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  1. Recidivist

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Jesus Rob, are you a defence lawyer? I'm colour blind - but my impression is that the defendants played the race card first - if I'm wrong, please correct me. The fact that others have lied to cross the border hardly reduces the culpability of these particular liars. The pressure they are under from their criminal bosses is something to be taken into account by the sentencing judge - which is who these <insert epithet here> should be facing, but for the piss weak approach of Qld police, who want to issue infringement notices rather than establishing a case in court that might lead to real punishment. There's a lot going on here, and very little of it reflects well on those in authority - not excusing for a minute the arseholes who lie and cheat because they are too important, or it only kills old people, or whose lives are so important that they can't be put on hold for some piddling inconvenience like a pandemic. Oh, and by the way - fuck all Victorians (just for the fun of it).
  2. Recidivist

    Big Ichi on fire at CYCA

    Yeah, it's bloody stupid to take a multi-million dollar race yacht, built of highly flammable materials, and then rely on a $150 De Longhi Dehummer, running 24 /7, to keep it warm and dry. But everyone does ... (I did too for many years!).
  3. Recidivist

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    Looks good PIL, congrats!
  4. Recidivist

    American Idiots’ Poverty snd Death

    Good article, thanks for posting it Gouv. I have been pondering along the same lines recently. Why is it that America can find so many Americans who will, as in Portland ATM, savagely beat their fellow Americans? How can so many people be so cruel to their neighbours? If so many are prepared to turn on their countrymen so savagely, can it be called a society? It's not - it's a jungle, kill or be killed. And that, I think, is what Umair Haque is trying to express. It's very sad to watch.
  5. Recidivist

    Random PicThread

    I still remember the car magazine (which one?) headline to an article when they removed the tax exempt status from the Jensen FF as a FWD "FF today, FA tomorrow"
  6. Recidivist


    Sorry Lark - I'm with Laurent on this. I think this is overly harsh, and overly generalised. Your rant is against hospitals, ie, the institution. But your wrath falls on the team members who get sick and die. Why do they get sick and die? Because they are trying to save the lives of others. I think that makes them worthy of my "help and pity".
  7. Recidivist

    Goya Foods - Robert Unanue

    Please, please don't associate me with Dog!
  8. Recidivist


  9. Recidivist

    Who has had the test?

    What is a self administered test? Clearly it's not the throat and nose swab - you wouldn't be able to do that yourself - is it a pin-prick blood test or something? Congrats on the negative.
  10. Recidivist

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    I've been aboard her - twice I think. The thing is fricking HUGE. Wishing for a quick recovery for those injured.
  11. Recidivist

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    To be fair, the down-fucker might be set alright if the boat was level and heading in the right direction ...
  12. Recidivist

    Australian Sailing

    Maybe GRS would have to pay for a sailpass?
  13. Recidivist


    Damn PB, you had us all relaxed and now you spring this on us. Please follow IB's advice, and keep us posted, as BG says. Lots of people here holding you in their thoughts.
  14. Recidivist


    Hang on - testing is for the PUBLIC benefit.
  15. Recidivist

    Australian Peeps - Help!

    I remember from many decades ago a report that said that sailing was the second highest rate of participation of all olympic sports - swimming being the highest. They were talking participation as a recreational activity, not competition.