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  1. I am qualified to reliably produce hand soldered joints that will withstand the vibration, g-forces and temperature fluctuations of a space-shuttle launch. I haven't had a call for a number of years ...
  2. Jules, shame on you. On Friday the Q pointed out that a plane should always be rested on it's side so the blade doesn't get damaged - but you've done it again! At least one is propped by a hunk of timber so the blade is elevated from the bench, but the one by the shavings looks sinful. On a related topic - you know how one always unconsciously, touches the plane blade with the fingertips to feel how sharp it is? A mate of mine did that unconsciously when planing a job - but it was an electric plane! He would have made a good burglar after that - no fingerprints!
  3. Recidivist

    Random PicThread

    I remember Grumpy telling me that OPD had visited - I think when Grumps was in Balikpakpan (Borneo). Phat he was not - Grumps is pretty skinny, and he reckoned there was nothing to OPD. Grumpy took umbrage at something the mods did (I don't know what it was). From there on he gave BJ Porter absolute hell whenever he got a chance. It became an obsession and he appeared to become very bitter and twisted. I haven't seen him in the flesh for years, but the on-screen stuff wasn't the bloke I knew. Eventually he was flicked - he came back under a few guises, but I don't know if he's still here these days.
  4. Recidivist

    Random PicThread

    Ozrick is one - he already had the name when I joined, so I had to come up with something different. He died a year or so later from cancer. We had arranged to meet up when I was visiting Brisbane, but he was too fatigued, so we never met in person.
  5. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Jack - am I missing something? Your link says it was filmed at Woollies at Docklands - I couldn't find any reference that said it was filmed in China. I had heard of the video in the last week or so, but had never seen it.
  6. Recidivist

    Random PicThread

    Sorry if this has been asked, but who and why is the person who appears to have been hanged from the derrick on the port side?
  7. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Well, dickhead, I live in a semi-rural hinterland location, where social isolation is a daily reality, and I am practicing common sense - what fucking clue have you latched on to that gave you the idea I wasn't. I am not EXPECTING the whole country to close down - I am working with people who are trying to keep as much open as possible, consistent with saving lives. You are foolishly believing your own bullshit - that you know best. Guess what - you don't.
  8. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    It's not xenophobic, nor racist, to despise cunts who do this shit. Several days after Cyclone Tracy, the water supply people installed taps on the pipeline running into town, to give access to fresh water. A certain ethnic group used the water to wash their cars. They were not treated well. I wish the same had happened to this mob of fucking maggots.
  9. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Apologies if I haven't recognised your posts. But I don't think I'm losing sight of anything. I am not a medical expert, but I have just today been working to implement further travel restrictions that are considered necessary by Chief Health Officers around the country. If your expertise exceeds theirs, I wonder why you aren't in charge of the pandemic - oh, sorry, everyday event. There would be a lot of people in Italy and Spain who couldn't give a fuck about your concern for the economy, as they mourn their dead family members. And I am in the category that probably wouldn't be triaged to receive a ventilator, so you'll have to excuse me if I think you are being a cunt.
  10. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    I just got the impression that you were one of those sensitive souls who think the economy is so important that anyone over, say 50, should be pleased to be sacrificed to save it. Or do you set the threshold a little higher? Where do you think the line should be drawn?
  11. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Let me guess - you are under 50?
  12. Recidivist

    Older fast Aus multies

    When she arrived back in Darwin a few years ago, I spotted her at anchor in Sadgroves Creek. I motored in circles around her several times and took lots of photos. Then I went back to my project boat (which is a glass on ply 34' version of the same design with a little more WL beam to carry the extra weight) and reshaped the bows and cabin structures to emulate her lines. She is still a bloody attractive boat in my eyes. Current owner is a good mate I've known since he was a toddler. Hmm, I found the photos but can't upload? And they were taken in 2009 - I need to ramp up the progress on my cat!!!
  13. Recidivist

    Older fast Aus multies

    Duet/Screamer/Cuci Mata no longer has the wing mast, which apparently was very heavy. The owner before the current one obtained a 42' masthead rig from a mono, and was looking for a way to add a few feet. At the same time, I had a 50' fractional rig lighter tapered section that I was concerned was too big for my 34' project cat - which is intended as a coastal cruiser. So, we swapped. Last time I saw it, the wing mast was lashed to the fence at the MANTA (Multihull Association Northern Territory Australia) boatyard in Darwin. I reckon a carton would secure it.
  14. Recidivist

    Australian Sailing

    I'd go further than "tone deaf". I suspect that it's a further deliberate put down of Shaggybaxter (the man who offered $50K to AS if they could show they were doing their job). It would have been very simple to link directly to the 2 new appeal decisions. But no - instead grs links to a page of links, including one to Shaggy's recent unsuccessful appeal. Rubbing his nose in it? A not-so-subtle reminder of who holds the power? I take it as a message that, if you stand up to AS, they will set out to bring you down and humiliate you. A national body working for the sport? That's not what I see. I bear in mind the quote oft attributed to Napoleon that "one should not attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence" - perhaps grs might care to set the record straight?
  15. Recidivist

    Meanwhile in NZ

    Hone? Who or what is Hone and with what are you almost agreeing? Thanks.