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  1. Chris Maas

    Square top and plastic mast track

    Didn't see if this got answered. Composite Engineering in MA (US) somewhere.
  2. Chris Maas

    Old Guy Wanting to Dinghy Sail

    A little off topic but a friend of mine sailed his OK from Vancouver to Seattle in the '60s. He'd pull it up onto the beach at night and set up camp. FWIW my last OK (1975) was glass. Megabyte seems worth a look. Maybe contact West Coast Sailing in Portland if you don't mind looking south of the border for a boat.
  3. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    No, I still have it. Maybe it's the color...
  4. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    We're back! My Moth buyer has let prudence get the better of him and now realizes that his fledgling business needs all of his attention , time and money. So my Moth is back on the market. Still for the give away price of $4,500. You can't buy the materials for that. I'm not sure but I don't think you can even buy a Mach2 main foil for that.
  5. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    Wow, you know more about this boat than I do! It kind of makes me want to hang on to it. FWIW I designed those foils. I was pleased with the flap hinge which is an S-glass/G-flex laminate flush with the top surface. Monofilm wiper on the bottom. The foils seem to be strong too, so that's two good things about them.
  6. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    More Fish Class I'm thinking.
  7. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    That's the idea, but with a sloop rig. One rudder will do I think.
  8. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    Probably not Martin. Whose got time for that shit? Anyway it's not like that Moth was wildly innovative, or, with me driving anyway, competitive.
  9. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    I was inspired by the really nice little daysailers of the US northeast when I was out there last year sailing with the IC brothers. It will be something in the traditional line. Herreshoff like, but "improved" with a lifting bulb and modernish rig.
  10. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    A 23' cedar and carbon daysailer, with, oh god, 400 pounds of lead.
  11. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    What's wrong with the color? Sadly, I'm just getting too slow and clumsy. That and swimming in the cold water here is losing it's appeal. I really don't know what I'd do to make a fast Moth. Copy the best ones I suppose. The good ones are so very good. Or I'd at least not try to design my own foils. But where's the fun in that?
  12. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    I think you are right on both counts. Also, in the US at least, you can pretty much count on one hand the number of potential buyers for a non race winning development class boat. Not too many out there who have the skills and desire to keep such a craft functioning, AND the skills to sail it.
  13. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    You could up until a couple of hours ago. Now you can't
  14. Chris Maas

    Moth for sale

    Please check out my ad: It may not be the fastest Moth in the world but it's probably faster than anything else where you sail. And damn, it looks good. Stop being such a candy ass and go rip it up. $4,500. Look even old guys can sail it. (Thierry Martinez took this photo)
  15. Chris Maas

    IC needs ride

    I am looking for a ride for an International Canoe, sailing/camping gear, and tool boxes from Rhode Island to the West Coast, preferably the NW. Anyone coming this way with trailer or rooftop space?