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  1. Hi USA190520

    I see you posted previously on stuck spinnaker pole .. in your reply you mentioned bearings....

    where are the bearings attached to the inner pole... I posted a picture of the bushing of the inner pole ... on the Sporting Forum..  any thoughts would be appreciated...




    1. gjbike


      If I did it was in error. There is only that black bushing. Typhoon Harry had same issue and he received a replacement bushing form Fareast that was smaller. I simply ground my down- first with heavy duty metal grinder using very course abrasive sanding wheel then with my rotary sander using 40-80-120 grit to smooth it out. You can pull back and forth on the retrieval line to see if it is free. 

  2. USA190520

    j70 reverse roller furler rotation help...

    It’s easy- pull out all the furler line and recharge it in the other direction- the fairlead is in the center of the unit, it can go both ways-
  3. USA190520

    How do you define bad crew?

    Uses Batman as an avatar
  4. USA190520

    What boat does it belong to?

    Zenji’s main mast v1’s have a pin that’s about as thick as my forearm with ss rod that’s about 1 1/2” thick... The fork at the base of the stays is about the size of my thigh... everything is Jurassic sized... I’m sure M5 has even bigger hardware.
  5. USA190520

    How bad are oversized hanks?

    I just did the npt to Bermuda with piston hanks and they were slightly oversized- I was grateful.. the wichard hanks can be a bitch with kite sheets, have a sailmaker sew a flap over the bottom 4 or 5 and it’ll eliminate most of the issue- most importantly make sure the tack setback matches the distance of the hanks off headstay..
  6. USA190520

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    Cow hitch is cheap easy and I’ve never seen one slip... not on a small boat like the one you mention.. a buntline hitch can also be used to tie each end to the clew. You can do a myriad of different things but the most simple and effective would be the cow hitch.
  7. USA190520

    Newport-Bermuda Wx 2018

    We missed em and said f’it, and got to the West during the lightest stuff, once it started to fill we flipped back and steered 155 for over 150nm straight to bda with an awa of 60-70...
  8. USA190520

    what is it?

    PGYD designed plywood kit boat called the ZEN+ 5.5m daysailer.
  9. USA190520


    Why did the partially blind man fall into a well? he didn’t see that well
  10. USA190520

    Why I Hate Little Dogs.........

    Ziggy, “the most interesting dog in the world” Walks 10’ tall on 8” legs.
  11. USA190520

    Dinghy spinnaker chute bag.

    Guys in the swift solo class have built snuffer bags out of barbecue covers- the $50 covers that are heavy nylon are bulletproof and hold up to UV rays well, laminate will disintegrate in the sun- i sail a stealth dinghy with a similar snuffer and mine is Dacron on the top and mesh underneath- I added heave Cuben fiber stickyback to the part that attaches to the forward opening to protect it from the dousing line and halyard respectively- dont skimp on size either- the more room in the bag, the easier the hoist and douse, there’s enough friction as is conceivably you could look online for a snuffer from an mx ray check eBay, I’ve seen them before.. rs100 spinnaker sock may work too but it’s $200 and may be cost prohibitive
  12. USA190520

    Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    The flange and hull about to be mated- note the flange has been coated with a barrier coat (yellow) to avoid rust.
  13. USA190520

    Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    This is the recess of the 40- note the cut out- it’s been templated so once the location is found you can run a circular saw thru the filler opening up the recess
  14. USA190520

    Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    Usually the keel bolts are bedded in sealant with a bead around the flange then filler is faired around the void then sealed with epoxy and bottom flavor du jour.. The only remaining issue is weather salt water has gotten under the flange, if so the salt will retain moisture. Most likely it’s just the edges of the flange that are rusting but check carefully for voids or cracks in the filler, usually if there’s water in there it will migrate up under the flange between the filler and flange. Hence the suggestion to pop the keel off, clean and rebed it. But you’ll know next year if that’s the case- do yourself a favor and make a template of the recess so in the future you can put the template up, trace it and know exactly where the recess is and you can save a lot of grinding-
  15. USA190520

    Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    For reference, this is a Farr40 keel, note the size of the flange in comparison to the cracks shown above-