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  1. breezetrees

    Automated Sailing

    The ardupilot firmware runs on many drone flight controllers and has a boat version (rover) with sail controls. It's an adaptation of an adaptation and it shows but you can set it up in a model boat without having to write code.
  2. breezetrees

    Irwin 68 Big or Big Pig?

    I once had a business lunch on a motor yacht with a hot tub up high. It did have a pump and holding tank for passages. The owner was very pleased with the solution. This was 20 years ago and I haven't been on any other similar big boats to compare.
  3. breezetrees

    Sailing lessons for a MacGregor 26

    Why make fun of someone trying to get into sailing? And the 26S isn't the 26X so you're mean and dumb.
  4. breezetrees

    Boat Dogs - What to look for?

    He would want out of the cabin but was okay in the cockpit. The 1 cyl bukh is a bit of a hammer if you're sensitive to that kind of thing. Everyone relaxes when you turn it off and sail, not just the dog, even though you think you're used to it.
  5. breezetrees

    Boat Dogs - What to look for?

    We have Casey the goldendoodle and he is a great dog and a pretty okay boat dog. He is very mellow and smart, happy to run or just lay around as needed. He loves to stand up paddle, and will happily jump on the laser at a lake. He does not really like boats with engines. He was okay on our keelboat sailing and is nervous on the whaler (wants to sit on your lap), although that is new so hopefully he'll get used to it. He had bad motion sickness as a puppy in the car so this probably contributes. We had a lab before and he is much easier, just a great all around dog. No shedding is a bonus although the hair just dreadlocks together instead of falling out so you need to get him shaved. Would definitely get another or maybe just a poodle.
  6. breezetrees

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I used them on wire. None wore through. Not sailing to Hawaii or anything though.
  7. breezetrees

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I think I used this design for the shackles, it was from this website anyway: It's hard to tie them all the same exact length. I sorted them by length and used that to alter the jib luff a little- I put more hollow into it to flatten the old sail out with short ones at the top and bottom and longer ones in the middle (I think? Can't really remember). Grommets set into the tape like a regular hank jib, behind the luff rope on the tuff-luff tape. I used soft shackles on the "cruising" jib and had Pineapple put brass hanks on the "nice" jibs (although we agreed none were nice enough to warrant a new luff tape). I made a deck bag to store the jib so I didn't have to mess with the shackles every time we went sailing. I spent a pleasant hour looking through old photos for one that shows that jib (sold the boat last year), the best I could find is here and the picture from randii is really good too.
  8. breezetrees

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    I banged grommets into the tape and tied soft hanks for the jib when I ditched the tuff-luff on my Laser 28. Pretty slow to change sails with soft hanks but otherwise it worked fine.
  9. breezetrees

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Your white kite is hard to see too! I have a few other photos from when we drifted past but nothing exciting given the conditions.
  10. breezetrees

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    I'll be there with my pop on his F-27. In 2012 I wrote a web page that calculates the start time/distance/etc using your phone's GPS and your PHRF. The line's position is hard-coded based on google earth, and it projects the line to infinity when calculating your crossing time. If you'd like to try it it's here: It runs entirely on your phone so your location does not go anywhere. I recommend playing around with it while walking before race day to see if your phone GPS is good enough, and run the line (outside the pin) before the start to check the location.
  11. breezetrees

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Keep your eyes on the ball people. I had a lab too, awesome dogs, blah blah blah but did FF stay at anchor last night? It was windy again, I hope he got a slip.
  12. breezetrees

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    There is a lot of beach out of the view, to the right of the marina, where HMBYC etc are located.
  13. breezetrees

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Pretty boat. Looked like a lovely day for a sail.
  14. breezetrees

    Help! Searching for Bukh DV8 Anode

    I sold my laser 28 but the last few engine parts I needed I ordered from Denmark (to California) and it was pretty straightforward once I alerted my credit card company that it was not fraud.