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  1. Bunbury Return OR, Finistere Overturned?

    Damn. Condolences to the families of the deceased, their crewmates and friends.
  2. Bunbury Return OR, Finistere Overturned?

    Very bad news - hope they find the missing crew. Please keep us updated Swanno.
  3. Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

    I had a 3QM in my previous boat - seawater cooled though. It went through a period of alarming for overtemp. I tried everything I could think of, but a marine engineer mate solved it - thermostat was gummed up and sticking closed. I remembered that I had checked it, but I was looking at the "wrong" side and couldn't see the gunk.
  4. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    My pick too! Or Envy Scooters (ex Itchy Bum ex Shogun V, ex Azzurra) with a larger rudder. That boat is just a life support system for spinnakers.
  5. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Walk on the Wild Side (aka Walk on the Windows) is a 58'. Garth had a bit of bad luck with rigs lately. Converted to twin rudders and hull sheathed with carbon to stiffen it for higher rig loads. He keeps her in good nick. He had a health issue a year or so back and put her up for sale. Didn't sell, so he decided to keep her. I don't think he was sad about it. Yes, spends most of it's time in Perth, but also Darwin where Garth has a house - he races to Indo (Perth - Bali and Darwin - Ambon) frequently.
  6. We chartered a fishing charter boat a few years back to watch the Tornado Worlds off Takapuna. It was a bit under 40', skipper only, no deckie required as we were all competent sailors. It wasn't ridiculously expensive, there was enough room and shade for everyone, and while we were waiting for some breeze the skipper pulled out some rods and we caught some fish which he promptly barbecued for us. He was based in Westhaven. Must be plenty like that in AKL.
  7. Great Harbour stow on the main. Pride in seamanship - at least the Irish pennants aren't out.
  8. Bob Biddlecomb I think. The Manitou 32 was a waste of resin. Hideous things. One that couldn't sell at any price sat in a $60K berth in Darwin for year after year - no-one ever went near it. Finally the unimaginable - someone bought it! Maybe it was this dude? The Citation 34 was a completely different boat - not to my taste, but they had a reputation of being OK sea boats. I never knew BB was involved in them - I actually thought they were a Canadian product for some reason.
  9. Fremont California and Tesla

    Hey, no dissing Darwin! The girls I work with are (mostly) very attractive - and seriously smart. The ones in the parks hurling abuse at the "white c*nts" passing by - not so much.
  10. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    I thought the guy was dreaming - no way was that a do-able repair. Good on him. She's also greatly improved by pushing the bridgedeck out further so you can actually walk upright into the hulls from the saloon. Lindsay had already done that before she found the rocks.
  11. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Fuck - is that for real? FUCK
  12. PSS Dripless Shaft Seals: Pros/Cons/Experiences?

    I installed a PSS seal on my previous boat. There wasn't enough room for a Manecraft and the PSS was shorter. Not long after, while motorsailing into a near gale with filthy seas, we stuffed into a big wave that stopped the boat dead and ripped off one of the engine mounts. The motor swung around a bit and bent the brand new prop shaft at the coupling. The result of the now bent shaft was that at one point in the shaft rotation, the seal was perfect - 180 degrees later, seawater p*ssed in! The electric bilge pump kept up and we made it to harbour OK. Re-machined the shaft, replaced the mounts and never had another problem.
  13. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Thanks SC. Rings a bell now, and that photo isn't 58'. R
  14. “In fraud we trust”

    Bash to fit, bog to fair, paint to match. Shipwright's version. In the old days it was "in glue and dust we place our trust".
  15. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    I thought G Whizz was a 58 Inglis, similar to Walk On the Wildside. Ross Raynor was the bloke's name. Ross sold the business to his manager Brock Simon and as far as I know, the business is still going. Ross now lives in Caloundra I think. I saw him back in Darwin a year or so ago.