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  1. VERGE

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Just looked at webcam pictures and ETNZ docked out at 8am this morning. Hopefully there will be more sailing pictures and video in this thread; sick of scrolling through all the other shit.
  2. VERGE

    What happens when adults are in charge

    @A.M.S. new Zealand may not be on the flight path from anywhere now that countries have closed boarders but prior to the Lock down the country received over 4 million unique visitors a year for tourism. Add to that migrant and seasonal workers for horticultural work, there were many opportunities to introduce the virus here. I'm not going to say anything about American policies or politics, as I don't know enough about them. As hard economically as our lock-down is I think it was right for a small island nation, the United states is so much more complex and unfortunately everyone is using this complexity to argue their point or put forward an opinion.
  3. VERGE


    Will you glue a solid glass batten to trailing edge before fairing? Also are you using the welded top and bottom plates to establish the centre line for your profiles? Looks good; let the sanding begin!
  4. VERGE

    Sailing one-liners

    Not that red rope the other red rope!