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  1. Latadjust

    The F1 2020 thread

    Ya, it's like a Porsche racing a bunch of Volkswagens - kinda lame...maybe Michael's wins were harder-won?
  2. Latadjust

    Bradshaw Bunch

    Ya, I felt the same, kind of saw it inadvertently, but that is why I posted
  3. Latadjust

    Bradshaw Bunch

    Heads up, sports fans, I checked this tv show out, warning: I spit out my coffee a couple of times, Terry being Terry, careful if you're going to sip and watch! Actually LOL
  4. Latadjust

    Random PicThread

    Mannnnn! Can you imagine heading down grade in that rig? Sheeeeeee-it, one hand on the door latch!
  5. Latadjust

    Would you take the CV-19 vaccine

    I will if necessary to travel, but our plans are for next June, so I have time to see how it goes
  6. Latadjust

    Dirty joke punch lines

    ...Jill came down with $2.50 - Dice
  7. I have a Wavelength and love it for racing, day sailing and boat camping but up in your neck of the woods I'd go with an Olson 25, sails nicely and would be more comfortable and warm on the more chilly nights you will have there. There is one for sale on sf craigslist, there are also 2 or 3 J24s on Sacramento craigslist
  8. Latadjust

    Broken Ribs

    Dont laugh, which means stay away from:....
  9. Latadjust

    Dirty joke punch lines

    "Help me find my keys and we can DRIVE out of here."
  10. Latadjust

    TDF 2020

    Dang! Sepp Kuss is the man! Can we look forward to him someday challenging for GC or is he destined to be a George Hincappie type pro?
  11. Latadjust

    Why do you race?

    Arnold's mom be like "stand up straight, dear"
  12. Latadjust

    TDF 2020

    Tomorrow's the big day - does any team have the resources and rider to challenge Jumbo-Visma/Primož Roglič?
  13. Latadjust

    Random PicThread

    Guy at the bottom of the frame, 1st ever photo bomb
  14. Latadjust

    A pandemic cure

    G & T, my cousin also, although he sticks to really good gin and top grade tonic and I roll with the cheap stuff- my doctor approves btw, in moderation - hey, umpteen thousand Brits in India can't be wrong!
  15. Latadjust

    Why do you race?

    Try reading No Excuse to Lose by Dennis Conner and the writings of Dr. Stuart Walker, especially his observations on the psychology of winning. When everything goes right it is supremely satisfying, when it doesn't go well there are innumerable reasons why that one is then motivated to improve on, from boat prep and sails to tactics, strategy, boat handling and reading the wind. Also, the rum is really good at the post race festivities, so there's that. Ps: find and observe a S.U.Y.T. flag, I think they had 'em in the 70s