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  1. m.h.valentine


    Saliva. +1 Well played!
  2. m.h.valentine

    Bacon Anarchy

    I dunno, man. I would try to find a local butcher of your own... I know, you said no -- I'm not stupid and I can read. But I totally agree with you on the bacon inconsistency problem. So, I found a local guy who cuts, brines and smokes his own, and will cut it for you on demand to whatever thickness you want. It actually really would help you to find one near you... Ridiculous as this will sound: The aforementioned bacon is much healthier than the mass-produced stuff... the meat processors inject their bacon with all manner of nasty stuff to "brine" it faster. Oregon is civilised... there has to be a good old-fashioned butcher around...
  3. m.h.valentine


    Well those are lovely tits, and thank you. I can't see why you would wish for anything else...
  4. m.h.valentine


    You would give about $5000 for tits like that, plus a lot of money for new bras and cothes. My wife now has tits like that - a little smaller, and also the same size on each side unlike this poor girl. You would then find that people interact with you differently, which you would enjoy sometimes and not at all other times. I'm willing to bet your current tits aren't so bad... want an independent assessment?
  5. The "mmhmhmhmmm" is why I ask the questions.