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  1. The problem with all your logic is your original premise. The truth of it all is that you can try to give up racing for cruising, but it never works. Once a racer, always a racer. It's in your blood. I know this to be true... our Shannon 28 is for sale.
  2. I would too! Been watching for a good one for a while. Unfortunately, need to sell my other boat first. That 105 will be gone in no time.
  3. Just maybe she knows what REALLY happened to Vince Foster.
  4. Was that the J88 that was sitting in front of the office at Z's for about a month recently? Sweet looking boat! Congratulations! ...FC
  5. We bought our new (old) boat last September. We still do not have our Coast Guard Documentation. After periodic queries, I found out a week ago that it was sent 2 months ago. Never received it. We have requested a re-send. In 32 years of boat ownership, first time we've had a problem with CG Documentation. Looks like perhaps the "virus" of ineptitude of the Federal Government may have unfortunately now infected the Coast Guard. Hope not.
  6. HB, Spring? We skipped Spring. It's summer already. 75 degrees, sunny, and the days get an hour longer this Sunday. Bring it on! ...FC
  7. Barthrh, Look for my PM sent this AM. It may be a little too 1D-centric, however. I hadn't seen this thread prior (got a note of your PM via e-mail). BTW... thanks for the kind words Kent H! Your referral resulted in me conjuring up a lot of great memories. Congratulations Barthrh on a great purchase. Hope you have as much fun as we did on Foxtrot Corpen! ...FC
  8. This seems to be the lynchpin of your opinion that private yacht clubs are responsible for the lack of growth in the sport of sailing, and hence your opinion of AYC specifically. Can you point us to those statistics? I'd be very interested in seeing them. I'd also like to see statistics showing that yacht clubs have contributed to this perception. Recreational sailing has always been, to one degree or another and generally speaking, a rich person's sport for obvious reasons. The perception of it as such dates back well over a hundred years. Yacht clubs back in the 80's and early 90's were struggling. I know that AYC put on a big push for membership back around then, as did private clubs of all stripes/sports/affiliations across the country. It was at that point that clubs started tailoring their facilities, amenities, and programs to what would attract and keep members for the sake of simple survival. That approach has continued and for good reason; it allows the clubs to stay open. Clubs are run by and for the members. Do they have a responsibility to sailing as a sport? Yes they do, and AYC at least satisfies that in a number of important ways in Annapolis, primarily by managing probably more races and more regattas than any other club or organization here. Could they do more? Probably, but they need to balance the needs and desires of their members against their resources and what they can reasonably do in the community. I'm not a member and would never join, but I'm proud of the club, even if I earlier referred to it as stuffy and elitist. It *is* stuffy and elitist, relative to other organizations in the city. But that does not mean it and its members and certainly its staff don't deserve respect and admiration for what they have built and what they have given to the community in terms of tradition, racing opportunities, and pride. I was very sad to hear what happened, and as I drove by on my way to the boat for frostbite it was wrenching to see that building destroyed and to think of all that was lost, and needs to be rebuilt. I'll put it another way. If you don't live here and sail here and want to talk shit about the club, you can fuck off. Amen Suijin. Very well said!
  9. I have raced from the Patuxent to/from Smith Pt Lighthouse many times. It seems like it takes forever to get across the mouth of the Potomac. (It's 11 miles between Pt Lookout and Smith Pt). With your 20-25 NW wind rolling down the Potomac, you are going to be fully exposed to that wind and waves with a long fetch. As The Office and Hobie imply, you could have some pretty sporty wave action on the way to Smith Pt, particualrly if you're in an adverse current. Sounds like a good run in mid-November.
  10. Warm Rain... noticed the boat and name right away. Very cool/beautiful Westsail 32. I used Ferenc Mate's book "From a Bare Hull" to build out the interior of my Stage 3 Southern Cross 31 in 1980. A great resource! I have many of his other books also. (Just now counted 7 of them.) Anyone know if Ferenc is still on the water and writing books? Hope he is well.
  11. Wow! After selling my boat 4 years ago and essentially losing touch with SA during that 4 year stretch of boat-less-ness, I got re-engaged this past summer after buying another boat. After 4 years away from the daily check-in at the SA sight I thought I could see a significant softening of both the tone and the content of the posts here. In fact, I actually thought SA may have become lame.... didn't see the shit fights and BS that we all had become accustomed to. But, maybe I was wrong. Way to go boys! Bring it on!
  12. Very kind Kent. Thanks!
  13. Those boats are packed in there extremely tightly. The marina is certainly maximizing its space. Tiny/narrow slips, with fairways about the width of the boats that are berthed there. No wonder the vast majority of boats here are parked bow in, unlike the more even distribution of bow-to/ stern-to boats in IB's photo of Jabin's in Annapolis. Can you imagine the goat rope in trying to back into one of these tiny slips with that narrow fairway in a healthy cross wind? Quite doable in a boat with sail-drive and a fin keel/spade rudder. But otherwise, pretty tricky!
  14. Ha! So Kent. Quite clever. So, you've read my post regarding dog shit access to the engine compartment for service of our Yanmar 2GM20F. I've always done my own engine servicing. But, after looking at the new 3 cyl BETA's at the boat show, I was tempted to dump the Yanmar and get a new BETA. But, the award-winning Mrs. Foxtrot Corpen noted that if I could not squeeze my (excellent) body into that tight space to perform engine maintenance, that we could actually afford several hundred engine servicings by our boat yard mech for the price of a new BETA engine. I've told her many times that sometimes, she does has a good idea!
  15. +1. Most boat owners, power or sail, are dock bunnies - they're looking for more amenities at lower prices. So that's what boat builders provide, especially builders who want volume. Exactly. If you want a solid wood interior, easy enough to find. Just as long as you've got the readies for it. Price as reviewed in 2013 was 320K sterling, for that one would expect top quality, and get it I'm sure. However if all boats were built like that and priced like that there wouldn't be many folks sailing. After having owned a series of 4 new boats over a period of 34 years, we found ourselves, now in retirement and with a new reality of "fixed income", ready to purchase our next boat. I had been spoiled owning new boats, but we knew we'd be buying a used boat this time. After an on-again-off-again two year search and 5,000 miles of travel, we found a 1983 Shannon 28 virtually in our back yard in Annapolis. We brought it down the bay to Solomons, MD six weeks ago. We had been searching for a solid, quality, well-built, and salty boat and we found one. The choice of this particular boat was reaffirmed last weekend at the Annapolis Boat Show as we looked at everything from the high end Gozzard 31 to the other end of the spectrum... the Catalina 355. Yesterday, after a sporty sail in 18-20 kts, we were sitting below admiring the solid teak interior, the bronze port lights, and noting the sharp contrast to the "price boats" we had seen last weekend in Annapolis. We felt pretty good about our choice to buy an old-school, quality boat as apposed to one of the newer, less "salty" models. Our surveyor wrote that it would cost over $400k to buy our boat new today. Of course, we spent a fraction of that.