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  1. Sisu3360

    Collegiate sailing ....

    One thing I’ve noticed now, nearly a decade removed from college sailing, is that the people who did well on my college and high school sailing teams are not necessarily the same people who stuck with sailing after college (I’m definitely in the latter group, not the former). Some people are just eager to find new worlds to conquer. That’s probably true of other intercollegiate sports that are played at an amateur level into adulthood.
  2. Sisu3360

    For those that mock the great lakes

    “...But I told that kid a hundred times don’t take the lakes for granted / They go from calm to a hundred knots so fast they seem enchanted...”
  3. Sisu3360

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Prospector is fixed
  4. "We're in the desert, so bring some beer!"
  5. Sisu3360

    No flag, no foul!

    Related to this point, I love it when people are arguing on the internet over rules and then some well-meaning but clueless captain's license holder blunders into the conversation saying "well, the COLREGS say..."
  6. Sisu3360

    drop the drops

    For a weekly club series, I think drops are appropriate. In most other weekly recreational team sports, if any player doesn't show up they can be replaced. There's no single person that the team absolutely cannot play without. On a lot of boats, you can't just find someone to take the place of the owner, who is usually the driver and sometimes the only person insured to drive. So if the owner can't be replaced, I think they should be allowed to miss at least 1-2 nights a season without penalty. Those who have perfect attendance get to throwout their 1-2 worst nights instead. If the series is tight but you win because the next boat above you skipped a night, it feels a little hollow.
  7. Sisu3360

    Collegiate sailing ....

    I was on a NEISA team with an only slightly limited varsity budget. I now volunteer coaching a small high school team in the Midwest and I PHRF race a MacGregor 25. I've seen plenty.
  8. Sisu3360

    Collegiate sailing ....

    Oh boy, it's the good ole college sailing debate! If you have any ideas for how a small college program with limited resources and a puddle for a local sailing venue is going to impart the technical skills necessary for success in high performance dinghies, keelboats, multihulls, foilers, etc... I'm all ears. Otherwise, high school and college sailing is a great way to introduce new sailors to racing, and participation is at record levels last time I checked. Simple, durable dinghies keep costs low and allow better numbers at regattas. I agree that more offshore programs would be good where practical. I am at least encouraged by the switch to match racing for inshore keelboats ("sloops"). That turned the inshore sloop championship from a bit of an also-ran into a very competitive event. But keeping everyone in dinghies also enhances the value of weekday practices, which is also something to consider. For my part, I credit my college experience for being able to start decently well in my PHRF fleet, which is a good example of college teaching the building block skills that are important throughout one's sailing career. I also draw most of my crew from a local collegiate program, and while they took a few races to figure everything out, they're quick studies and have better awareness on the course than most. Sailing after college requires opportunity, money, or both. 20-somethings don't have much of the latter, so let's do what we can to supply more of the former.
  9. Sisu3360

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    I think that speaks to a much larger difference in philosophy between the US and other parts of the world where it comes to sports. In the US, College (University) sports are almost universally considered the highest level of competition available for any given sport in the 18-22 age range, except for some real outlier sports. Elsewhere, elite youth athletes are trained up in an independent setting. The college sailing model in the US used to be pretty good for elite sailors, but the world caught up and started putting more effective training models to work. That said, as a mediocre sailor with no Olympic aspirations, my high school and college years had some of the best sailing of my life. No regrets!
  10. Sisu3360

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    I sailed for a college that had non a full fleet of not-420/FJs. They were extremely fun to practice in, but probably held our top sailors back from that last 5-10% of performance they needed to be as competitive on the weekends as they could have been. The next fleet the team bought were FJs, and it was probably a factor in their resultant success. Also consider durability. There's a reason 420s and FJs are heavy - they're designed to be abused in institutional fleets, and after thousands of hulls built, the design is pretty well optimized to the mission.
  11. Sisu3360

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    That’s what I was thinking, something like model airplane/robotics servos. I thought maybe rotating panels would be more precise than flags time-wise, but flags work too. Of course, it’s hardly the most difficult thing in the world to hoist and lower flags, but maybe something like this would make it easier to run to the committee boat shorthanded.
  12. Sisu3360

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Hmm... How about something like an old railroad semaphore? Wooden panels that either hang down or fly horizontally, activated with servos. You’d need 3. Two class flags (one active, one on deck), one start rule flag. Make nylon covers for the panels that are easily swapped.
  13. Sisu3360

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    I really like the idea - basically an update of the classic “start box” but with a visual component. I do wonder if the lights would be bright enough to adequately replace flags as a visual signal, but I bet there’s a way to come up with something that works.
  14. Sisu3360

    Settle a tie

    Right, fixed. Too many of As and Bs to keep track of.
  15. Sisu3360

    Settle a tie

    Under Appendix A, Boat AB wins, as mentioned above. My opinion, for the little that it's worth, is that this is dumb. It should be who beat who more. I think it's a lot harder to get four 2nds than it is to put up a single 1st place finish. I've gotten enough random bullets as a mediocre sailor to know that it's easier to be lucky once in awhile than it is to be consistent.