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  1. A guy in the Chesapeake

    NRA Kills 24 Year Old Vet With PTSD

    I didn't create the line, the V.A. did, and were pulled up short for doing so wrongly, and you, as usual, twisted it to fit your warped, factually baseless narrative of how things should be according to BL.
  2. Naw - the dingo's ate all of 'em that weren't lost.
  3. A guy in the Chesapeake

    What kind of a country do you want to live in?

    Gave it a whirl - I would have preferred some additional options for a couple of the questions, or to be able to select multiple answers, as the right approach isn't as binary as the questions seem to imply.
  4. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    After all the fear of mistreatment at the hands of the US government, we still expect 20K more? Hmm - wonder what is used as the basis for that estimate. As to using military facilities as temporary holding, it seems that was a grand idea when it was proposed for the Mariel Boatlift folks - it got 'em out of communist Cuba, after all. The facilities are likely better conditions than most of the "refugees" have experienced at home or on their journey to illegal entry to the US. The problem is the countries who's corrupt leadership can't provide personal security or economic viability for their respective populaces. Maybe a look a little closer to the source of the problem would yield a better solution?
  5. Where's the false equivalency? Many of the reports provided as fodder for this little fuckfest were reported before Trump took office. here's one, but, it's a common theme in all the "reports" Copied from "https://www.businessinsider.com.au/migrant-children-forcibly-drugged-abused-in-us-government-detention-2018-6?r=US&IR=T" "A class-action lawsuit concerning the government’s treatment of unaccompanied migrant children in its care was filed in April, shortly after the Trump administration implemented its “zero tolerance” immigration policy for illegal arrivals. But many of the allegations of abuse in the filings go back years."
  6. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    They can't confirm != "lost to trafficking" - how many of the sponsors file tax returns? Hmmm? The kids are supposed to be "kept with family" - but, you want the families to be vetted for "potential sex crimes" and tracked afterwards? But, it's wrong to use immigration status as a reason to track detain someone? Tell me again how that's all supposed to work.
  7. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    It's amazing how you can understand better than I do what I mean. That kind of cognition must make it hard for you to deal with mere mortals. I'm not justifying the recent enforcement approach - I'm using the comparison to articulate that the issue isn't as simple as you want to make it seem, and that you refuse to get past your desire to demonize those who disagree with your political positions to accept that. To your question, and the 4th time I've answered it: Taking kids away from a parent who's not going to be jailed for a crime shouldn't happen. What happens to kids in the car/house w/a parent who's getting locked up, even if it's for a misdemeanor charge, prior to the court hearing, prior to the bail hearing? They don't go to the jailhouse while the parents are being booked - they are released to the custody of adult relatives, or remanded to CPS. Edited to add: how is that supposed to work for someone coming into the country illegally? This is a very similar circumstance, but, because you don't think that illegal immigration should be a punishable offense, you want to apply a different standard.
  8. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    MISSING in this context, you silly twat, means that their whereabouts couldn't be verified. I have no problem accepting that a bit over 10% of those people had moved, and didn't bother to report their new whereabouts to the immigration authorities, or simply didn't want to respond. What do YOU think happened to them, the Dingo ate 'em?
  9. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    You said it - no reason to imagine anything. To your second comment? Yeah - we're in complete agreement. Let's see if you feel that way the next time someone clamors to "do something" and attempts to use a sound bite as a substitute for sound policy.
  10. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    Hmm - let's think about that - if a parent's behavior and actions endanger a child's well being, what would your initial reaction be? Call Child Protective Services to extricate the child from the dangerous circumstances? Or would you just turn a blind eye, because after all, being with the parents is always better? The point is that the correct approach is situational, and subject to many circumstantial considerations, not the right/wrong one size fits all BS that you're trying to push as the self proclaimed arbiter of everything.
  11. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    So - is there an acceptable threshold? I mean if we're talking about "Only 3-4 MIllion" (which isn't supported by the article you cited earlier as the source for your #s) - CA should be able to absorb support of that load w/no impact to its budget, schools, medical facilities, etc, right?
  12. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Immigrant Children

    That's the difference - they or their sponsors are avoiding contact, thus, their location can't be confirmed, which is a much different perspective than the BS you're trying to spin, Meli.
  13. A guy in the Chesapeake

    MANLY Tent Trailer ANARCHY - Oh My, Now What did I do ??

    I hope he enjoys it! Does he buy toys like my former guitarist? Buys a new expensive guitar and sells it 4 months later for 1/3 the cost? Does he regularly buy guitars or boats ? ;-)
  14. A guy in the Chesapeake

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    Funny - I don't recall hearing about that rule change...
  15. A guy in the Chesapeake

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    He did? I didn't know anything had gotten out of Congress yet?