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  1. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    It works in the military (Auto/Hobby Shops) because they don't have to pay for the building overhead, and the equipment is funded thru the MWR fund. Commercially? I can see such a place being attractive to do-it-your-selfers w/out their own space/tools - but, from the business owner's perspective? I see a lot of potential for liability, low margins, and a lot of daily client interaction hassles.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Fuggers.

    I'm putting my phone in the glovebox, leaving the computer turned off, planning to eat too much, drink too much, split firewood, build a new guitar rack, and play music 'til Sunday night. I hope that all you miserable idgits have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday - and don't forget to do something nice for someone who's not expecting it.
  3. Trump's Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. Soldiers Goes Unnoticed

    I would agree that it wouldn't be something a rational leader would want to gloss over - but, I sincerely question that we can equate that expectation to a belief that Trump was briefed and intentionally ignored that facet of the death report. I think, but, have nothing other than my opinion to back it up, that if Trump had been aware of such a heinous death, he would have tried to use this information to some advantage. That he didn't? Implies to me that he probably didn't know - he doesn't strike me as someone who expends much effort in understanding details before he decides what to say and do.
  4. US votes against anti Nazi resolution

    I looked for a quick minute, but, couldn't find the text of the resolution - if you've got it or a link to it handy, I'd appreciate a chance to read it. As I said above - this may very well be the US delegate screwing the pooch, and it could be a sensational headline intended to garner the reaction shown above.
  5. What IS harrassment?

    It's pleasant to see decent feedback from you too, Steamers - and the bolded part? Were folks to try that a bit more often, I think it would go a long way towards encouraging understanding.
  6. Trump's Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. Soldiers Goes Unnoticed

    For someone who used to be in the military, you certainly seem to have forgotten an awful lot. I understand your dislike of Trump - but, he didn't hand-pick every person deployed to unpleasant locales based inversely upon their likelihood to politically support him. As I said when Obama was President - there's enough of substance to discuss - making up stuff just because you don't like him demeans those who do.
  7. Trump's Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. Soldiers Goes Unnoticed

    Or - they had part of his body - and maybe found the other parts that were hacked off w/a machete.
  8. US votes against anti Nazi resolution

    Anybody got more than an article headline to describe the contents of the resolution? The intentions stated in the title may be well and good, but, the stipulations of the resolution may indeed have been problematic, and our UN delegate may have royally screwed the pooch - without reading the resolution, hard to tell. I suspect many of the up-thread respondents are replying to the article's title moreso than the content of the resolution and corresponding vote. I will give it 3 more replies before someone accuses me of being a Nazi Trump supporter....
  9. What IS harrassment?

    Why do you think that, Flash? is it because you conflate my questioning of many of the absurd things that the trump - haters throw out with me being a trump/team R supporter? You're wrong - I'm very interested in discussion and understanding - but, it's gotta go both ways, and You and several others often show that you're more interested in slagging than in discussion. This thread is my game - and you brought a figurative baseball bat to a debate.
  10. Tax “Reform”

    Try to address the substance of my comment? I bet ya can if you try REAL hard
  11. What IS harrassment?

    yeah - nope. Thanks for playing.
  12. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    Prove it, admit that you just hate ME or every conservative perspective and want to stomp and yell about it, or STFU.
  13. What IS harrassment?

    To the 1st? How about an overheard offhand remark that's taken out of context - and thus makes the person hearing the comment uncomfortable? Is that harrassment? does the intention of the person making the comment and the context in which it was uttered then count? To the second - yup - absolutely, intentional or not - if someone's behavior makes someone else uncomfortable in a work situation? It oughta stop. Not at work? Different story.
  14. What IS harrassment?

    Thanks Philly, and in the situation where a power dynamic is a consideration? I think that everyone should agree, and that you're absolutely correct. I'd go so far as to say that this puts the onus on the person who wields the power/authority to ensure that their behaviors don't include anything that cold be construed as coercion, or an attempt to create self-gratification. I like how you said that. What about activities/comments that aren't coercive/self-gratifying?
  15. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    *I* earned it? Everyone who isn't aligned with the political left earned it? Do tell.