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  1. Evelyn has raced extensively as Australian Maid, based out of Darwin, for probably >20 years. Owner Jon Wardill took her on a world tour a few years back and won his class at Cowes Week, raced Antigua etc. He competed in the Asian series for many years - gave up Kings Cup a few years ago because the organisers refused to allow him to race in Premier Cruising, insisting he match the old wooden warhorse against carbon TP52s etc in Racing 1. She has many Raja Muda, China Sea Race etc under her keel (which is an updated "L" fin and bulb). Jon gave a start to many Darwin youngsters in offshore and ocean racing and was awarded Sailor of the Year (several times IIRC) in recognition of his efforts. "The Maid" is fondly remembered by many sailors world wide. One night race a few years back, we sailed over a shallow patch on a lower than expected tide, only to find there was no way out. Under kite, doing 8.5, Jon could just steer straight ahead and hope a channel would materialise. None did, and it was the only time in my life I had to call to the crew "brace for impact"! We didn't finish that race, and every other boat in the race grounded at some point! The Maid was recently sold and I hear she's staying in Asia and continuing to race there. There's many a mile left in her yet. Really? I hadn't heard. Maid won kings cup in prem cruising in 04 and the RM same year. The Doc was pretty happy. My old man sailed 16ft skiffs with Jack, he took one of Jack's favorite sayings to heart "Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you fuckin' can do!!", i remember him scorching around the swan on a red boat called "Wings", i don't know who deigned it. Sorry for going off topic. Wings was designed & built by Jack Cassidy, as were most of his boats, except for the farr136 that he bricked. Not sure jack as onboard for that......He built 34 boats called Evelyn, Wings was after his divorce..... Wings =fly away!
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    I bet IRC closes this off very quickly. Like the infamous spinoa......IF it has to be attached to the mast, most boats could not do this anyway. It may be an unexpected benefit of having the mast so far back in the boat....... I wonder what the J & E measurements are?