take away from the current discussion, but they are still racing and it is amazing to watch the Gougeon 32 just walk away from the pack. It's got a pretty tiny rig and only 8.5 feet of beam - it makes up for lack of righting moment with efficiency and water ballast. I understand why Russell Brown chose to sit out quite a bit of the crazy conditions yesterday, but when he decides to sail he really goes.