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  1. Great guy - was invited to visit w/ him on Friday. Was there early evening with family / friends and the chorale group he sang with. The singers performed 3 or 4 beautiful pieces making it a very special and peaceful time. He was pretty foggy but seemed to recognize some of what was going on around him - even looked me in the eye and gave me a small smile. We'll miss you, Dr. Dan.
  2. Definitely Conn - sailed with him on Baruna in S.F. in the late 60s. Amazing guy. Was a multi-medal winning Olympic rower. As a big, skinny 17 year old I was invited to spin the handles opposite Conn. He made dust of me and many others. Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conn_Findlay
  3. Best to you and yours Pete - glad Nick is progressing. See you around the harbor. T
  4. Good stuff - glad for you Pete. Keep going Nick.
  5. Pete - glad to hear of Nick's progress. Signs seem to indicate a positive but, undoubtedly, frustrating road to his world coming back together. Keep hanging in with him and please keep us posted. T
  6. Shit, Pete - just read all this. So sorry to hear about Nick. Wish I had something significant to offer. He's on my positive wishes list and I hope it goes well - sounds like positive progress so far. When the time comes tell him he's got fans from the old crew out here pulling for him. So hard when someone that close is in this kind of danger.
  7. Standing left to right: Craig from Seattle Doug Harlow Larry Harteck Tom Isaacson Jeff Otis Becky Harteck George Sanchez ??? (friend of Craig from Seattle??) Scott Lenox Craig Nicholson John Tessman Janer Seated: Jasmine RP ??? ??? Missing: Fletch Pieter Craig Maggio? (I think - pretty sure we had 4 Craigs on board and I remember tripping over someone always asleep on deck while racing) Chris Gillum Also missing is Richard Pryor who was probably holding his place along the embarcadero.
  8. Anybody know if there'll be a memorial or other service at the club sometime soon?? Great guy - SBYC won't be the same. Sail on RP.
  9. This is all incredibly stupid. I got an email from the guy this morning, chastising me for winning a women's race a few weeks ago without the owner on board. The guy is making up ficticious rules in his head and then being a one man judge and jury. He states that he wants a new category called "regualar Crew". Persons in this category would be allowed to steer. We don't even use the MRI rule here, can you imagine enforcing the "regular Crew" rule? Let see just how many sailors we can eliminate from the pool.Eh? As the "regular crew" who invited the guest skipper to sail with me and help us with adjusting our rig, I was truly disturbed to have Sea Note's skipper insult him for his participation. Our guest skipper did us a great favor by taking his time to come out and share knowledge. Amusingly, there is the underlying implication that our regular team would have bombed the race without him! Por favor! I think we've won a race or two before. Thanks for the support, Janer and Thump--and a toast to our guest skipper who taught me a great deal during the race. Taking the time to do that is what I'd call "corinthian." Jeez! What happened here? Did they pull in DC or Paul Cayard or something? This happens all the time, from what I can see. In fact, I've always seen it as a benefit for the crew - get some new people driving, get people sailing with other folks. Before I had a boat, it was the main way I got driving experience. Of all the things to complain about.... Keep CHRF fun for all and casual. You want multiple, tightly defined and policed rules, too many protests (many of which are frivolous), arguments on the dock, overblown egos and budgets beyond the reach of many, jump up a level or two and hit the racing circuit beyond Santa Barbara. Rarely a Catalina or Harbor 20 or older Ericson, Islander, Santana, Schock (other than 35s), Lancer or similar anywhere in sight. Lots of us from SB race out of town events and enjoy it but it's not for everybody. It's great to come back here and participate in races that run the gamut from casual to serious but are generally pulled off in a spirit of fun amongst friends. Out of town sailors love to race here and it's not just because SB is such a beautiful place - it's also because our club and racers provide a friendly, welcoming place to spend time on the water.
  10. 105 N.A.s are over for 2010. Interesting event with a myriad of conditions and challenging racing. Huge thanks to the Chicago Yacht Club, Columbia Yacht Club, J/105 Fleet 5 and the RC team. Excellent event, good racing, super parties and very warm and friendly people. We had a terrific time. I love Chicago. We saw a wide range of water and wind conditions, hot sunny days to (Santa Barbara like) cold and overcast. Competition from Chicago, Canada, Texas, Missouri and (of course) us from California. We ended strong w/ two third places and pulled ourselves up from 15th after a very difficult Saturday to an overall 9th when Sunday closed the event. Final results HERE. My pix from the event HERE.
  11. Don't know the results either. Was a very different day. Mid 70s and 10 - 13 all day. Racing was supposed to begin at 10:30 but delayed until about 12:30 due to lack of wind. Took a 5th in the first race and were deep in the second. Not sure where but it was a tough one. The RC is setting 2 mile leg, 2 lap races and extending them before we reach the finish. Last downwind was 3 miles. Makes for a long race in light air. Should have completed 6 races by now but have done only 4. A few more pix.
  12. Crazy day on the water (more pix up on my Picasa account Click). Forecasts came true - we had over 30 before the first start and 20 - 25 for the first race. Second race (which was abandoned by RC just as we were getting to the weather mark) had us in 17 - 20 most of the way and the third race (which became the second race officially) had us in 20 - 25. Our first race (10th place finish) was a good one except for the first takedown (two lap race) which we left too late and lost several boats as we floundered about. Picked up a couple of those that passed us and would have probably been top five with a good takedown. The cancelled race was looking good for us and we figure we were in 4th when it was called. The last race was really good for us. Two lapper with us in second ahead of Convexity at the first gate rounding. Unfortunately, our spin halyard box pulled out of the mast somewhere on the run and we couldn't get the chute down. Ran off deep and with three of us pulling on the kite we finally managed to get the sail in the hole. Debated continuing to race but figured we'd need the time at the dock to get the mast fixed and we were five miles out from the harbor. Came in and began working on things. Hit the dock about 3:30 and finally got things fixed up by about 7:30. Fortunately, our breakdown was the final blow for the RC and they didn't hold the scheduled 3rd race of the day. Instead of only 8 races left for the regatta we have 9. We may have had a chance for a top 5 result before the breakage but now it's probably not in the cards. We've been fast both up and down wind as especially down. Been fun and is supposed to go light tomorrow and then be an even heavier day on Saturday than today was. Nice to come in on a windy, rough day and not be caked w/ salt. More later.
  13. J/105 North Americans - Chicago. 22 boats registered. Most from the Great Lakes area plus a few from Canada, two from Texas and Rock & Roll from Santa Barbara. Been practicing for the past few days in incredible 70 - 80 degree weather with winds in the 8 - 10 range. Racing begins today (Thu 9/16) and it's a very different day. Expecting 18 - 25 with potential for 30 late in the day. Waves may reach 5 - 7 feet. 3 races scheduled starting at 10:30. Some photos to this point @ Picasa Got a new Canon waterproof / shockproof D-10 so hope to get some shots from on board when possible. More later.
  14. Haven't seen either one for a while. BTW any idea what Harlow is doing hanging off the pushpit in the background?
  15. 1. We've been called into the Room several times. But our usual response is to forfeit. It really means little to argue for way too many hours, miss dinner (and drinks) and still come away dissatisfied. 2. For Long Beach I'm not sure about seeking redress. It'll probably hinge on whether or not there are blatant errors in the facts or findings. Win or lose on the water - forget the room unless it's really egregious or there's injuries or serious damage. As an owner and a crew it's hard to get us angry enough to sit through the pain of sorting out the rights and wrongs in a hearing. However, if you get us to our boiling point we'll usually find a way to exact some measure of retaliation. The protesting boat from LB didn't stand a chance on Sunday when in our corner of the ocean. We had a great crew that performed admirably - Bernie, Julie, Don, Ian, Austin and myself. It's the greatest thing in life to work with people who can handle any complex maneuver efficiently with boat speed maximized. We did extremely well as a team and that's the key ingredient. You and I experienced that with many others on Taxi for several years in her previous SB incarnation and it never leaves you. Back to back to back at Big Boat, overall winner MEXORC, King Harbor winner, Ensenada winner and so much more with a consistent core crew. Congrats to John Blair w/ Phantom who, in their first larger out of town event, were competitive all weekend. Great job. Raced a lot of places but not Chicago and we're all very pumped about it. Been there lots on business and love the city.