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  1. Have to agree! We actually have a few "youngsters" buying old boats and getting into racing in our neighborhood. They're bringing their friends and taking home some silver too!
  2. I would have to say that I'm shocked. I thought I saw a post by Bruce on Bob Perry's site just the other day. It's been a number of years since I talked with Bruce, probably at Swiftsure. Our relationships was sailing. I was thoroughly impressed with his dedication to sailing through US Sailing, PIYA, the Seattle Yacht Club and Swiftsure to just name a few. The PNW sailing community has lost a great friend!
  3. I've done a little sailing on the Diva 39. I liked the boat. It didn't have a self tacking jib but was setup with a non overlapping headsail. It did need a little more sail area in light air. It definitely could be setup with an overlapping genoa. The owner didn't campaign it much so as far as racing it's hard to say how it stacked up in the local fleet but in casual club racing it did quite well. As others have said, the boats interior is a bit small for a 39' boat but I thought it was certainly cruisable. I know the owner has done some extended cruising with the boat. The one thing to note is that it is a fractional rig with runners so it does take a bit more effort than the typical cruiser. I wasn't around the boat enough to know of any structural problems and the owner never mentioned any issues but like any purchase you would want to get it surveyed.
  4. Why not by Anodized 3" pipe? http://www.easternmetal.com/pdfs/aluminum-anodized-marine-extrusions-pipe-tube-bar.pdf
  5. I'd like to take the tour...just wouldn't want to be on it when they put the rail in the water..
  6. Yup!
  7. Sailingone, When I saw the Ranger 8.5, War Hawk in your post I just had to respond. Raced against that boat for a number of years. It disappeared and I heard it was in pretty bad shape. I wondered what happened to it. Happy to hear it found a new home up in Canada. Sounds like you've done well with it. Congrats on your "new" boat! sounds like a good find! Moe
  8. Another boat quite a ways ahead....
  9. Kinda miss not being there. It's always exciting the day before the race in Victoria and this year has a good crowd with 204 boats registered. I have friends racing on several courses so I'll be keeping an eye on the tracker. It's good to see the four TP 52s on the Hein Bank course. Hope everyone has a good race!
  10. The question is which sport draws the most kids and parent support? Lost several good crew as they did their soccer duty. Moe
  11. .......always impressed with the hospitality of OYC/SSSS! Great prefunction! Well run race! Moe
  12. Bob, That actually was the Tacoma Vashon. I do feel badly that Duwamish Head has had weather issues the last three years. It's a race I've done many times and I do enjoy the course. You really can't do anything about the weather. Two years ago it was called because of too much wind, last year there was no wind and this year the wind was light and finished with a controversial call. Was it right....wrong..don't know. Regardless, God willing, I'll be back next year. I like the Southern Sound Series. Next month I plan on going to Olympia and doing the Toliva Shoal Race. A number of my friends have abandoned this race over the years for various reasons. Today it's probably the best run distance race in the sound with the best hospitality. My crew and I are looking forward to fun weekend! Moe
  13. I'm one of those wondering why the race was abandoned. We were near Alki when we heard the announcement and were moving fine. I talked with some people at the post function and they said the race was going to be shortened at Duwamish Head. The committee boat set up in Elliot Bay and as the IRC boats came around Alki they got stalled with no air. They said that the committee was monitoring the weather and felt there was no way to get the fleet finished. I've been on race committees before and these are tough calls but with that said, I think you have to do everything you can do to get a race in. I think I would have given it a little more time. It was a nice day on the water though. Moe
  14. In todays world there are lot's of options. Personlly, for a newby I like to point them to some instruction videos. Some of the ones I like are from ASA. Take a look. Moe
  15. Got a couple of good races in and got blown off the course at about 2:00 with gusts to 40. http://www.cycseattle.org/racing/results-and-registrants/ Moe