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  1. Latadjust

    You scratched my anchor!

    Bow to bridge: "Uh, wtf?...over"
  2. Latadjust

    Taxi dancer

    And Finisterre (is she still around?)
  3. Latadjust

    K D Lang beer jingle

    You guys are troopers, imagine if we put our efforts into an undertaking of consequence, for the greater good... Nah
  4. Latadjust

    happy turkey day to those that celebrate

    ...uh, just to make sure, and giving you all benefit of the doubt of course, by "tiny turkey" you aren't referring to our constant irritant the seagull, yes? smiley emoji* (*smiley emoji brought to you by guy who cant figure out how to post an actual emoji) Happy Thanksgiving! turkey emoji
  5. Latadjust

    K D Lang beer jingle

    From the 80s? Short radio jingle, maybe Budweiser? Country tune... Help, I've fallen (into a rabbit hole) and I can't get (out), cant find this KD Lang jingle anywhere, I've been thrashing around the vast expanse of the internet, shouldn't be this hard to find And, as with most rabbit hole ventures, it's pretty inconsequential
  6. Latadjust

    so who's heading to the caribbean this winter?

    Sorry, that was aimed at the situation, I feel for the people of the BVI who rely on sailing tourism
  7. That is so cool! When I was in my 20s, I would have shipped out to be part of that
  8. Latadjust

    Random PicThread

    You know how we tap on the barometer to get an updated reading? ...just gotta say, that's a lot of tapping...
  9. Latadjust

    Random PicThread

    Dress left
  10. Latadjust

    Random PicThread

  11. Second on Conch, great people there, nice boats, great rates, we're going back next spring- BVI is the perfect place for a couple sailing a ~40' mono, 4 day "quarantine" on the boat in various anchorages while you can sail, swim, snorkel, cook on board then enjoy the beach side burger and Painkiller establishments in the sand, 1' tidal range means cool spots to hang out within feet of the water- it's Disneyland for adults (that love sailing)
  12. Latadjust

    Best Porsche 911??

    When the turbo lags and then kicks in half way around the curve, off the track you go
  13. Latadjust

    Best Porsche 911??

    The tail wags the dog, like a 911 Turbo from what I've heard
  14. Latadjust

    Calling All Captains!

    Word to the wise: be sure to study up on the difference between gorillas guerrillas, just sayin'