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  1. Thanks. Great info and looks like a solid set of rules.
  2. So far, so good on following the rules... mostly. The smaller groups help a lot, as does pre-rigging the boats so that each sailor goes right into a boat as opposed to screwing around on the floats. The situation where not following the rules become problematic is if some parent sends a kid into sailing when they have been exposed outside of the program. That's an issue we are concerned with. Same holds true for instructors. Luckily, we only have each class operating for 3 to 4 hours and don't have to trust them 24/7 on their own in apartments and dorm rooms with college level hormones raging through thousands of unsupervised students.
  3. Thanks Rambler. We are taking temps of every sailor when he/she is dropped off. We are using an infrared temp reader that is considered highly accurate by various medical associations. Agreed completely on monitoring the density and velocity of transmission in the community. We are ebbing strongly at the moment, but it the tide changes, we will pull back and even stop the program all together.
  4. Sorry, drinking and posting last night. Will export as jpegs and post.
  5. IMG_3390.HEIC IMG_3389.HEIC
  6. Photos of sheared cast aluminum lid fitting.
  7. they are great, but don't deal with Bomar or the whole lid assembly. Just the plastic.
  8. No... here is the hatch model and serial... i think.
  9. This hatch needs both to stay open.
  10. Will get a photo. Thanks on the advice for outboard shops welding. Unfortunately, the piece is long gone. New boat... to me. Broke on previous owner's watch some years ago.
  11. We have a Bomar aluminum cast hatch (200721500) and one of the cast fittings on the lid that the starboard support arm connects to has snapped off. It should be a relatively easy fix, as long as we can find a hatch lid, pull the pins on the hinge, put in the new hatch top, and attach the support arms. However, I have no idea where to find an old bomar cast hatch lid replacement. Plenty of supporting hardware replacements, but no hatch lids. Any help is appreciated.I've contacted the major resellers and Pompanette. What I'm hearing is that they only make the hatch model we have (no shock there) as a special job and with reasonable scale, and are pitching me on a replacement hatch for >$1,200. They also shared that this kind of cast hatch is cast as a single unit and is always unique fit between hatch and lid , and therefore they stopped selling lids sans hatch. Don't quite believe this, but could be true. Sounds more like they could force people to buy full hatches instead of lids and therefore do so. so... looking for creative options. All help is greatly appreciated.
  12. frostbit

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Tuesday night somewhat competitive Soling fleet racing. There was an excellent sailor who seemed to always just be able to sneak in on the port layline with boats coming in from starboard layline. It was partially avoiding eye contact. It was partially a hell of a move that was always on the razor's edge of fouling. It was partially long-time relationships. It was partially the good nature and focus on fun for the fleet. It was partially the fleet sailing short courses with 22 boats all converging on the mark tightly grouped and therefore conservative starboard laylines. It worked for years and years. Until it didn't. A righty at the top of the course caught him out and his soling was holed by two different boats below the deck hull seam. If memory serves, one in front of shrouds, one behind. Video of the races and beer was always available and everyone stuck around to see it happen a few times, give him a hard time, and cheer loudly for the starboard tackers (who had zero chance of avoiding the collision).
  13. What we are trying to do is reduce risk of transmission to extremely unlikely. We are working very tightly with the town's rightfully cautious board of health.