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  1. So - specious - you're pretty adamant in your opposition to the cops, what would YOU do to fix things? What would you change, how long would it take for the effects of those changes to create the desired results, and what assumptions/constraints do you consider in your design?
  2. The only one who considered it an "outrage", my poor Californiuckian friend, was you. I considered it a valid point, and brought it up as evidence that there are indeed people in the country who are taking action to enable non-citizens and illegal immigrants the ability to vote. Mebbe regular coffee for the 1st cup would help?
  3. Nope - you're dismissively suggesting that my opposition to permitting non-citizens and illegal immigrants to participate in elections is faux rage. I agreed w/Bus both that non-citizens shouldn't expect the ability to vote, and that the issue, while valid, is way down on the list of legislative priorities that the white house should be acting upon. Have another cup of coffee, Flash - you're not awake yet.
  4. I appreciate your perspective, but, it's not accurate. Re-read my posts on the topic, and if you don't think any differently after doing that, I don't think there's anything I can or want to say.
  5. Indeed - stuff a bunch of portable (like FOB sized) generators, a buncha fuel blivets to keep 'em going, and various food/building supplies on the boats and send 'em down to the islands. I haven't heard anything yet - but, hope someone @ FEMA & the Dept of the Navy are thinking along these lines.
  6. You need more coffee this morning?
  7. Guns as a casual, everyday thing? That was the case for a very long time - I'm certain everyone remembers seeing gun racks in the back window of the pickup truck, and thinking nothing of it. What's changed in the past 30 years ain't the guns, and that's not what needs to change now.
  8. Maybe we oughta institute different font colors/effects to depict differing intentions. We've got the sarcasm font The Real Issue Font The "I have no point but to say you're full of shit" font The "Tangent, but, still a good point" font The "I simply hate everything your side does" font Others?
  9. Yeah - she looks more scared than crazy. Just gotta wonder what's in the heads of these women? Most of 'em haven't been hideous looking monsters who can't get the attention they crave some other way. Makes me wonder if it's some kinda desire for absolute authority or somethin'.
  10. There's something to what you said, but, the counter to that are the plethora of baseless accusations against the police forces by people who are simply upset at having been caught. There's gotta be a balance somewhere - but, going to the other extreme and treating every police use of force as unjustified until proven otherwise isn't the answer either. I'm no fan of cops being used as revenue generation agents, but, I've been on their side of the fence, too - and would ask each of you to consider how you'd feel going to work every day knowing that your uniform made you a hated target, marked for death. I doubt many would take on the job, and that that number who would would be much lower if the police didn't have the protection of statute, unions, the force at large. I suspect that anyone who did would have a much different perspective on human behavior after a year or so on the job. Knowing what they have to deal with? I'm generally inclined to side with the cops unless the circumstances of a specific instance warrant a different perception. In this case? It looks rotten on the surface - but, I don't know enough of the underlying details to make a judgement one way or another.
  11. Sounds like a crappy combination of circumstances with a tragic ending - I doubt this is how anyone involved wanted the situation to end. Of course - we've got to prove that there's evil intent, somebody had to hate someone else for such a tragedy to occur, no other explanation will do.
  12. Very good - w/r/t returning w/fresh game - dry ice? big styrofoam boxes in the truck bed?
  13. Speaking of Irma - has anyone heard from our Houston area denizens lately? Haven't seen much outta D'Ranger - IIRC he was heading out to help some family/friends that had been impacted?
  14. Asking in earnest, do the local WX patterns indicate that that elevation would be problematic?
  15. We're in complete agreement on this.