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  1. IC needs ride

    I am looking for a ride for an International Canoe, sailing/camping gear, and tool boxes from Rhode Island to the West Coast, preferably the NW. Anyone coming this way with trailer or rooftop space?
  2. DC Designs

    See the posts starting at #334, page 34 on this thread for a discussion about building an IC from flat carbon/foam panels.
  3. DC Designs

    Black Betty and I will be there.
  4. DC Designs

    The concave top has been tried. It seems like it could be a good thing for keeping you attached to the seat. Arne Stahl's boat has it and I believe the new Morrison 3 does too. The curved bottom will get sucked down whenever it hits the water. Maybe you could incorporate a planing step? Or just don't let it touch down.
  5. DC Designs

    Chris got any larger/better pics of this set up? Sorry B. I couldn't find any.
  6. DC Designs

    I did use a wishbone boom on my jib at the last worlds. It doesn't do much on the windy reaches but it does help on the runs.
  7. DC Designs

    Upwind it all strapped down to look like a normal rig.
  8. DC Designs

    Though it wasn't widely covered by the main stream media I won the '11 IC worlds with a swing rig. Actually it was more of a swing jib - the jib swing was de-coupled from the main boom. It worked reasonably well. I figure it sped me up downwind a bit and slowed me upwind. I put a honkin' big window in the jib but when that got a little salt spray on it it was hard to see the waves downwind - which, surprise, is really important.
  9. DC Designs

    That's very clever Stefan. I think it's worth a try. It would be fairly simple to make. Important details include getting it as low as possible and allowing it to swivel freely. I'd figure out a way to test it with your old jib first.
  10. what is it?

    Very cool. To me this is exactly what yachting is all about. I can see the beauty of raising that windward foil but jesus that would be dicey.
  11. DC Designs

    Thanks Ian, What an interesting boat. I hadn't seen Chris 249's blog - good stuff.
  12. DC Designs

    Does anyone recognize these boats? They look canoe like. I think they are called 20m. Cool rig.
  13. DC Designs

    I've never heard of it but it seems like it might be good. I wonder if a spring temper ti wire would be best? I see the tensile strengths are up there with spring stainless. Have you found a source? So far I haven't had any luck.
  14. DC Designs

    Explain yourself!
  15. DC Designs

    Yeah he doesn't make many mistakes. I learned early on in the regatta that if Mike and I were on opposite tacks I was probably going the wrong way.