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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    We have owned 3 J boats. First I grew up on a 24 tied to a dock from aged 4-14. It was a lot of fun and we even planed it out with the Chute up on the right days. WE swam, played and spent time as a family most importantly. We got a 22 and raced that for a few years and then ended up with a 27. I also sailed extensively on a 29 and some on a racy 35. The boats are built well and race well. They are great to take the friends out on for a beer sail/lesson too. They always look good sailing upwind compared to many other brands I see on the water. Problem is they now are expensive and there are too many different designs across the family (this particular model will be a winner judging from the boats sold) Problem I have is who has the money or time to drag around 9,000 lbs or more to the BIG races. Clearly the future of one designs is towable behind a V-6 or hybrid? In the meantime my sailing family is WET for a 30+ farrier tri (or something else with three hulls that hauls ass and has a retractable board). For the same money as this J you could really trick out (carbon parts galore) a larger Farrier design with all the goodies. That is the future there. Blow past the fleet of 111's with your beer upright and half the crew. Later be found on the inside of the reef pulled up to some white sanded spit in paradise. I can't stand trying to explore exotic beaches from 7.5-9 ft keel depths. J boat aint knocking you but my future wet dream has three hulls and kids on the tramps! I would love to commission a new Farrier 33 or something similar before epoxy and fuel prices run wild again.