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    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Then add some lead, I have no dog in this fight, and I’m not someone’s dad. I am someone who builds parts for profit. That includes, dealing with the spray booth authorities, Firemen with clipboards, badges, and all that comes with running a business. I pity this builder, and sneer at all the armchair experts. I want to thank him, and beg him to continue building. At my shop we routinely repair small measurement issues, for sailing families, Countless heartbreaking stories I’ve had the pleasure of helping with. Forgive me for my jadedness, it comes from years of building and keeping up with the challenges of composite work. Todays fiberglass is not your fathers Buick.
  2. 40grit

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    This is the best response to this mess I’ve read. Period. I’m a boat builder, And had the misfortune of dealing with Onedesign knowitall’s this whole affair smacks of little league dads, with attitude. Step back and assess the bigger picture. You have a huge event, and dismissed 40 percent of the fleet? Good for you, feel better. I’m builder who routinely deals with making things to specific design spec. This mess over usin core mat resin bulker? No, it couldn’t have been one crazy fucker with a high power rifle. It has to be a conspiracy. For all the conspiracy theories out there, I beg you to attempt to build something to weight.
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    Harbor 20 Championship

    Thank goodness for this concept design. If not for the humble 20 the electric boat would have infested the world. And I like hanging out at NHY
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    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Belated letter to the editor, or question to you folks in Santa Barbara, While sailing the Lipton Cup Star boat regatta a couple of months back, the organizers made provisions for many of the competitors to simply leave their boats in the water tied to the guest dock. There is no friendlily-er Club to visit for a regatta than Santa Barbara, The Lipton is the high point of our season. Well, the next morning the fleet tied to the guest dock, have all been chained to the dock. aparrently there was some mix up between the Club and the Harbor folk. AKA Goons with Guns, Rather than simply coming over to the club which is three paces away, to figure it out, they decided that we all needed to be taught a lesson with chain, and the lash, and required every team to come forward and present registration, and prof of insurance, and pay the guest slip, all very officious, before removing the chains. The Yacht Club would not let any of us pay the fee and literally stood at the counter and paid for every one of us visitors. my question, are they always like that? was this an isolated incident? is there a turf war? or are they simply Cops being Cops?
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    Older well known IOR Boats

    Bullfrog is in Southern Cal, Hippy ownership has her reduced to liveaboard status, she's too big for any Hippy remodels. If you squint your eyes and look thru the rusty bicycles on deck you can still see her Green glory. When I was in the market for a new boat, she was on the market for $160K I called my sail maker and asked what a jib would cost? that ended my fantisy. lot of alimunium and lead.