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  1. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    Thanks sweetheart - appreciate the mention, and the continued false assumptions about my motivations.
  2. I suppose that you and I have a different interpretation of the post. I took it to be a poke at Antifa, as a counter to BJs mention of the Nazis being afraid to show their faces, and in that case, GD is correct. That the Nazi asswipes do it too doesn't negate Antifa's actions - it means that both groups are assholes who are doing things that they don't want anyone else to see them doing.
  3. That some of the Nazi assholes did it too in no way negates that the Antifa assholes are also afraid to show their faces. If you're as certain as you act that your perspective on everything is correct, why do you feel the need to twist and deflect?
  4. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Omarosa and her book and her tapes

    Thank you for that clarification - the two things are quite different. NDAs are prevalent, personal NDAs are not.
  5. Does that negate GDs point?
  6. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Omarosa and her book and her tapes

    Do you really have any idea what you're saying? Government employees/contractors are regularly bound by NDAs. Here's a helpful link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Form_312
  7. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    Why would I repeat myself? I've been quite clear about the basis for my opinions, and while I'm admittedly to the right of most of you left-coasters, I don't do "party", so I think your claim of partisan hackey is just more noise. Do you have a little handbook of baseless accusations that you look up when you get ready to reply, or are you just that witty?
  8. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    You'd think that someone as capable and experienced as Mme Clinton was would have known which EC pools she'd need to court, wouldn't ya? I'm glad she lost, and I'm sorry Trump won - in this election, there was no outcome that would have suited me. As to being "gleeful" about Trump? Your powers of deduction are simply astounding - until you just said something, I didn't know that I was gleeful - I suppose I oughta say "Thanks"!
  9. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    You're upset that the anointed one couldn't run a campaign strong enough to beat someone as obviously incapable as Trump, and I think that the incompetence of your party apparatus embarrasses you.
  10. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Omarosa and her book and her tapes

    The idea that he can use an NDA to prevent anyone from "disparaging" him is nonsense. Preventing the disclosure of government information she obtained in the course of her duties is reasonable.
  11. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Drip Drip Drip

    If you're that butt hurt about Clinton's nomination, maybe y'all will do better next time?
  12. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Omarosa and her book and her tapes

    I'm curious to see how this works out. I'm bound by several NDAs - and most of them are for life.
  13. Thanks for sharing this - Bonneville is a magical place. I made my first trip in 2001, the area, the machines and the people there are beond compare, it's the best, most fraternal racing I've ever done. 450 in a piston powered, wheel driven car - those 7 miles go by quick at those kinds of speeds!
  14. To the bolded part? I think you're quite correct, and that we ought to all consider that motivation when deciding who to support in the next presidential primaries. I truly hope that a conservative adult decides to challenge Trump - I don't want to think that party loyalty would drive conservatives to feign support for this goof for another term.
  15. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Baltimore Pigs

    That's a bit different than your earlier assertion - and we would be crucified, as should the people in the decision chain who caused that man's death. Police do and should be afforded a great deal of deference, but, only to the point that their behavior is in accordance with established procedures. When they strat beyond those limits? Not only have they erred professionally, but, they have violated the public trust, and that's a standard that we can't afford to relax.