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  1. I'd answer your questions with questions: Can you get your contraption off the beach, bringing with you whatever equipment you use? Can you get it under a low, narrow bridge? If no, you can't race. If yes, you can. As of this R2AK this does not apply - the only filters are passage through Seymour Rapids and Bella Bella. Nor does it apply to the current Everglades Challenge, as the low bridge filter at Checkpoint 1 is no longer a required passage on the course.
  2. Either type will have trouble handling a boat that can do both at once. Which is why using an Adventure Island in these events should really be considered cheating just a bit. "Motorsailing" with the Mirage Drive can make a big difference with little effort. It's not cheating, it's great engineering! You should be able to do both at once, that's awesome. I was wondering to what extent people think you could increase the sailing efficiency of a Soggy Beavers style outrigger canoe, maybe turning it into a trimaran with centre boards, but at what point would you rather be on Elsie Piddock with oars? At the other end, do human powered trimarans scale? If I turned up on Spindrift 2 with a crew of 16 and 6 25' carbon fibre oars and sliding seats on each side, trireme-meets-spaceship style, would that work? Is having a boat that big with no engine in violation of some Transport Canada regulations? These seem like important questions to debate as we wait for the next one of these great races. This race IS the debate. I'm pretty sure that encumbering the R2AK with rules, measurers and nit pickers would make it far less interesting. The most interesting things about this race have nothing to do with line honors. It is the range of people and ideas on the water - and the eternal struggle between conditions, stamina, engineering, cunning, personalities and attitude. Pretty sure you could put a nail through 10 Benjamins and the number of entrants would still be great. I think the true debate that needs to happen before the next rendition is how to better report and inform people before, during and after the R2AK. This thing could very well go viral into the mainstream. -- Bill
  3. Anybody KNOW where the sweeper boat is?
  4. A question that needed to be asked, IMHO. Given the vibe of the race so far, not too harsh I think, especially given the transparency the Turn Point Cat and the Bieker proa teams have shown. Barefoot seemed to me one of the most logical designs for the race- at least it's in the neighborhood of what I was doodling. Tad Roberts is the designer, posted on #1922 above. It's hard to tell if any of the crew have experience in planing boats/skiffs/sportsboats? Anyway, be nice to see some thoughts from the design/build/sailing team..... I agree the boat looks to be pretty much on target. I did notice one of the crew on a trapeze in some of the photos, so there certainly may be some high performance dinghy experience there. If I had to guess, it is a combination of being on a unballasted monohull that requires continual attention to trim, crew comfort in general (they can't get out of the weather for five minutes) and sensible caution in conditions outside their own comfort level. I can't see this boat on an autopilot, or a crew member being able to relax in winds above a drifter. It looks to be sailable for 10-12 hours a day before exhaustion sets in, therefore it is already starting the race on half the scheduled sailing time of the winners. -- Bill
  5. Beautiful piece. Team UnCruise still making only right turns out there. TeamUnCruise-June-16.JPG Rudder damage? Either that or they think they are in downtown Montreal. I've been caught in the one way street spin cycle a few times.
  6. Now that Team Pure and Wild have retired, I would like to take up Russ's offer to "learn from this boat". Actually, re learn is a better description, as the drawbacks of this type of boat have been pointed out, by Russell and other people who have sailed on them, for many years. If the team had reacted to my post #232 "What are they doing for righting moment when the breeze picks up?", they would not have had to say "getting rest was going to be virtually impossible since the boat demanded the near full time attention of both crew in anything over 6 knots", when they quit. If someone had considered this most basic design question while designing "an innovative boat that elevated the level of discussion regarding boat design to a level i have never seen before except perhaps regarding the winged keel", then maybe they would have saved a lot of effort, time and money and completed, maybe won the race. Rather than interrupt the race for the steak knives I suggest any proa design comments be made on the Bucket List thread in the Multihull forum, where a similar discussion is underway. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=161235 Come on Rob, this isn't the place or time for this. Build a real physical boat to compete in this specific race/adventure, have real people buy them, have real people sail them in this race and prove your points on the water not Internet fora. Be Ian Farrier, not a forum troll. I think there are some good points in your build strategies and implementation of Derek Kelsall's concepts. Show up and shut up until the race organizers sound the finish line gun for your boat. You are your own worst enemy because you keep on hitting POST before your ideas are proven on the water in the same arena with the people you criticize. Throughout the past fifteen years of childish Brown-baiting you have completely missed/ignored many the subtle points of Russell Brown's focused personal refinement of the modern Pacific proa. Russell Brown unlike you has been objective and open about his execution and building - he DOES point out the weak points and compromises publicly - but he also has made these choices consciously and publicly to keep true to his design requirements. I find it very telling that Jzerro (a twenty year plus old plywood cruising design) could leave Port Townsend late, pass the complete R2AK fleet in challenging upwind chop and arrive at the breakwater in Victoria with Golden Oldies in front of everyone (Golden Oldies did dock first). And this with his wife and only crew dealing with nausea in the cabin. Russell never claims his design concept is perfect at everything - it does do exactly what he intended it to do incredibly well and he lives with the compromises and choices. He's demonstrated on the water for thirty plus years that it works for him (and he is almost the only person he designs and builds for). He's quietly sailed Jzerro across the Pacific to Australia with one crew - there are pictures and witnesses. You seem to miss the point that Russell Brown isn't trying to produce the highest righting moment, he's not trying to achieve the most comfortable accommodations, he isn't trying to use the highest tech unstayed masts and he isn't trying to sell ANYONE on his designs. He isn't building with the most sophisticated methods because he doesn't need to achieve the results he has. Given how PTWatercraft makes it's money in the real world, he could produce infused foam hulls, use freestanding carbon masts and incorporate all the higher-tech options you have - but he has not done so because of conscious choices that his current real world boats meet his statement of requirements just fine. I am a big fan of a lot of your ideas. I'm also a big fan of Russell Brown and his laser-like refinement of what works for him. But I wish you would spend more time in the build shed and less time in web fora. Show up next year, blow away the field and let other people who have bought your designs win and do your Internet cheering for you. Like Ian Farrier has. -- Bill
  7. I've been lurking, so you aren't alone. I don't have time to sail the boat I have right now, so a canoe is out of the question. What time I have got I've spent teaching my son how to sail. I know most of the Ottawa skiff folks follow this thread as well - The East Coast Canoe folks are long time supporters of the Ottawa Skiff Grand Prix. -- Bill in Ottawa
  8. I for one would be glad to see common sense continue to prevail in a world gone mad. There is no fundamental need for idiotic border security between Canada and the US - it's like setting up a Berlin Wall between your kitchen and dining room. We are basically one family, and the borders create more trouble than they are worth. I was hoping for Steve's answer, but afraid Dick Cheney disease had infected folks. Paranoia they destroy ya. The Kinks had it right. I'm going to try again to get out to Sugar Island in August this year. Made it to Gan last year! Maybe I'll break some laws and sail to Clayton. -- Bill
  9. Cool canoes indeed. Check out the sliding seat on this baby. Is there any problems with Hopeless Security (whoops I mean Homeland) / US Customs sailing across? You are leaving a Canadian departure at Sugar Island to a US destination. I've always wondered about how things were handled around there since the whole river there is a mishmash of boats going like kicked-over anthill. Do you have to phone ahead anywhere? -- Bill
  10. Steven: You have missed the point entirely. You saw one of Doug's Rube Goldberg complexity extravaganzas, and I was trying to get you to see a tiny mechanical part of it. If you look at the sliding mechanical attachment of the battery pack to the "plank", you will see a single block at the outboard end, with a line going from a centerpoint fixed attachment on the boat around the block, and then attaching to the seat pan (battery pack in this toy). If the seat pan slides on rails on top of the plank, this will cause the seat to be pulled progressively outward as the plank is extended normally - by hand and and then with your legs. Completing the picture, add the same line and block on the other side and you have a system that will automatically center the seat as the plank is centered, and move the seat outboard as the plank is moved is either direction. Pretty simple and functional actually. There is no bungee cord necessary, and no tension or elastic loading incurred in seat location at any point, so a lot of the problematic issues talked about earlier are not in play. If you would like a line diagram, I'm sure one could be done. Like most of Doug's bizarre schemes, there is a little part of it that shows promise. I went and got Doug snarky mad at me for posting a link to his "property" for you. I got a pissy PM from him because of this, even though I credited him. -- Bill
  11. Giving credit where credit is due, perhaps you could take a look at Doug Lord's sliding ballast "plank" used on his model boats. Basically, the design causes the ballast (batteries) to move outward on the "plank" as the plank is moved from side to side. When the plank is fully outboard, the battery pack is at the end of the plank. God knows, I'm no Doug Lord fan, but if you rigged the "seat" on your plank to work like this, it would auto locate itself properly. The picture is pretty self explanatory. -- Bill
  12. Bump. Just because this thread (the best on dinghy anarchy) deserves to stay on page one. -- Bill
  13. And I thought you lived in the sunny south! I guess that makes Ottawa an arctic wasteland. You can walk our racecourse now. -- Bill
  14. Almost to be expected, his new boat looks like its going 25kts just sitting in the trailer. My wife and I watched things from afar on Saturday - we were down in Gananoque/Lockport/Ivy Lea being Thousand Island tourists. Wasn't hard to pick out the ICs from a distance, although I couldn't find a boat willing to ferry us out to Sugar Island and back. We didn't take our canoe down, and after seeing all the ridiculous power traffic in the channels there, I didn't think my wife would have approved of us crossing to the island. What a beautiful day you guys had there on Saturday! -- Bill
  15. Great to see all those familiar names. Hope to see you all in October. Heineken HPDO 2009 Great Racing Great Friends Great Beer I've kind of liked how this thread had been kept on topic so I can follow the canoe guys. I understand the need to pimp your regatta, but you've already got a thread going and these "pimp it everywhere" posts have kind of crossed the line to over the top. It's a great regatta. People from my club are coming. Enough already. Let's keep this great thread alive and on topic. -- Bill