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  1. We still use men on grinders.... Rugby pros are the go.... The penalty for power should be bigger imo Fucking Rugby nancyboys - we took half a dozen of them as grinders waay back in '76. Pfft - I could outgrind any of them, and I weighed 70kg then! One of 'em skinned a knuckle and had to be treated by the ship's doctor! Truly pathetic - and suggest they make their way forward to help bring the No 1 heavy back and they'd go wide eyed with fear. Maybe they were the reasons people went to diesels instead. Edit: S-H, not B-G, just to be clear.
  2. Thanks Jeff for the info about WT - I had it quite wrong. When I watched the intercept video, the thrust wakes from the motors appeared to have a circular component, and I was wondering if the motors counter-rotated (like twin engine boats). Is there anything to that, or does it just not matter? i.e. - engine No 1 spools up clockwise and No 2 anticlockwise (for a twin) and what config applies for a 4 engine B747 or A380? Or are they totally interchangeable and all spin the same direction? On the issue of chemtrails, I was given an interesting piece of info last year from a climatologist of world reknown. He said that the Earth warmed on 9/12 (the day after 9/11). Some opportunistic scientist had been pondering the reflectivity of jet contrails, and when all flights were grounded (in USA) on that day, they measured a tiny, but significant, increase in Earth temperature. This was because contrails are effective reflectors and bounce sunlight back out of the atmosphere. No contrails meant more heat reached the Earth. Fascinating stuff! I don't know if there was also an increase in crime because people didn't get their daily dose of meds though ...
  3. THIS. READ THIS AGAIN. THEN READ IT ONE MORE FUCKING TIME. TPG - them's pretty strong words. I don't live in the same country as you, but I'd appreciate it if you could point me to the statutory provision that forbids more information, so I can research it. State or Federal, doesn't matter which. Thanks (And I'll be happy to report back what I find, for the edification of us all).
  4. Can't link to it 'cos I'm at work, but a week or so ago a 2 engine heavy lost radio contact over Germany, and 2 German Air Force fighters were scrambled to intercept. The intercept was filmed from above and a couple of miles astern by a BA heavy tracking in the same direction. The footage clearly showed the incredible amount of energy in the wake of the lower plane. I thought of this Challenger incident, and with 4 wakes from a A380, I could imagine how turbulent the air must have been. Good work by the Challenger guys to put it on the ground, but what they went through is shown by the fact that the bizjet was written off on the spot! When did they go to 1000' vertical separation? That's BS. I thought it was 2000' vertical, 3 miles horizontal.
  5. Ha! Good one atoyot. My bath has a pvc drain, but I guess I can see WHK's explanation with old copper plumbing! (edit - sorry, and fd's). Interesting point about fresh water conductivity -v- salt water, must toss some salt in the bath before I try the experiments ...
  6. Yeah Rawhide, but I think to ensure electrocution, the old wiring would have to not include a RCD/ELCB, and not include a ground (2 pin plug only), and the bath would have to be earthed (fibreglass no good), and the person would have to be holding the live appliance and there would have to be another circumstance that connected the person to the live side of the appliance. I guess it's possible, but it's not exactly certain death ... But I notice that the deceased was a Thugby player, so lining up the holes in the swiss cheese of stupidity obviously came naturally.
  7. I here ya... but the young Brit ran an extension cord from the hall into the tub. Even a Darwin candidate of US decent could manage that! I've never understood this. Assuming the full 240 (AUS) from the extension lead gets immersed, there becomes a path (provided by the bathwater) between the active and neutral of the socket. If sufficient current flows, the circuit breaker should pop. At the same time, the bathwater provides a path between active and ground - if sufficient current flows (very little required if an RCD is fitted - as it should be in AUS and, I gather , USA), the RCD should pop. I don't see how the person forms part of this pathway. If the bath itself is grounded, for the person to be electrocuted, the person must form part of the path between what? The active and the bath? Surely the water would be a lower resistance path? Are we saying that the water becomes "live" and the person is grounded through contact with the bath? In that case why wouldn't the contact between the live water and the grounded bath just create a short circuit? As I see it, dropping a live extension lead into a bathtub should result in a *click* sound at the distribution board and nothing else. I've always mocked the TV shows that portray electrocution by hair dryer tossed in the bath with the victim - what am I missing (other than dramatic license or old, non-compliant wiring)?
  8. All is Lost was excellent. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt for days.
  9. You know, Norbowgirl, I used to think you were just a bit of fluff, despite a gig in Rags 100 delivering home (which earns kudos from me anyway). But I like the way you expressed this, and I'm happy to support your view. Cheers R
  10. With you wal', and thanks for the sentiment from our cousins across the ditch. Take the rest of the shit to PA where I don't have to see it. But ... Does anyone think that a unified tribe of Aborigines (there never was one) would still be in control (they never were) of this continent if the First Fleet had not arrived?!? Happy Australia Day to those who join me in celebrating it! R
  11. I remember Pathfinder, raced against her back in the day. She didn't set the world on fire like Wai Aniwa, Rainbow II etc, but was always competitive. I suspect the teak decks aren't original and the cabin sides don't look familiar, but she is still gorgeous, congratulations on becoming the current custodian!
  12. The original Voortrekker was 50' IIRC. And - I once had a chance to do Cape to Rio - can't remember now if was Kialoa 3 or the Blue Pig, but I had just shut down the VOR at Darwin airport and had 2 weeks to get the new one up and running, so I couldn't go. Bugger. Thanks Allan for the story!
  13. +1. Pretty ballsy to step ONTO a boat in that condition. That water is cold ...
  14. Aww bless! Forgotton but always gone. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^ Is the interwebs correct that Rampage was originaly 1976 MW40 Onya Of Gosford, then Hotel Tango? No. Rampage was built by the Packer family in Perth. She was a near sistership to Ceil 3, but built in cold moulded ply (can't remember what Ceil was built from - aluminium?). Bob/Ben didn't give any construction details for the stem and it turned out heavy, so they increased ballast to maintain the ratio. To push the extra weight, they added a few feet to the stick so she rated higher than Ceil, but she won the Hobart the year after Ceil did.