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  1. trickle down

    Am I way out of touch, or with a one design rig, won't they try to make it survivable for a "gentle" capsize like the G4 just had? On another note, all those old threads about safety and soft landings seam pertinent again. Koukel
  2. trickle down

    Nothing at all. I wish I could make money sailing. What I think is going on though is that rather than sailing to pay for travelling the world, there are a select group who sail to pay for fancy digs when they are done travelling. Koukel
  3. trickle down

    Is the real trickle down from the AC the whole generation of kiwis looking for "firm" paycheck rather than handwritten ones from a boat owner? Koukel
  4. trickle down

    Super light build and trickle down from NZ and other America's Cup design, methinks. Kind of conclusive evidence of your original point. Koukel
  5. trickle down

    Spectacular. My wife asked me why I was laughing. I didn't want to use the word titillated... but that's how I felt. One of those boat's got air. When is the hobie version going to come out for everybody?! By the way, Nav is such a putz. Not sure why. Koukel
  6. Artemis?

    Two might be best. DOG match. 90' waterline, 1 mast. Run it off the coast of San Francisco Harbor. Finish her up in a weekend next year and then do over. Koukel
  7. trickle down

    Me too. Koukel
  8. trickle down

    Last year there was a lot of discussion about using the windward foils on the AC72s to pull down or give positive righting moment, due to flex or sagging of the windward ama. Did that discussion go away when we learned the forward / backward "pitch" of the foils was being adjusted? Also, do the smaller catamarans using both foils, maybe just the As, use the windward foil for righting moment or entirely for lifting? Just curious if there is a consensus and I missed it. Koukel
  9. trickle down

    If you two could channel that passion into something constructive it would be beautiful to see. Koukel
  10. Team NZ

    Not fair to compare to Conner. He sailed in a whole different weight class. Koukel
  11. Team NZ

    He is welcome to sail on my boat. We can make it an interview about real sailing instead of points for social media discussion. Koukel
  12. Team Alinghi

    No like when Alinghi kicked the shit out of OR in 2003 and again in 2007..wait OR never even made it to the LV final, in 07'. They sucked that bad. OR would get their face ripped off by EB in a one design. Yeah EB can suck on this, biatch: Nightmare on EB street. Did you take that picture? That's one of the best ones. I wonder how long it would take to get her ready to defend a cup race? Koukel
  13. Team Alinghi

    Seems like he would approve. Koukel
  14. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Seems like materials and foiling tech has progressed enough for a boat to get out of the water in 6-8 knots. If true, then the AC could keep moving in its current (foiling, not stadium) direction even in San Diego or Newport. Those venues would add swells too. Koukel
  15. News from SF Embarcadero...

    There was a post on the Puma FB page that said it would be open till 10/6 and have all items discounted at 50% off. Are there any Team New Zealand, AC34 Champion T-Shirts? I'd go for one of those. Koukel