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  1. I've spent well over a hundred days racing so far this year and I oft forget how enjoyable it is to just sail for the sake of sailing... I actually had to drag myself out of bed the other day to go sail testing because honestly the last thing I wanted to do was to go sailing... so yes, if you do anything to excess you're bound to find it less enjoyable over time...
  2. Or holding it with one hand while trying to kick the asshole out while the real asshole is still yanking it like a cock through a gloryhole.... i swear some of these cock warts are only alive because their mother didn't want to smear her lipstick....
  3. If in winning you've lost the respect of your fellow competitors you have in fact won nothing.... take the higher road and focus on your boat and how you can put the others too far behind to make a difference... in the process use their zeal to your advantage and plan ahead when in crossing situations and marks... its club sailing, to be frank, no one important really gives a fuck about the taint stain yacht club intergalactic championship of the universe. Relax, enjoy time on your boat and see the Forrest instead of all the trees.
  4. I usually pull it out and re run it through the prefeeder- that's when douchey mcfuckwits pulls it up and I then have to yank it down yelling to mr mcfuckwits to ease it off again, keeping me up there an extra hour and a half as he blankly stares at the keyboard like he's had a fucking stroke.....mcfuckwits also likes to snug the topper just as I'm taping it to the stay requiring a trip fwd to retrieve it, again... or not snugging it at all and having it foul a batten on the jib after I've asked repeatedly to snug topper- to be fair, last time I did bow on this boat my pit was an ex americas cup pitman- every time I looked back he was looking right at me and he never fucked me- he was great guys like that are fucking unicorns...
  5. I suffer greatly from dunning-Kruger- it's sometimes crippling... I wish I were an ignorant rube and I could just run with an idea but noooo, I immediately go into lockdown as I recite all the things I'm unfamiliar with and things I'd have to learn and all the reasons why it may fail... my dog otoh.... he eats poop and thinks I'm a fucking god and he's happier than a double dicked dude on dollar hooker night. im unsure who's the stupid one here
  6. Well vetted= your dog is up on all his shots.... cmon who doesn't know that?
  7. I do bow regularly- I'm quite familiar with how to make a bowmen cry- although if trimming were easy, every boat would be fast... Doing pointy end this week on a big ol sled, massive pole, lots of space between me and the numpkin who will try to kill me with the topper... and then there's the buttwart who doesn't strip the guy when we douse... like I need to fight with more shit.... and the fuckwit who pulls the jib halyard before the jib is reloaded- love that fucker, "watch my hands, you caveman! You see me make a fist, then you can pull!!" Or my all time favorite the guy who preemptively yanks the new guy as I'm about to clip it in... love that coneheaded fuck... also the same panty smear that holds an extra 3 seconds on takedowns, that usually gets me dragged a few feet across the deck... and then there's the Neanderthal who can't let me down the rig smoothly so I get to the deck 3" shorter than when I went up...yeah...good stuff... up there...
  8. Is there purchase inside the boom? chances are it's sta-set line and it's twisting thus creating friction that's making pulling the purchase apart even harder than it normally is-
  9. Sometimes they get a giant piece of shit stuck on em--- try undoing the bolts on the transom and see how it goes...
  10. If you get the zhik salopettes you can adjust the shoulder straps, save a hundred bucks and have a better fitting better performing set of pants.... but that's just me- im a fan of salopettes- I'm a trimmer usually and they are a good cross over keeping my core dry and staying cool-
  11. Sadly I'm all too aware of all that I don't know- its crippling at times, but I can trim sails like a motherfucker so I've got that going for me. Upon further review, I'm pretty stupid...
  12. My rule of thumb is for every $100 spend on bottoms you get one season- so a $500 pr of mpx salopettes should give you 5 yrs of dryness- on average- one hint of outside moisture invades my safe space and I retire the kit- fully agree on position vs location vs boat type- it sucks for me as I cover the entire boat lots of times as such I wear a smock and end up sweaty... I
  13. 3mm dyneema would be better- 2mm is really small and isn't as easily handled-
  14. Seize the ends. Fold the line over itself making a loop and sew/whip it down..
  15. I'm tall and thin- so I suffer the same baggy issues- my lg gear fits like it was tailored- the salopettes have adjustable shoulders- a godsend to anyone over 6'- all in all I'd say the zhik fits on the athletic side, not slim but normal- and on me like a glove- sallopettes that don't ride up when you bend over are worth it- plus a breat pocket- two huge thigh pockets and a pocket for a tool- they're some of the best thought out pieces of kit I've owned- I'd buy them again and again/ I've got almost 5k miles and a couple hundred days on them and they're still perfect-