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  1. Jangles13

    Anyone know Stiletto prices

    I've only launched and retrieved one round each, last fall. I'm gearing up to launch in a couple days, as it's been a cold/wet spring and hectic work schedule. I plan about 3hrs from pulling into the ramp area to motoring away. I'm positive I will get it down to less, but the tramp lacing alone is about an hour. Plus all the fussing with the beams/boards/rudders depending on which direction you're going. I'm trailering 40 mi so I remove and secure everything. Supposedly you can step the mast yourself, and I can see the potential, but the extra hands for the 15min process is too valuable. The hardest part is getting the mast off the travel yokes and positioned after over the rotator ball. With some engineering it would be doable solo. I've not been around a 27 but no doubt the hard deck is more difficult to maneuver. The rigs are about the same size, and sailing them solo ought to be similar. I singlehand without issue. It is obviously quite fast and the potential to capsize is real and present. Overall I'm really pleased with the boat. I had a Hobie 17 at one point and always said it would be better if I could leave it on a mooring and not be totally soaked every outing. The S23 meets that need. It's night and day larger... can't even classify them the same. The Stiletto is an actual boat that feels substantial (in protected waters). The Hobie felt like a toy.
  2. Jangles13

    Anyone know Stiletto prices

    27s in decent shape are more in the $15k range. More for modified examples (twin daggerboards, extended, new rigs, etc) $20-30k 23s are somewhat less common and I've noted them listed $4-8k for the past year. I think the market for them is also small. Be advised in all cases they mostly have vintage sails and rarely have seen much updating of equipment (rigging, tramps, etc) so plan accordingly. I'm not an expert but I bought my 23 last year and have been keeping an eye on the market. Sub-$10k 27s will likely need some loving, but the unless the hulls are damaged it's a manageable project.
  3. Jangles13

    Old genoa deck bag wanted

    I know, post in classifieds... nobody checks the wanted section of gear, myself included. Storage bag, genoa bag, deck bag. There must be stacks of these things out in the world. I need one 11ish ft long to store a boomless mainsail on the tramp of a S23 cat. Zippered please. Old bag was just sausage and wrestling the thing in was a major PITA... it has since UV'd out and ripped. Give me a shout. I've got beer money and postage funds to offer.
  4. Jangles13

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    She's back on eBay... M23 Flash
  5. Jangles13

    Gas cooktop anarchy - 30"

    I have the Bosch 500 series, four burner: 16/10/10/5.5k Short of boiling a pot of water I never use the high setting. The grates stay in place and cover the whole area. Cleans up well, knobs are proper metal not plastic. I had the same list as you and have no complaints. I looked at a bunch of similarly priced units and thought it was the best. Snagged it for $600ish new a couple years ago.
  6. Jangles13

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    Glad you're not my accountant... It's an additional 6.67% cost or $6.70/mo for 5yrs.
  7. Jangles13

    Trimaran question

    Sailed on a Newick (35) that had twin outboards rigged. It seemed unnecessary from a maneuvering perspective, but the owner liked the redundancy.
  8. Jangles13

    Looking for DIAM-24s in NA

    It went to their house for a bit (though they don’t own a tow vehicle) and was listed on eBay. I was in contact trying to make a deal but they only had a small window of time they were available to sell (traveling elsewhere) and it didn’t work out. I couldn’t get a good feel for how much they actually wanted to sell the boat. Because of eBay’s policies I never got a means of truly contacting them, so I can’t offer any follow up. As of last September the boat was still in Ventura.
  9. Jangles13

    Tips for taping waterline?

    It should also change in width; wider at ends, narrow in the middle. I don’t have the explanation handy, but something about the curvature of the hull and optical illusion.
  10. Jangles13

    Tremolino trimaran.

    It’s been on Craigslist for over a year but I can’t find it right now... maybe listed again once the snow breaks.
  11. Jangles13

    Velocitek SpeedPuck

    Yep, I would want it. My SC1 died last fall. The compact rig is good for open boats (think dingy, skiffs, beach cat) where having my phone out is not a practical option. If you want to find it a home... PM me.
  12. Jangles13

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    In Maine, particularly Midcoast, 9’ would limit you to perhaps 50% of the docks at low tide. Even boats at 7’ have to pick and choose. However, with the wide availability of moorings, if you had a dinghy with you, it wouldn’t be a huge problem. There’s a joke about depth finders being of little value around here because of ledges... by the time the alarm goes off, it's too late. Know the charts.
  13. Jangles13

    Launch Operators License

    For reference, this (attached) is the information provided by Nick Petronzio, Chief of Investigations for Sector Boston USCG. He is the one making the decisions for the New England area. His advisement was that indeed, if the students are paying for lessons and are transported in a motor vessel from shore to the sailboats, the operator would be required to have a USCG license; Uninspected Launch Tender Operator at a minimum, and all that goes along with it. No exemptions were offered. scannedDoc.pdf
  14. Jangles13

    Launch Operators License

    No doubt the insurance company would say "follow USCG requirements" and then we're back to the same issue of figuring out what those requirements are.
  15. Jangles13

    Launch Operators License

    This chart provided by USCGAUX defines it in the fine print: http://wow.uscgaux.info/Uploads_wowII/P-DEPT/PaxForHire_GuideChart.pdf "Non-motorized/non self propelled vessels carrying 6 or less paying passenger(s) need only meet REC requirements" REC = Recreational Vessel