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  1. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    I removed a patch of KG from the deck of my old boat when the new owners wanted to check something. 4" angle grinder, 80 grit disc that had been used, so it was a bit dull. No problem and didn't even remove the epoxy primer I had used underneath the KG.
  2. Lief Erikson

    I have learned much from Steve Clark on these forums, but never before about slavery, plague and American History ! Fuck I love this place - thanks SHC for that insight.
  3. Holden R.I.P.

    Maate! We've gone back to importing Skoda's FFS! And they're marketing them as an upmarket vehicle. Fucking Skoda"s!
  4. Puerto Rico

    That was the point I was trying to get across - not successfully apparently. In 1974 we knew there was a cyclone close by. We DIDN'T know it would directly hit Darwin, or what would happen if it did. In 2017, we KNEW a hurricane was going to directly hit PR and we knew what would happen when it did hit. Forecasting and knowledge are so much better now. So, how come no-one was prepared? With the benefit of the extra knowledge, planes should have been lined up at airports all over continental USA, loaded with relief supplies and ready to take off as soon as the SJ runway could take them. Emergency management plans should have been in place, capable of being implemented remotely in case there was no local infrastructure left standing (this is entirely foreseeable). It's very difficult to kick oneself into gear when shell-shocked from the fury of such a storm. But when you KNOW what's about to be unleashed, someone has to assemble people beforehand and say "we know what's about to happen - when it's gone away YOU have to get in your machinery and drive to the airport, clearing roads as you go." Out of 100 people who are given that message, 50 will have urgent family matters to attend to, but the other 50 will self-start and the runway will be cleared, even in the absence of leadership. NONE of this happened? Why not? No preparation, slow start to after-the-event response. No attempt to evacuate people before or after. The problems caused by mountainous terrain were known, the problem with lack of safe water was entirely foreseeable. Loss of power infrastructure must have been anticipated. That, in 2017, the USA couldn't put this together for 3 million of its citizens is stunning. I cannot believe it's due to ineptitude - I'm confident the USA has a surfeit of experts. Blase? Not after Katrina. Uncaring is looking like the answer, but that is seemingly belied by the posters here expressing concern. I don't know - can you tell me?
  5. Puerto Rico

    The largest peace-time airlift in history was the evacuation of civilians from Darwin after Cyclone Tracy. I can assure you there was no "intact ATC" (nor navaids for the planes). People who owned excavators and trucks came to the airport of their own accord, and shifted 700 tons of rubble from the runway in one day. My friends were standing in thigh deep water, getting electric shock after shock, trying to make the power system safe, let alone the control system. I had a team helping dismantle a destroyed building brick by brick (by hand) trying to find a single coax connector I had installed the previous day, so we could re-use it on a navaid (DME). The battery from my car, hooked up to a marine HF radio, sent out the first transmission from Darwin to a small plane overhead, and that's how the world learned of the destruction of an entire city. Small beer indeed compared to PR. That airlift was not a short flight to an intact city and airport. But it got thousands of people out of the city, where lack of water was very quickly going to be a big issue. If we could do that in 1975, the failure of the once mighty USA to provide relief to 3 million of your citizens is beyond appalling.
  6. Remember the Carrier Plant Trump saved?

    Going rate here for backpackers is $25/hr cash in hand. I have a couple of young blokes helping me out at the boatyard tomorrow. They are switched on and can work without me being around - I'll probably have to pay them at least $30/hr. Happy to do so, and if they have some time free the following week I'll have some more work for them.
  7. Farr 38 (11.6) Sail RTW?

    What makes you think the 11.6 is tough? A mate in Darwin has cruised his 11.6 extensively up around New Guinea etc. A couple of thousand miles out, and then back again, months at a time. It's rigged with heavy dive compressor in the liferaft well under the cockpit, and a heavy bimini/solar panel/davits/ divetanks frame around the cockpit. Transom is immersed by an inch or so. Low topsides in the first place, and heavily laden makes for a fairly wet cockpit. In order to clear the bimini, he shortened the boom by about a metre, with no noticeable loss in (cruising) performance. They normally sail with a reef in anyway. He and his missus are off again soon for the 3rd (or maybe 4th) extensive trip. Before his first trip, Ollie built in a lot of new lockers, which assisted with stowage space. Main issue with 11.6's was that initially the spiderframe (keel support moulding) didn't touch the hull in the centreline when the outer portions contacted the hull. Drums of resin were used as weights while the frame was tabbed to the hull, but quite a few frames separated from the hull, leading to at least one keel loss and a lot of repairs under "warranty". The model ran for a long time with no issues I know of in recent models, but before his first trip Ollie dropped the keel off his to check it and we found his boat has centreline keel bolts (earlier ones were paired, with larger diameter bolts and more of them). Another I know of clocked a rock and nearly sank when the aft end of the keel punched up, ripping the hull almost halfway around. Another has the cabin top liner "popped" just aft of the main bulkhead from excessive backstay at some stage - but the moulding has stayed popped for 20 years! A number of boats I know have had the lower portions of the main bulkhead rot out - one had the chainplate exit vertically through the deck. One at least has suffered from soft areas of cabin top. A NZ version was holed in a collision and Auckland newspapers were extracted from the stringers - they were used as the core. This same boat was built with the mast extrusion used as "earth return" for mast light wiring. It has a lot of trouble keeping paint on the mast. It would take a lot of work to make an 11.6 into a good RTW boat, but if you're up for it, and find a good one to begin with, you might be OK. Personally, I'd look at an Adams 40 in that size/age/price range.
  8. This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.

    Fuck you. She did nothing that deserved death. Your society is fucked up - own it!
  9. Jeff Sessions Wants The Police To Take Your Money

    A worrying aspect of the cases cited is that it's only money that is targeted. Partly because allegation of money-laundering is being used as a justification, but still, the major cases here are about houses that have been used to grow dope, cars purchased from drug profits etc. Not so much concentration on cash, and accordingly there's more required to obtain transfer of the tile to someone's house! The shift from conviction based forfeiture came about because it was the small fry who got the convictions, but the Mr Big's accumulated the wealth. It appears there IS constitutional protection, but it's only after the event. Ours requires a court involvement BEFORE the forfeiture event. We can obtain an interim restraining order to freeze a bank account, but again, only if the Court is convinced. I have to say I don't like your system ... it's totally open to abuse and those links indicate it's going on!
  10. Jeff Sessions Wants The Police To Take Your Money

    OK, I know a little about this topic. I don't know the US system, but I'd be amazed if it is as the linked article suggests where police purportedly seize and retain for their own purposes money and assets without any oversight. In our small jurisdiction, property used in the commission of a crime is forfeited to the State if a Court is satisfied about the link to the crime. For example, the getaway car. It's not necessary for anyone to be found guilty of the actual crime. Similarly with property that is derived from a crime - a stolen car, for instance, or something purchased with the proceeds of a bank robbery. If there is not a direct link with a crime (for example, unexplained wealth), a debt is created to the State in the amount a Court finds to be the extent of the unexplained wealth. So, if you've got a $mil you can't explain, and the Court thinks it is more likely than not that the $mil was obtained unlawfully, the Court declares that you owe $mil to the State. Any assets you have, not necessarily limited to the $mil, are restrained by Court order so you can't deal with them. You can have the restraint lifted by using other assets to pay the debt. If you don't pay by other means, the restrained assets are forfeited to the State by another Court order. The step of imputing the debt is to address certain constitutional constraints our jurisdiction has that Aus States don't have. If you are found guilty of 3 drug offences (not mere possession, but dealing) over any period of time, the Court that finds you guilty of the latest offence can declare you to be a drug dealer. Then, all bets are off. The State will now take every cent you have, and every cent you ever come into. The number of people stupid enough to keep dealing drugs after 2 strikes is remarkably small. I reckon it's a good system. The biggest complaint I recognise is that the government doesn't have enough lawyers to ensure the system is applied in ALL cases. Because the lawyers have to decide on a case by case basis, they are exposed to complaints of capriciousness, but they just have to live with that. The lawyers who work in this field bring in significantly more than their own costs, but the money goes to "consolidated revenue", and isn't retained by any government Department, so there's no profit motive involved. There are protections for innocent parties whose property could be restrained or forfeited by the actions of others. Surely with all the constitutional protections Americans have, a person's property couldn't be taken from them without judicial process?
  11. Good Luck

    How did I just KNOW it was going to be China?
  12. Robby Gordon super trucks

    Who the fuck do these tinpot countries think they are? Telling me what I can and can't do. I'm an AMERICAN Goddam it, and that gives me the right to do whatever I like, anywhere in the world. Merica, Fuck Yeah! You think it's strange that an Australian judge takes umbrage? Anyway, I'm out. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  13. Robby Gordon super trucks

    Not disbelieving you, but can you provide a link for this? It's just that Local Court matters aren't put up on the net like Supreme Court decisions. Also, the judge concerned is a relieving Judge and has only been acting in that role for a couple of months, after being retired for some years. BTW, his last name is misspelled in the article linked in the OP, so you've done well to track him down. I'll let him know he's got a stalker, he'll be chuffed. Anyway, drunken aboriginals throwing punches are an everyday occurrence for NT Cops. Blowhard idiots doing burnouts in trucks in city streets is a little more unusual, even for the Territory. You will note that Gordon was charged with driving in a dangerous manner, and pleaded guilty to that charge. A lesser charge of driving in a manner that causes loss of traction (burnouts) was available, but obviously the cops didn't think that reflected the seriousness of the conduct. And Gordon AGREED by pleading guilty.
  14. Robby Gordon super trucks

    Oh well, in their airconditioned cocoon, the cops may not have been able to hear the screeching of tyres, or smell the smoke, from 50 metres away around the corner! Fuck, I thought they were supposed to have a permanent presence in Mitchell Street - someone gets the shit beaten out of them almost every night there! Dilligaff - sensitive much? Try getting outside more often.
  15. Robby Gordon super trucks

    You call it commonsense - I call it redneck hillbilly fucktardness. You can keep the fuckwit. (I have no objection to him racing on a track, or doing burnouts at a race meeting - NOT on public streets)